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Letterman Denies Wife Gave Him the Boot

11/16/2009 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

 David LettermanDavid Letterman's people made a bold statement this weekend -- not every supermarket tabloid story about Dave's marriage is true.

One of Dave's reps flatly denied a recent report in the National Enquirer, which explained how Dave's wife threw him out of their Westchester mansion -- over that whole affair/extortion thing -- and is now living in a loft in Manhattan.

Letterman's rep tells the Daily News, "The National Enquirer has it wrong."

Whatever. That alien is totally pregnant with Elvis' love child.


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Jo Ann    

Would there be enough paper in the USA to write the name of every person that has had an affair? Sex has been around for quite a while. It amazes me how many people act like they have never heard of that nasty word. I thought Dave wasn't married when this affair happened.

1757 days ago


Now that Conan is on against him I rarely watch Dave; his schtick is tired and it even seems to bore him these days. I never watched him for the morality lesson others seem to feel he once projected and I wouldn't stop watching now for the celebrity scandal that gets their prurient juices flowing. He's just not funny any longer.

1754 days ago


I am always amazed at u Americans u think u are the greatest and is it a national pastime to pull public people apart - yeah Letterman did wrong but because your are a public person does that give everyone the right to talk about his wife and family in the way u do - oh God u really are a sick national and believe me its not the greatest country on earth!!!!!!!!!!!

1744 days ago


why do all the cheating husbands go for ugly , porn star looking women.Lettermans had a ugly one he didnt need to cheat.

1741 days ago


went to high school with dave--he was creepy and goofy back then and still is. but, he was and is kinda funny. with his money and fame he could have done alot better marriage wise. but, it doesn't surprise me that he would marry someone who looks like regina. but, i guess it didn't matter to him--as it should be! now, about that affair. that's his business and has nothing to do with his profession. if you love someone you will give them a second chance and if you have children you will try real hard to patch things up and make it all work. i hope they work it out. they are an older couple and security and companionship mean more at that age than if you in your 20's or 30's. i think it will all work out. it will be hard on both of them--especially her--but she can do it --millions of woman do. like i said--i hope they love each other enough to get past what has happened.

1737 days ago


Too bad, I like Letterman, but as a spouse I know I'd walk away.....

1766 days ago


Any woman who desperately put up with his womanizing for nearly 30 years, who got pregnant and not have him marry her until the child was six years old, and who is as ugly as sin is not going to leave the disgusting pig. You couldn't pay me to watch a DL show now that his office love den is out in the open and he was whoring with another man's live-in relationship even after he married his wife. DL is a sick man who is without morals, ethics, dignity, and self-integrity.

1766 days ago



1766 days ago


To top it all off, my mother tells me I am Dave's illegitimate kid. Today hasn't been my day.

1766 days ago


John Edwards and his reps said he had not slept with the other woman and he did not get her pregnant and he was not the father of her baby. He DID all 3 and even paid campaign funds to her. It took a year for The Enquirer to prove it but they did. Dave does not deserve his precious child and caring wife. Dave is a douche bag.

1766 days ago


I wonder if Dave thinks the nasty things he said about Sarah Palin's 14 year old CHILD is so funny now. Light is shining in all of Dave Letterman's DARK corners these days. HE is a DIRTY OLD MAN IN ACTION AND IN HIS WORDS.

1766 days ago


I wouldn't throw too many stones there TMZ. I doubt most people see you in any better light than the National Enquirer. Plus, they've been the first to report several stories that you guys would have loved to break (e.g. Bristol Palin's pregnancy, John Edward's affair).

I'm not Nat. Enq. fan, I just think the pot calling the kettle black is a bit silly.

1766 days ago


They have a Manhattan apartment where they stay during the work week, which also happens to be the school week. Mrs. Letterman has been seen dropping off their son at kindergarten IN THE CITY. They live in Westchester Co. on the weekends. Doesn't TMZ have any "operatives" in NYC? It's interesting there's all this talk but no one really bothers to wait for Dave or check it out. PRobably because he has made it clear if you mess with him, you will be messed with back. (like the time he took the photogs' keys out of their car and threw them in a field when he was out for a run, ha)

You're the "experts". Check it out. He and his family wouldn't be the only ones with a city apt during the week and an upstate home on weekends...

FYI, his wife is not stupid, if you think she didn't know about this, you're wrong. She's worked for him, with him, has been in his world. Dave's not a bad guy, he just finds his relationships in his small work world. She was part of that. You don't stay "with" someone for 20 something years and not have a clue. Whatever their understanding was, it's not our business. She's married to him and has his adored child. He could have done that with anybody. He didn't. I doubt she put a gun to his head. Maybe he didn't get married for decades because HE KNEW HE WOULD HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT, as he has stated openly many times that he "behaved very badly" during his youthful marriage in his 20s.

You don't know much about Dave, and there's a reason for that.

1766 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Saggy old perv now gets to lose half his stuff and see his kid once every 2 weeks.
Creepy McSenior, was it worth it for that ferret faced fatty? I could maybe see if it was some Scores dancer or any one of the 10's running around, but Chubby Flabthighs? Blech.

1766 days ago

who dat    

People talk down about the National Enquirer alot. But they (the NE) get the big stories correct, due to investigating. If the NE is reporting it, and Lettermans camp is denying, it's most likely true.

The worst part about this is how he joked about it on his show. Look, everyone understands he is supposed to do comedy. There are some things that are just to painful to joke about.

The "will it float girls" are the ones he should have been doing. Instead he chooses the homely looking women.

1766 days ago
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