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AEG to Murray: Go Pound Sand

11/17/2009 10:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

AEG will not pay Michael Jackson's troubled doctor a penny, sources tell TMZ.

AEG to Murray: Go Pound Sand

As we first reported, Dr. Conrad Murray may sue AEG for $300,000 -- the money he claims he's entitled to under a contract he signed with AEG to provide MJ with medical services. But sources connected with AEG tell TMZ the contract was never signed.

We're told a contract was drafted but it required three signatures -- AEG, Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray. Sources say Dr. Murray signed the contract and sent it to AEG but neither AEG nor MJ ever signed it.

The contract, we're told, also said it expressly hinged on Jackson signing.

Sources say AEG is drawing a hard line. They will not pay Murray a penny.


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Murray...can you say PRISON?!!! You will go there and that is the troot!!! And maybe AEG should bunk wit you!

1800 days ago


If Dr M was paid to kill MJ then he is justified in asking for compensation.

*sarcasm* He should also sue for his lost bonus for a job well done.


1800 days ago


You mean to tell me... "I call myself a doctor" Murray was performing injects and working on Michael Jackson, without it even being approved?? So basically this could have all been prevented?? Who f@#$'d up? AEG? MJ? Seems like Murray, shouldn't have even been allowed access to him at all...

It's kind of like wanting to hire a contractor to remodel your home, but you never sign the agreement to begin work (even though you want it done), and the contractor goes ahead and destroys the whole house, then wants to get paid.

Am I on the right track here...?

1800 days ago

so wrong    

by Luke Spencer

Get over it, here's the settlment, you post this stuff all over the place. You know damn well Michael Jackson never touched these children, as does the entire world!

Michael Jackson did not pay this family ONE CENT and admitted to nothing. The chandler's took the money and ran and never testified to anything. Chandler drugged up his kid and abused the hell out of him. Believe what you want, engross yourself in the nonsense. Whatever feels good to ya. We know this didn't happen. It didn't!

1800 days ago


We should honor Michael Jackson for his musical achievements. Perhaps, we should also honor him for his philanthropy projects. Turning him into a saint, however, is disgusting and spreads a message that pedophilia is okay as long as you have talent and money. Even more disgusting is the fact that two alleged victims of child abuse are being victimized even more.

Posted at 5:16PM on Nov 17th 2009 by Luke Spencer

+ 1

1800 days ago

so wrong    

Luke Spencer -
The other alleged victim and his family saw themselves put on trial instead of Michael Jackson. In any case, none of us were there and don’t know exactly what happened.

Ah, yeah, do you know the law? They had the burden of proof not the defense. And, they proved nothing, the entire case was outrageous! Well, I know exact what DIDN't happen!

1800 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    


Arrest this con artiste murderer now, please.

1800 days ago


Evan Chandler, the father to the boy that Michael Jackson was once accused of sexually molesting, was found dead in his Jersey City apartment on November 5th.

Chandler charged Jackson with the molestation of his then 13-year-old son in the early '90s, but that case never went to trial and they reached a multi-million-dollar civil settlement.

Chandler's death has been ruled a suicide as he was found with a gun on his body and he had a single bullet wound to the head. He was 65 years old.

The Jersey City Police Department reveals:

“There was no note found in the apartment but officers did find medication in keeping with a serious medical condition. A doctor based at Colanta Hematology in Bayonne, NJ, had called the concierge, asking him check on Mr. Chandler’s apartment as Mr. Chandler had missed an appointment.

"It was thanks to the concierge’s actions that Mr. Chandler’s body was discovered. Mr. Chandler’s body has now been returned to his family.”

1800 days ago


Even I know this is b*sh*t. If he rendered his services he should be paid. They can turn around and sue for malpractice, but they still should pay the bill.

Dr. Murray, you should have WALKED after they didn't give you your first $150,000. DUMB - A$$

1800 days ago


For the dummies who say he has not been proven guilty yet.. news flash he admitted to giving Mj the injections that killed him.. so ya he is gulity..

1800 days ago

For Sure    

Karma is going to get everyone involved in tainting MJ!!!

Karma = Chandler
Joe Jackson = Karma no more money ....and Katherine isn't going to support you!
Karma = Joe Jackson introduced Murray to MJ = But no one had access to MJ ....Not
Karma = Murray AEG will not pay and Murray can say bye bye to his MD license....

Now a couple more people ....and MJJ will definately rest in peace

Hey Randy look out Karma might get you too!

1800 days ago

so wrong    

by Anthony

I'm starting to not believe anything out of Levin's mouth, there's a video of Frank stating these contracts were signed. Ah, you think MJ and Murray, who apparently were extremely close over the past few weeks of his death, as MJ lay drugged up under his IV's and nonsense at his bedside, you don't think Murray would have said something, like...can you please sign my contract.

I don't believe anything anymore!

1800 days ago

get it right    

Michael Jackson allegedly paid the 12-year-old son of a Neverland Valley Ranch employee $2 million to keep him quiet about another accusation of child molestation, according to a report to be aired by NBC's news magazine "Dateline."

1800 days ago

so wrong    

23. Even I know this is b*sh*t. If he rendered his services he should be paid. They can turn around and sue for malpractice, but they still should pay the bill.

Dr. Murray, you should have WALKED after they didn't give you your first $150,000. DUMB - A$$

Posted at 5:38PM on Nov 17th 2009 by Cassy

As much as I hate to agree with you, I do. Frankly, Murray has NOT been charged - convicted of anything. A contract is a contract.

1800 days ago


Good one Cassy! He just got caught up in the hype of working for MJ, and now realized he was in a long line of people waiting to get paid... Yep he should've walked (gee, that's probably killing him!)

1800 days ago
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