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Kramer Turns Racist Rant Into a Joke

11/17/2009 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three years ago today, Michael Richards took the stage at the Laugh Factory and unleashed the racist tirade that would change his life forever -- but now he's turning the whole thing into a joke ... arguably inappropriate.

Richards made light of the rant on this weekend's episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." During one of the scenes, Richards -- playing himself -- blows his top at an African-American character, saying, "If only there were a horrible name that I could call you ... that would make you as angry as I am."

A group of spectators who witness the tirade instantly whip out their cell phones and begin to record. Richards, realizing the similarity of events, screams and bolts.

Couple of problems here: First off, the original tirade was shot on a DIGITAL CAMERA -- not a cell phone.

Second: Is Richards mocking himself ... or the digital-recording culture that exposed his greatest mistake? In other words, is Richards and "Curb" trying to make a bad joke out of a serious situation?


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LOL! TMZ thinks its the judge of what is or isnt appropriate? You're like 1 step above the Inquirer!

1800 days ago



always wanted to do that

1804 days ago


Um, that's actually pretty funny.

1804 days ago


What's inappropriate is airing Harvey's response to Erin Andrews tape that was recently taken.

1804 days ago


Why's everyone always so hard on Harvey? Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny. Richards was trying to make fun of himself. Or so it appeared to me anyway.

1804 days ago


Let it go already.oh crap here comes al sharpton!Run white man run,He has another black girl lying, saying kramer raped her while say the n word!

1804 days ago


Get a sense of humor. It was great. You have to understand the history of the show and the context. Since when did TMZ and especially Harvey become so self righteous.

1804 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

That Kramer be alright!

1804 days ago


How can making fun of yourself be considered inappropriate?

I will say this though: Curb Your Enthusiasm is too great a show for this guy and I don't know why he even had to revisit this.

1804 days ago


That was hilarious! If he can't make fun of himself, what the heck's wrong w/people. Oversensitive, attention mongering, insincere outrage is inappropriate!! Wasn't it 'curb' that had someone urinating on an image of Jesus? That's WAY more inappropriate than this clip (and WAY more un-funny)!

1804 days ago


LOL!!!! His "greatest" mistake?!?!?!?!!? Are you freakin' douchebag TMZ Nazis really this insane?!?!!?!? Do you really think anyone in their right mind would consider calling a group of rude, inconsiderate morons the APPROPRIATE name, their GREATEST mistake? You quacks sure do hold terminology up to a high regard. Most NORMAL people would consider family or friend decisions they did or didn't make over life, their biggest mistake. Not something this miniscule.

You ridiculous, hypocritical, PC police, liberal nutcases there are TMZ, who only nitpick what you want to try and exploit it so it fits your Nazi agenda, have made me a fan of this guy.

Go Michael!!! Speak your mind, BROTHA!!!

1804 days ago


Just when I thought it would be impossible for the radical inbred kooks at TMZ to do or say anything even more absurd regarding race.

Say, why don't you hypocrites report on Eddie Griffin's FAR more racist remarks he makes regularly?

1804 days ago

Mike Process    

I think "Curb" was very funny. One of the funniest shows I've every seen. And Larry David is a brilliant writer...although I've read the cast just works from his outline. The Michael Richards dialogue was very funny.

1804 days ago


Hahaha I actually thought it was pretty funny myself so I dont have a problem wit it.

1804 days ago


Hilarious that the most inappropriate, intolerant, bigoted mainstream websites would be so one-sided with their race and political relations. You people are dumber than dirt.

1804 days ago
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