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Johnny Depp -- As Intoxicating As Ever

11/18/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

By the way Johnny Depp stumbled out of a NYC restaurant last night -- and then had to be carried into his car -- it seems the guy was really into celebrating his Sexiest Man Alive victory.

Johnny Depp: Click to watch
Heeeeere's Johnny attempting to walk out of a bar with punk icon Patti Smith.

Edward Fortyhands, anyone?


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What the hell is she saying? Lexie, can you make out what she is babbling on about? I think she is trying to insult us but I can't understand moron. Oh well, if you can't understand it than let it go.

1751 days ago


Congrats Johnny!!!! Doesn't matter if he is drunk or not, he is blazing hot!!!!!!! Lucky Vanessa.

1750 days ago


Hey Lexie, Rachel, and 2cute4u,

Please get lives, Johnny doesn't care if you like him or hate him.

2cute4u and lexie: You two sound like your in love with him because your constantly in here talking about him. How do you know what does on behind closed doors with him and Vanessa? Do you two stalk him or something? You don't know who he is so stfu and get lives PLEASE!

rachel: Do not feed the trolls, the more you talk the more they talk. Don't reply to them and they will get bored.

1750 days ago


1704 days ago


Ooopps.. he died.. hahaha, you lose!

1704 days ago


Johnny Depp is alive you haters!
2cute4u get a life, I love Johnny Depp.

1703 days ago


Hey Rachel! Ok chick! You got my attention. I know it’s you singing my name to those asinine comments. Johnny Depp is a loser drunk and if it wasn’t for having a driver everywhere he goes, he would run his car into a guard rail the drunken sot! I do NOT think the unwashed, tattooed dresses for sh*t Pirate is sexy. Not only that, his breath sinks of cigarettes and booze! What a turn off. But Rachel he’s just your type and if you follow him to his premiers, he will notice you, fall madly in love with you and take you away to his place in France.. NOT!!!!!! What a hopeless loser you are.. Get a life dear before it’s too late! Do your friends know about your obsession? LOSER

1703 days ago


It sounds like you don't have a life. You read our blogs, and by the sound of it, you've been visiting TMZ for sometime over the past couple of months. I guess you, too, have to put your two cents in. Well here is a refund for you, you goblin. I don't live anywhere near hollywood, nor do I care to, and I'm not stupid, nor blind like you. Now take your two cents and shove it!!!

1747 days ago


Ha.ha...2cute4u,what a name? did it well,maybe you are right when you say that i dont spell well,but you know what i mean..but i want peace,dont fight anymore,beside..who cares what we think?? fight cause my time is gold ..i have more interesting things to do baby.

1747 days ago


JOHNNY is beautifull ,face it,moron!!he is the best thing that my eyes had ever senn,good actor and nice person,love you

1747 days ago


I thought you said you didn't want to fight? That you got better things to do, your time is gold? What happen baby?

1746 days ago


Johnny Depp is alive!!

Here is a recent video of Johnny

1701 days ago


Rachel and the rest of the Johnny loving stalkers are so sad. They come here to TMZ to declare their love for this little dirty man hoping he will read their pathetic messages of love. WAKE UP. He doesn’t read this crap! You are wasting your time Rachel, he won’t come find you and take you away with him. Give up now. Back away from the Jack doll. Become a whole person again.. Do it for your family.
Hey 2cute4u, did you see the pictures of the rotten little Pirate in Japan? He is getting so OLD looking. Obviously any magazine covers he does are touched up. His real face looks like a road map. I think he needs to ask Santa for a face lift for Christmas.

1743 days ago


YOU again MORONS!!,you dont get tired,dont you??o my god, you are soooooooooooooo stupid,..BOTH!i think you two, are the same person,first reply one and next the other so fast,or you two live toguether??? ..I dont even think about it!!creepy

1743 days ago


OH and did you see when johnny was in japan?? all japan LOVE HIM!! and you know why? BECAUSE HE IS GORGEOUS ,SEXY ,and Good Actor.He is def HOT ,despite looking filthy almost all the time,and He looks YOUNGER than he really is ,face it idiots, and i see you next time FOOLS!!

1743 days ago
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