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Kramer Turns Racist Rant Into a Joke

11/17/2009 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three years ago today, Michael Richards took the stage at the Laugh Factory and unleashed the racist tirade that would change his life forever -- but now he's turning the whole thing into a joke ... arguably inappropriate.

Richards made light of the rant on this weekend's episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." During one of the scenes, Richards -- playing himself -- blows his top at an African-American character, saying, "If only there were a horrible name that I could call you ... that would make you as angry as I am."

A group of spectators who witness the tirade instantly whip out their cell phones and begin to record. Richards, realizing the similarity of events, screams and bolts.

Couple of problems here: First off, the original tirade was shot on a DIGITAL CAMERA -- not a cell phone.

Second: Is Richards mocking himself ... or the digital-recording culture that exposed his greatest mistake? In other words, is Richards and "Curb" trying to make a bad joke out of a serious situation?


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Who the F could remember if it was shot on digital camera or phone?! And what nit wit would care! LOL!

1767 days ago


We have the Black Taco from Taco Bell. We have the half Black Leader of the Free World. We have Black Friday coming up. But we don't need a red neck piece of untalented vomit like Kramer addressing any Black person about anything. This red neck is past due to be a victim of assault and battery. Or just send him to Dr. Murray for a chest Xray.

1767 days ago


Maybe if the treeswingers didn't want to be called the appropriate name they shouldn't have resorted to their primal nature????

1767 days ago


it's a pretty good joke and not such a "serious situation"

1767 days ago


Seriously people.....Get the Eff over it.
People just want to find anything to bitch about and it's pretty pathetic. Everybody is racist in their own way, it's human nature so just get the F*ck over it already.

1767 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

I'm black and my husband is white. We LOVE Curb Your Enthusiasm and think the episode was HILARIOUS and the best of the show's season by far! Especially the running joke about the 9yr old's vajayjay.

Anywho, as a fan of this show, Seinfeld and Michael Richards (although I'm not speaking for ALL African Americans mind you), I think that it was funny. Period. My husband and I laughed pretty hard at the whole thing and we were actually hoping all season that there would be a reference made to that hot mess a few years ago.

Anyway, good for you Michael! You're still hilarious!

1767 days ago


Michael Richards is no Sarah Silverman, and to do a mockery of an ugly episode from 3 years ago shows how desperate Michael is to do comedy.

1767 days ago


Ever notice how Harvey only gets his man thongs in a wad over truths being spoken? If its off the wall insanity, it doesn't make the site. But if it's accurate and hurts any poor, pitiful little minority's feelings, then it's on here.

1767 days ago


What's inappropriate is that there are still bigots and ignorant morons out there to say some of these comments. Like it or not there is no need for these types of comments.

1767 days ago


Americans are waking up and are getting fed up with this bs, pansy, ultra sensitive liberal propaganda nonsense and are quickly getting tired of walking around on eggshells. Sooner or later, the political correctness Nazis will be no more!!!

1767 days ago


8. Maybe if the treeswingers didn't want to be called the appropriate name they shouldn't have resorted to their primal nature????

Posted at 1:08PM on Nov 17th 2009 by hmmm.....


Bingo!!! What's the old adage? "Calling a spade, a spade?"

1767 days ago

. . .    

wow - I'm shocked/sickened that he would even attempt to make fun of something that he himself did - something that was so completely horrible. I am just as horrified that most people seem to find thus funny. How is that even possible?

1767 days ago


Whyz da hellz is da page whyte whenz I tryz 2 leavez a commentz? Uz uh racistz, Harveyz!?!?!?!?!

1767 days ago


No more "inapropriate" than making a joke out of Levi Johnston and the Unabomber. At least no one wound up dead when Richards used the "N" word.

1767 days ago


the people at curb are obviously way funnier then TMZ lol. Why you guys gotta make something out of nothing? your the only one saying that is was a bad joke....i think alot of other people thought it was pretty damn funny, and obviously the black actor that partook in the sketch thought it was too. Who cares!!!

1767 days ago
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