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Sues Debbie Rowe

11/18/2009 7:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A photographer who had a physical run-in with Debbie Rowe back in July is now suing Michael Jackson's ex-wife in small claims court.

Debbie_Rowe (12).JPG
It's all over an incident that went down in front of a Chinese restaurant in Lancaster, California right after MJ died -- in which a swarm of paparazzi swarmed Rowe asking about the kids. Rowe lashed out at one photog, "Are you ready to have your butt kicked?"

Now, that photog, Ed Frommer, wants $7,500 in damages from Rowe -- claiming she lied to police, telling them he scratched her face, pulled her arm and struck her in the back.

Frommer tells us, "You can see from the video, I didn't touch her face" adding, "anything that happened was not intentional."

Frommer claims his reputation has taken some serious hits from the incident and he can't get work. The hearing is scheduled for January. 


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Never mind, I see they changed it to Nov. 5th. It said the 17th when I was reading about the 1993 case earlier today. -Steve

1797 days ago


"Holy Grail" of Michael Jackson memorabilia up for sale

By Burton Frierson Burton Frierson – Wed Nov 18, 3:06 pm ET
NEW YORK (Reuters) – The "Holy Grail" of Michael Jackson memorabilia will go on the block on Saturday in an auction of one of the King of Pop's famous white gloves and hundreds of rock-and-roll relics.

The sale at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York includes a car driven by Jackson, David Bowie's guitar and a slew of memorabilia from the Beatles to Bo Diddley, according to Julien's Auctions, the company running the auction.

But Julien's has no doubt the white glove, worn by Jackson when he debuted the famous moonwalk dance at the 1983 Motown 25 television special, will generate the most interest.

"There is no question it is the Holy Grail of Michael Jackson," said Darren Julien, president and CEO of Julien's.

The auction company says it estimates the value of the glove conservatively at $40,000-$60,000 but expects it to sell for much higher.

"I have talked to more than 20 very interested serious clients all over the world who will be bidding on the piece and all have expressed interests over $200,000-$300,000," Julien said.

The majority of the 80 Jackson lots consist of items that come from friends and family he gave the items to, Julien said.

The auction company values the Jackson collection at $80,000 to $100,000 but Julien said its pre-auction estimates are intentionally very conservative to help generate interest.

Interest in Jackson was already running high before his sudden death in June, and has grown since, as evidenced by the box-office success of his concert film "This Is It."

Julien's had been preparing for a huge auction of Jackson memorabilia in April that was canceled after an agreement with Jackson, who had filed a lawsuit demanding the return of certain items.

During the promotion for that sale, Julien's had amassed a large database of Jackson collectors from Asia to the Americas.

Interest in the glove may come from wealthy individuals but could also include institutions such as museums, Julien said.

"That's one piece that you need, and you're going to have hundreds of thousands of people visit on an annual basis to view that one item," Julien added.

Collectors can also bid for an Elvis Presley ring, James Brown's suits and Kurt Cobain's finger prints, taken from the late Nirvana front man when he was arrested for trespassing while intoxicated in 1986 at the age of 19.

(Reporting by Burton Frierson; Editing by Patricia Reaney)

the friends and family of your dead drug craving idol had rather have the $$$$ than anything that belonged to him and it is the fans who care enough to pay big bucks for it

F the jackson family and all his "friends"

thats all he meant to them money money money
sorry mf'ers

mjfanatics and some mjfans are stupid and they suck
some are religious zealots idol worshipers holier than thou roller and HYPOCRITES
some are rabid psychotics and BI-POLAR lithium dependents - approach with caution they are vicious

1797 days ago

Buck Farack    

If she's gonna get soaked for $7500 by this jerk, she should at least be able to literally kick his ass.

1797 days ago


If she has to pay any amount of money to this pap, I hope she really does kung pow on him.

1797 days ago


Too bad she is not Mike Tyson to give this low-life a bloody face.
Debbie,spray a pepper spray into those pigs faces the next time.You need to defend yourself!

1797 days ago


MJ haters are stupid and they suck
some are religious zealots idol worshipers holier than thou rollers and HYPOCRITES
some are psychotic and BI-POLAR on lithium and such they are dangerous on or off vicious and rabid - beware approach with care lest they take off some fingers or part of your face if you say anything they dont want to hear they are stupid

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I know! And isn't that funny and ironic that some of them just cannot stay away from MJ's stories like any normal and balanced human being would do? They should rest assured though that they will share a similar fate as Chandler's because hate corrodes the mind,the body and the soul.

1797 days ago




1796 days ago


TMZ, why have you not reported on one of the most vindicating stories doing the rounds? The man who got his son to accuse MJ of molesting him has commited suicide. Karma is a B!!!

1796 days ago


The AMA awards NOV.22 ,If you haven't voted ."VOTE"

Jermaine and his Brothers " STEP BACK" and pass the mantle to MJ'S children
YOU (Jackson brothers) have had center stage long enough...............
MICHAEL had been a solo act since the 80's and even though he's your brother
you used him as your personal ATM machine, like the rest of the family..If you
really love your brother "GIVE IT UP"!!!!!
PRINCE, PARIS and BLANKET be the recipients of any awards on behalf of there Father
let his kids be Ambassadors of MJ'S L O V E his LEGACY ..Stand up and shine..Sweet Angels..
I believe Daddy would have wanted it that may be young but, MICHAEL didn't
anticipate dying June 25 .YOU are his children his "BENEFICIARIES" STEP FORWARD
AND SHINE*****************

1796 days ago


I know! And isn't that funny and ironic that some of them just cannot stay away from MJ's stories like any normal and balanced human being would do? They should rest assured though that they will share a similar fate as Chandler's because hate corrodes the mind,the body and the soul.

Posted at 3:42AM on Nov 19th 2009 by Freaks are hillarious

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How would you know how much the fans are here? Must be on here just as much HUH? So don't you have a life other then worrying about who is on TMZ???WHOS THE FREAKS???

1796 days ago


hi janala4- deb- its been awhile i have been off the computer for about a week technical difficulties had to get a new one...its good to see yu guys again, but just so you know that comment on 35 that wasnt me, i dont have that much respect for debbie rowe, i know she has been quiet for sometime now, but i still fault her for being a terrible mother and selling her children for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.she fits into that category right up there with klein and the other money hungry grubbers.sue from tampa

1796 days ago


Here's what stars should do: Sue every pap personally $7,500 to $10,000 every single time they snap a shot. Period. For anything at all. Any reason at all. I'm sick of the paps swarming and being a nuisance and then after they wreak havoc turning around and suing hoping to get anything (as though they didn't make small fortunes off the photos alone -- oh that's not enough and all the danger and havoc they wreak isn't their responsibility). Do it. As a sort of insurance policy. If paps want to participate in that business they have to pay the insurance policy and suing is clearly is the only system they respect.

1796 days ago


Go Debbie and next time give him a good kicking and something to whine about!

1796 days ago


If people didn't follow them around trying to catch their next fart in a jar they wouldn't have anything to complain about.

1796 days ago


follow the money trail, chi ching...maybe no one wants to hire him cause hes a dumb ass

1796 days ago
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