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Johnny Depp -- As Intoxicating As Ever

11/18/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

By the way Johnny Depp stumbled out of a NYC restaurant last night -- and then had to be carried into his car -- it seems the guy was really into celebrating his Sexiest Man Alive victory.

Johnny Depp: Click to watch
Heeeeere's Johnny attempting to walk out of a bar with punk icon Patti Smith.

Edward Fortyhands, anyone?


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you still got my vote mr. depp.

1735 days ago


Sexiest Drunk Alive!♥

1734 days ago


First ,johnny was named the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE the day after,i think you ,have to read more before.Second I love him drunk,dirty and i dont care,I LOVE THIS MAN,he is the sexiest man ever of the world!!!and he can do what he want !!god bless him

1729 days ago


Hey lexie; what wrong with you ?? everytime iam here in tmz i can see some dirty comment from you girl,well i dont know what you are but i think you must be a fat and ugly person behind a old computer full of hate and without a boyfriend..what an idiot! why dont you get a life MORON!!!

1729 days ago


Hey Rachel,
Becareful, someone might say the same of you. It's your own business if you want to fawn all over yourself to be in Mr. Depp's good graces, but it's also Lexie's right to have opposition, reguardless of the motives. As for me, I think Mr. Depp is very strung out and needs to get a grip, whether he is the sexiest man alive or not.

1727 days ago


oh lexie,lexie ,lexie,I'm STILL thinking you are an ugly,lonely ,fat , old and nasty person,sorry for you ,just like the other one,2cute4you ,WHAT A STUPID NAME!!HA HA:WHAT A LOSER YOU ARE !!.And i dont FELL LIKE YOU SAID at all,BABY..let me tell you something, i think you have a problem in your brain ,maybe you have to see the doctor, or maybe you are just an idiot,ha.ha...

1725 days ago


,I love johnny,and i dont care what the others say,of course everybody can say what they want ,and have another opinon,but there are another ways to say something about persons,and johnny has no comparation,he is lovely and nice ,he is unique. And i love just the way he is .

1725 days ago


Hey Rachel, so you LOVE the dirty little Pirate! Do you hold one of his little pirate dolls in your hand at night and dream he will someday see that you are the ONE he’s been waiting for? Ha Ha Ha .,. What a loser you are. I bet you Rachel, that if your tiny little Pirate were disguised as a blonde tiny man and you met him in a nightclub, not knowing it was him, you would be disgusted with him because he would be a sloppy drunk. Because Rachel, MOST normal people consider people who drink to excess, not very cool at all and certainly NOT sexy. I myself prefer taller men who can have a nice glass of wine a STOP at one! They are far more sexy than the dirty little man you love so much!

1723 days ago


Correction. He was helped to his car, not carried. So what if he had a few drinks. He's still the sexiest, hottest, richest man in Hollywood. LOVE YOU JOHNNY!

1722 days ago


lexie,i dont trie to fight with you,but you are so fool that i have to respond,..let me tell you that every time that you critic him i will be here to defend him,i know that sound cursy,but that'S the way it is,baby

1722 days ago


Is that because you are drunk or because you find drunk men sexy?????????????????????

1721 days ago


lexie,you say that you dont understand me?..well,what dont understand?that you have a ridiculous name? 2CUTE4U??... maybe you are so ugly that trie to cover that with a nice name..dont you??ha..ha.well i said that i will trie to dont fight with you ,girls..maybe some words are not write well,BUT YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I TRIE TO SAY..DONT YOU??

1720 days ago


oh i forgot,when i said cursy,i mean cursi,is a spanish word,that really means affected or something like that ,i study spanish,iam learning..hunderstand?.. fine,nothing more than ..God bless johnny!!!.

1720 days ago


Hey Johnny fans,

Does anyone remember the last time Johnny and Vanessa were snapped together looking happy?

I have a weird feeling about that couple............

1675 days ago


Rachel, you're a moron! The dirty little man would NEVER go for your type anyway. You are wasting your time following him around.I know you do! You're one of those super fans that wait out in the cold for hours to get a glimps of the rotten little pirate. Get a clue! He likes them UGLY like that French tart he's with and that UGLY Patty person.

1719 days ago
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