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John Kerry Supports Busted Daughter

11/19/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John KerrySenator John Kerry is on his daughter's team over her DUI arrest this morning in L.A. But he seems to ignore an important fact -- cops claim she was impaired and that's why they busted her.

The Senator points out that Alexandra blew under California's legal limit of .08. He also says she was not pulled over for drunk driving but rather expired tags.

Kerry's rep says, "Senator Kerry supports his daughter and will have no further comment on a private matter."

But here's the deal. The Senator didn't mention Alexandra flunked the field sobriety test and that's why cops arrested her. Also in California, you don't need a .08 to be driving under the influence. A sip of wine could do the trick if you can't handle it when you get behind the wheel.

But law enforcement sources tell us it's unlikely prosecutors will file charges.


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So sick of the liberals getting off for every law they break. They raise taxes but don't pay them. Look at Obama's cabinet. The head of the IRS is a certified TAX CHEAT. They can get DUI's and daddy bails them out. I say they should throw Kerry's bitch daughter is jail and throw the key away. Teach her a damn lesson for once. If they let this drunk off, she will continue to drink and probably kill someone the next time. Seems like more of the same; just like the Kennedy's. We need to vote these long term people out of office. Look at Rangle. Another tax cheat. The man became a millionaire for doing nothing. He should be investigated and his assets taken away.

1767 days ago


Typical.....any regular joe they would have prosecuted...hmmmmm!!

1765 days ago


didn't God support his son during all of his mistakes? Jesus, I don't care who you are, if you are a good and caring parent you will support (meaning being there for the good and the bad) your children through everything! Bad mistakes, bad decisions and bad calls overall... As parents we don't support the bad decisions, we support our children through them no matter how old our children are.... well, the fortunate ones anyway.

1765 days ago


Cheap date

1769 days ago


SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! what else did you expect him to say??????

regarding the last line... "will not prosecute under .08".

you definately have very little to report today don't you?

because you said this already.

stop repeating yourself and dont post stories until you have all the facts.

1769 days ago


"prosecutors are unlikely to file charges." Of course not, Senators from the Boston area can fix any legal problems that involve driving and alcohol. I guess we are not likely to see this mentioned on the nightly news tonight. They would rather spend time on whatever makes Palin look bad.

1769 days ago


This dude looks like Herman Munster.

1769 days ago


It's a toss up between Kerry and Henry "swine face" Waxman as the ugliest people on the planet. And shocker, they're both liberal commies

1769 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Can you hear me now ?

- Carrie's Cell Phone Camera

1769 days ago


Ummmm ... she refused to take the "field sobriety" test, she didn't fail it. You probably ought to get your facts straight. In fact, there is no passing of failing such a test and are therefore not required by law. She was arrested because the cops merely smelled alcohol on her breath. The City Attorney will not be filing any charges against her.

1769 days ago


Why the long face?

1769 days ago


4. This dude looks like Herman Munster.

Or Sarah Jessica Parker in a few years.

1769 days ago



1769 days ago


Can you imagine if this happened to Bristol Palin? 24 X 7 news coverage on all the mainstream liberal networks!!!!

1769 days ago


Why wasen't the reason she was pulled over reckless driving? The cops saw someone driving erratically but stopped her for expired tags.

Anyone else would have taken the blood test and when the result was under the legal limit they would have been ticketed for the registration and set free.

I am begining to think that the corruption in the courts in California has spread to the cops.

Wonder how many violent crime complaints the cops got while they were postering with a senators daughter.

1769 days ago
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