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Hulk Hogan's Face Bloodied During Presser

11/18/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The blood was pouring down Hulk Hogan's face, back into his hair and down to his mouth after the wrestling legend got into a wild brawl with Ric Flair at a press conference in Australia.


Hogan and Flair were in Australia to promote an upcoming wrestling event, when all of the sudden they began to beat the crap out of each other ... Flair socking Hogan in the head over and over and over.

We know -- you're thinking it's all BS to promote the fight, but we spoke with somebody in Hulk's camp who insists the entire thing was real ... the blood and the injuries.

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Allen Ridak    

Maybe they were brawlng because they were under the influence of
those pesky Australians. It's well known that all Australans are drunken, brawling, racist, cultureless morons

1800 days ago


Same guy who told everyone he thought of committing suicide just to sell some books. BTW - Rick Flair is in his 60's!

1800 days ago


WELLL>... He's a neighbor, losing all that $$$$$$$ & HOMES & CARS and & and, list is endless.... His book, went south, along with all his other ventures, sad....

1800 days ago


You have to remember, in real life Flair and Hogan hate each other the only reason they are doing this is because they need money for allamony, Flair hates eric bischoff and hogan for what they did to him in WCW, so while I do believe it's a work, there is the off chance that those old feelings of hate came out and the angle went left

1800 days ago


Fake and the starch white T-shirt makes the blood look more dramatic...

1800 days ago


I was at the press conference. Photographers rushed to the front and it was hard to see, but Hulk and Flair barely seemed to connect. Hulk was wearing a bandana - underwhich I presume he had some kind of blood capsule device - and before long it was off, "blood" was everywhere and he was sitting on the floor in front of the stage and couldn't stand up.
Wrestling pantomime magic.

1800 days ago



Seems to say something nasty about Brook and one punch leads to that bleeding I don't know seems really fake.

1800 days ago


The fight was probably fake but the blood isn't!

I will say that Hogan and Flair legitimately DON'T like each other! I know guys always holla "I HATE YOU" and stuff like that for a show but with these two, its legit! They only work together when its business and when its necessary. As Toriegh said, there is a lot of bad blood going back to the old WCW in '90's.

I think the fight was staged though I would admit I would be happy to find out it wasn't! Hogan needs a good punch in the nose!

1800 days ago

Harry Kunt    

Both of these fruits are senior citizens

1800 days ago


dude -_- its fkin fake

1800 days ago


Ha Ha Ha real blood wipes off, it doesn't stain the skin like that ROTFLMAO I can't believe people still think all this stuff is real.

1800 days ago


Fake! Hogan needs money, since giving it all to his ex-wife Linda. He his trying to revive his career, but no one wants to see old-guys get beaten up anymore.

1800 days ago


From what I understand in professional wrestling the fights are scripted. However, the blood is real and often it's the ref who passes some kind of small razorblade to a wrestler. This wrestler then cuts himself horizontally above the eyebrows making him to bleed profusely. I believe it's called 'juicing'. The horizontal cuts are not dangerous and leave no visible scars.
My guess is that the fight between Hogan and Flair and the bleeding were both scripted.

1800 days ago



They are FINALLY going to bring back REAL FAKE WRESTLING!!!! This is the AWESOME stuff they did in the 80's and Hogan said he was gonna bring it back!!!!

1800 days ago


The blood is real, but the incident is staged. Its not fake blood, they really cut each other but obviously its fake to set up whatever the event is. These guys dont use fake blood or ketchup packets, they slice themselves in specific areas that can heal up quickly and are not in dangerous spots.

1800 days ago
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