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Rape Joke Incites Laughter on 'The View'

11/18/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Inappropriate: Sofia Vergara joking about being raped on "The View" today.
More Inappropriate: Several members on "The View" panel LAUGHING about it!!!!!

Sofia Vergara: Click to watch
For the record -- Whoopi "rape rape" Goldberg was the only one who looked disturbed by the joke. You can hear someone on the set say, "Whoaaa!" -- but it's unclear whose mouth it came from.

Thanks to Jezebel for pointing it out.


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gene yuss    

listen up dummies .rape is funny in spain and in many other countries .. so....laugh it up!

1767 days ago


Ever notice how kooks are never offended by ACTUAL horrific events that ACTUALLY happen (ie; a liberal director drugging and raping a 13 year old baby) but they get guns blazing pissed off when it's hypothetical, or comical, intent? Talk about being mentally retarded....

1767 days ago


@dumba$$ liberal loons

I thinks its pretty clear from the context of the conversation that the term "Rape" she was referring to was indeed the version of non-consenting sex.

If it wasnt then why would she then say nooo.

I'm not offended by it, i agree that she likely said it because erm.. 13 yr olds shouldnt be having sex!

People make such a big deal out of stuff like this..

1767 days ago


I think each and everyone of the women on The View act as if they have had a lobotomy. I do not watch the show, as I find all of them repulsive.

1767 days ago


This Puta was trying to get out of not spreading her camel toe seas willingly.she wanted it and had a what... who cares..throw mechos on whoopies face since it has seen any in decades.

1767 days ago


Sorry TMZ, but your ridiculous, one-sided, hypocritical liberal PC bullsh*t is falling on deaf ears. The country is waking up and becoming ill with the Marxist/Socialist agenda you cowards spew :)

1767 days ago


Don't know and don't care how old this chick is, don't care if she was screwing around of her own free will as a young teen, but the rape "joke" is definitely not funny in any language.

Although Whoopie did miss her opportunity to chime in with a question about whether it was "Rape-rape."

Since plying with drugs was also involved in the Polanski incident, even without the underage factor, it was still (date) rape.

1767 days ago

Mary Margaret Carbaugh Speck    

Rape can be funny, just a few weeks ago Jay Leno was joking about Bernie Madoff being raped in prison.
If you laugh at that what's the problem with what she said?

1767 days ago

Tyra Banks    

the woman is obviously clueless.

1767 days ago


I'm sure that there was no intention but to offend but it could come across as insensitive, especially to those who have been raped.

1767 days ago


I saw this on The View and I was stunned! My mind immediately flashed to a time when the unspeakable happened. To see her laugh seared throughout me like a knife. I could not believe the term "rape" and an immediate laugh could come from anyone with a heart - and from a woman, no less. I know logically that she did not intend for it to be given in a horrible context but... I too hope she apologizes and the women on the View too!!! SOMEONE could have said that was not cool. Rape is NOT a laughing matter. Disgusting! And, yeah, it is painful.

1767 days ago


What is happening to this show? It used to be good. Hope it goes off the air soon.

1767 days ago


Oh my God, this PC is becoming Pure Cr..p Now the only thing americans (she was born in colombia, but she is an american citizen now) used to have was freedom of speech, and now you have to appologize for everything. The United States of the Offended

1767 days ago

Have no shame    

Sounds to me like it was lost in translation. It may be a common phrase in Spain...I didn't catch where she was from. I say to my friends "I'm gonna kill you for..." That doesn't mean I will literally kill. I may say shut up or I will shove that (insert object) down your throat. Do I mean it? NO. but if I say it in another country on a tennis court, it's a threat on someones life. Gte off her case she meant it as a joke. And the title and article is misleading. It sounds as though she was being sincere and they laughed at her. Not true!!!!

1767 days ago


Her son is HOT! I'd like to "rape" him!

I think it's funny that TMZ staffers are "shocked" by this but they think the Gerard Butler parody of Michael Jackson is just effing hilarious. Morons!

1767 days ago
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