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Johnny Depp -- As Intoxicating As Ever

11/18/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

By the way Johnny Depp stumbled out of a NYC restaurant last night -- and then had to be carried into his car -- it seems the guy was really into celebrating his Sexiest Man Alive victory.

Johnny Depp: Click to watch
Heeeeere's Johnny attempting to walk out of a bar with punk icon Patti Smith.

Edward Fortyhands, anyone?


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happy day    

That was awesome, Johnny is class act, If you can ever spot hime, he is the best, the dude was in full control of himself, and If you dont think so You better check your self and see how you would act under pressure like that, love you John.

Pompano beach fans

1799 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

i think he be the bestest actore to evah live!!! he gots to be the purdiest too... ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh johnny!!

1799 days ago


While I agree that Johnny Depp isn't all that--too greasy for me. I think someone on Harvey's staff just hates when someone has something good to say about someone and has to shoot them down by showing something bad. Whoever it is needs to take a pill.

1799 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

While I think he's a fine young man, I just don't see much difference between him and that David Hasselhoff fellow. Too bad. He's just so handsome and seems to be kind, I fear he could "crash & burn" if he doesn't change his ways....

1799 days ago


that's not drunk..........that's dope.he's a junkie

1799 days ago


The nasty little drunk is such a tool! Sexiest Man? Come on people! He is butt ugly and so his that chick Patty that he’s with. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was banging her. The little Pirate is reportedly drunk a lot. Where is his “Girl” the French tart? Nowhere to be scene. He partied with that dog faced Patty chick. What a looser. Hey did all you Depp fans catch that bald spot on the back of his head? Get a clue! The oold guy is falling apart.

1799 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

Like they say in the states, Go Johnny Go!!!

1799 days ago


It's not like we see him like this all the time...I see no story here just someone who went out and had fun. So he got a little drunk-I think we are all entitled to it occasionally. And I don't see where he was carried to his car. He may have needed a little help but he wasn't carried. He's still the sexiest man out there to me.

1799 days ago

go away    

I think People Mag made a good choice and didn't go for one of those Twilight twits or something. After all it is Sexiest MAN not boy Alive.

1799 days ago


Please take this off the site. Been there. Not pretty. Please, Harvey.

1799 days ago

Donna - Phoenix    

Oh GROW UP ... it's not cool anymore, how old are you .... and by the way, Depp isn't the sexiest man alive and neither are any of the other losers on the list.

1799 days ago


Love him-Love him-Love him, can't get enough of him.

1799 days ago


One of the all-time no-talents EVER. Douchebag.

1799 days ago


So now I here this lush has signed a $33 Million Dollar deal for "Pirates 4". That ought to keep him in Ripple for a while.

1799 days ago


Hell, I'd get him drunk and take advantage of him.

1799 days ago
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