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Miss Cali USA Seeks Prejean Lookalike ... to Mock

11/16/2009 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean is going to be publicly mocked by the very people who helped "make" her -- and it's all going down at the upcoming Miss California USA pageant.

TMZ has learned the people behind the pageant are on the hunt for a Carrie lookalike to play the former Miss Cali winner in a skit for this weekend's pageant.

Our sources say a first round of auditions for the Prejean part were held this past weekend, but no one "nailed" it yet.

No word on why the pageant didn't ask Prejean to appear in the skit -- after all, nobody can nail Carrie like Carrie.


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F. Attorneys    

Oh God let it go or you'll wake Chris Crocker out of hibernation.

1804 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Sorry to have to break the news to all my fellow conservative supporters of Our Cause, but the man our Carrie sent the videos to is in fact Hispanic.

1804 days ago


I don't understand, what does the "hispanic" mean?

1804 days ago

Your Face    

"after all, nobody can nail Carrie like Carrie."

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! nice one...

1804 days ago


This kind of debauchery is why I have NOT WATCHED the pageant for many years. TOO PHONY FOR ME.

1804 days ago


How much more is her sex tape worth because she is Miss Cali?
Or...if you make a sex tape... how much is your naked act worth?

- aren't famous? its worth $5 dollars
- are a local celebrity? its worth $5,000
- are a statewide celebratory? its worth $7,000
- are a pretty celebratory? its worth $150,000
- wrapped in conservative politics, and a beauty queen? $1,000,000

1804 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Maybe we need a fourth party now

1804 days ago

Triple Play    

TMZ Anybody can Nail Carrie

1804 days ago


Wow ... that is extremely petty and unprofessional. They are a beauty pageant, not SNL.

Why would any woman want to participate in that? They could be the brunt of the skit the following year.

1804 days ago


Wow Stinker, what's wrong, mommy didn't breast feed you?? Daddy play with your little willie when you were a child or do you just really hate yourself so much that you have to reach for the most insulting comments you can (though you must be a hell of a bore because your comments were pretty .. well childish). Whatever your issues I hope you get help for them soon before you hurt someone or yourself. It's always sad when truly sick individuals out themselves on the internet.

1804 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Actually,it is being adult and professional...SO THE PAGENT needs not to ever speak her name,speak in public of her, do nothing to her ,NOTHING, NOTHING!!!!!!!

Over and done.
No more pr from them to her.

1804 days ago


Stinker, you stink! You need to steer clear of all the gay internet porn sweetheart. You sure know a heck of alot about what gays may or may not be doing with their toys. Hmmmm. You are a sad, confused and misinformed little man. I'm willing to bet you, that women and heterosexual couples are the ones who buy the majority of the toys. I could care less about Carrie sticky fingers opinions, she is completely entitled to whatever she believes. Many of people are getting sick of her face and her constant "I'm better than you" attitude. I'm glad even her Sarah Palin loving christians are getting sick of her. My problem with her, is that she is full of lies, and can't come clean to save her pathetic little life. She is such a terrible human being and anyone who supports her continous lie after lie, is trash just like her. She needs to take credit for all that she has done, and quit pointing her sticky little fingers at others. As far as the USA Pagent, since when has this "program" for young ladies ever been without a scandal? For as long as I can remember, their has always been problems. You guys forget you are reading about all of this(the skit included) from a gossip, one sided website. For all you know, this skit could be harmless. Shut your mouths and tune in for the show, jesus christ it hasn't even aired yet. Once it's thru the airways, THEN, you can bitch and moan that poor Carrie Sticky Fingers Prejean is being wrongfully attacked, but until then, like I said, shut your mouths and quit defending this piece of trash.

1804 days ago


I just might watch my first beauty pageant in decades just to see this skit!! I really hope they mock the constant lies and changing stories more so than the sex vid. To me that is when she lost all credibility to say anything.

1804 days ago


The pageant is doing the correct thing by holding Carrie the whore up to ridicule. I hope the skit involves a mirror and a video camera. God must punish her for her lying and showing of her vagina to a Hispanic she knew for only 4 days.

1804 days ago


Maybe they could start a WHOLE NEW pageant type. It could be called the Miss Prejean Pageant ... the contestants would all have to have fake boobs, dyed hair and fake teeth, they would all need to submit or act out their fav video sex scenes, then for the question and answer section the best (or worst!!) liar WINS the title of Miss Prejean!!

1804 days ago
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