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MJ's Mom 'Seriously Considering' Suing Murray

11/17/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson's attorney tells TMZ Michael Jackson's mom is "seriously considering" filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray.

MJ's Mom Suing Murray

Adam Streisand, who scored a victory for Katherine last week in the estate case, tells TMZ the case would be filed on behalf of Katherine and Michael's three children. But Streisand adds, the biggest factor against filing suit is that Murray is asset-challenged -- i.e., he can't even pay his child support.

Streisand said he's actually rooting for Dr. Murray to file a claim for wages against AEG, adding "At least then we'd have some money to take from him."

As we first reported, Murray may sue AEG for $300,000 for the two months he "treated" MJ.


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They were in it for the money    

In response to the post RE if AEG hired Murray to be a chauffer...And if AEG owned the car in which the chauffer would use, it would be AEG's fault.
why would Katherine go after a measley $300,000 dollars. Hardly worth it to her. If she cared for her son she'd want justice, to hell with the blood money.

1803 days ago


If it makes Katherine Jackson feel better, let her sue the pants off Murray. Unfortunately, it won't bring Michael back.
Whether Michael Jackson was a drug addict or not, Murray watched him die. He kept adding fuel to the fire.
I'm still wondering where he got his medical license. A dollar store?????

RIP Michael Jackson

1803 days ago


This is geting riducolous, now. I am a Michael Jackson fan and I will be for the rest of my life. I happen to be one of those fans that can be objective at the same time...I know, it's daunting. I am tired of everybody acting as if Michael did not know what he was getting into. It seems that everybody is trying to place the blame on everybody else and that just is not right. True, Dr. Murray was supposed to be the authority in that situation, but it appears that the mighty dollar called the shots. I just want people to stop blaming eachother and move on, becuase it's not going to bring Michael back. If I listened to Michael's message correctly, he would want the same.

1803 days ago


I am so sick and tired of the Jackson family and their lame attempts to get more money. Katherine gets plenty of money ever month for taking care of MJ's kids. Think that sueing the doctor who may or may not get his $300,000, add in attorney expenses and taxes and hes lucky if he walks away with half. So Katherine thinks that this petty amount of money is punishment. The only ones she punishing is the doctors kids, who get no support and if their lucky can collect something for awhile. MJ has been an addict since he started his surgeries, so go back 20 years and start the law suit with the Jackson family, for mental abuse, the doctors for enabling, the record companies for turning a blind eye, etc. No one gave a damn then about him because he made them $$$$, all they did was YES MICHAEL at his every whim. Now they dont care because they arent making $$$. When he was 20 and living at home junking out on pain meds, his mama didnt say anything then, now Katherine may live ohhhh another what 10 years and its GONE!! I can only hope that the day this upscale welfare case dies that MJ's kids are taken care of by someone other than a Jackson.

1803 days ago

get it right    

Michael Jackson: Jordan Chandler never admitted to lying despite reports

Michael Jackson has died. Back in 1994, he paid off one of his alleged child molestation victims, who revealed a vivid testimony back in 1993. The other alleged victim and his family saw themselves put on trial instead of Michael Jackson. In any case, none of us were there and don’t know exactly what happened.

Rabid Michael Jackson fans, however, have been brutally condemning both victims, even wishing for their deaths. But the most ridiculous item that was spread this week by fans of the self-titled “King of Pop” is that Michael Jackson’s first victim has come out and said he lied about Michael Jackson's wrongdoings all along. This libelous information was spread like wildfire over the Internet. It's amazing how websites can spread information without even checking sources.

Two phone calls and ten minutes of our time revealed that Jordan Chandler did not comment about anything. If he did, he could lose the millions of dollars in hush-hush money that he was paid.

Several sites that posted the false story have been closed down or don't have a working link to the story. Most likely, they were served with the threat of a lawsuit by Jordan Chandler's attorneys.

We should honor Michael Jackson for his musical achievements. Perhaps, we should also honor him for his philanthropy projects. Turning him into a saint, however, is disgusting and spreads a message that pedophilia is okay as long as you have talent and money. Even more disgusting is the fact that two alleged victims of child abuse are being victimized even more.

1803 days ago


oh please katherine you fat old botoxed bitch (if you cant act the traditionally respected age of 80 dont expect to be treated respectfully 80 year old mothers dont drag there old asses in and out of courtrooms REPEATEDLY bloodhounding after their poor deserted dead sons money) SHUT UP YOU OLD LIZARD LOOKING PETRIFIED DINOSAUR!

if anybody had the ability to save michael jacksons life IT WAS KATHERINE JACKSON she could always manipulate him into anything to benefit her joes and his siblings sniveling brothers lifestyles millions a year in her pocket for the upkeep lifestyle of the richa and famous a $600,000.00 travel bus jewels facelifts designer clothes chauffeurs assistants (for fing what!) chefs yardmen security (for what!) you sucked $$$$$$$$$ out of michael jackson ALMOST ALL HIS PATHETIC LIFE and then let him die like a sorry assed abandoned dog rather than intervene and get him the help that he desperately needed YOU WERE THE ONE WHO OPPOSED STAGED INTERVENTION! BITCH! and now you want to sue a doctor for doing a job that your insane drug junkie needlepushing son hired him to do!???

you are funny katherine jackson shut up and go sit your old fatass down somewhere i dont fall for your sweet poor good mother bs not for one minute YOU WERE ONE OF THE SORRIEST ASSED MOTHERS TO WALK THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!

"please stop joe you're going to kill him"

F U katherine jackson BITCH!

mj fanatics and some fans are stupid and they suck
some are religious zealots holier than thou rollers and hypocrites and they are idol worshipers

some are also rabid - beware

1803 days ago


Thank GOD one of the jackson family decide finally to sue the killer murray but there's something that i don't understand, Katherine want to file this lawsuit to bring justice for Michael or just for money???

1803 days ago

get it right    

mj fanatics and some fans are stupid and they suck
some are religious zealots holier than thou rollers and hypocrites and they are idol worshipers

some are also rabid - beware

Posted at 5:24PM on Nov 17th 2009 by TMZ ROCKS ON

I am glad someone finely see's what I have been saying for a very long time now. BTW TMZ ROCKS I like your post and I like what you have to say. TMZ ROCKS keep rocking on dude.

1803 days ago


Good Lord!
Katherine is not only greedy, but also not very bright. What's $300,000? She'll spend more in attorney fees for this lawsuit. No wonder that Adam Streisand is so eager...

1803 days ago


Well, even though Murray is the proverbial turnip as far as recovering any monetary award, it will help assure any future earnings he may have of any substance (in America) would likely be garnished, and that is another kind of punishment in itself.

Most importantly, if Katherine and the kids sue Murray and it goes to trial, and if Murray sues AEG and that also goes to trial, then it should help uncover the truth of what really happened. Even if Murray is criminally charged, he could be offered a plea bargain, and then there might not be a trial to uncover whether *others* were also criminally and civilly negligent as well.

So, I personally hope these civil suits do come to fruition, though they may be put on hold if a criminal indictment is pending soon.

1803 days ago


It gets curiouser and curiouser. I almost feel sorry for Dr. Murray. Nobody signed his contract, no one will pay him, and everyone wants to sue, prosecute, or just plain pummel him senseless.

I hear being broke does make you judgment-proof. Talk about being born under a bad sign.

1803 days ago


First of all to the person who says where does MJ responsibility began, He is dead. Can't get anymore responsible than that.

You have an issue, then your responsibility is to stop reading about MJ.

To the young lady that is looking for love.... Love yourself. Figure out where you want to go in life and your passion. You will find love then. Until you work on the issue of choo
sing the wrong guy you will continue to chose the wrong guy. I think you need some space to figure out where you are. Not another boyfriend. I just gave you free info I get pay $75 an hour.

Be yourself, stop tryin to be what you think others expect. Not good.

1803 days ago

Pink Daisy    

Co-sign: Much love to the Jackson family. Don't know why you changed direction, but I gotta believe you have more information that the rest of us.

Justice for Michael. We miss him.

Evan Chandler is dead. Now, the Arivzos should explode after eating to much at a buffet in Vegas. lol! ;)

1803 days ago


Well, yes, there is that. THE TRUTH. I, for one, think that she refuses to see the truth and is looking to find a scapegoat.
In any case, is she allowed to spend kids' inheritance in search of "the truth"? I wonder what kids' attorney thinks about this lawsuit?

1803 days ago

Pink Daisy    

42. This is absolutely ridiculous. This doctor shouldn't have administered the drug, but Michael Jackson is to blame too. How many other doctors gave him stuff he didn't need just because he bribed them? Give me a break. If you sue/charge this guy, sue/charge them all. And recognize that MJ is partly to blame as well.

Posted at 3:54PM on Nov 17th 2009 by Elle

Bribed them? Are you high? They took the money cause they were greedy. Nobody forced them. Those doctors created an addict and fed his addiction over many years. We all know that MJ isn't the only celebrity this has happened to. Question is how any regulars folks out there are being killed slowly because people who took an oath to care are pimping scrips?

1803 days ago
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