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Tila Tequila

Naked and Ranting

11/19/2009 1:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila has stripped down naked to go on a bizarre, rambling rant -- live on her Ustream page.

Tila Tequila
We're told Tila has been at this for hours ... ranting about everything from her personal hygiene to her case against San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman -- calling him a "woman beater."

She continued, "I am an angel ... because I am here to save the world with my army."

Tila also claims "this is the last time I'll ever be on ustream ever again."

Earlier in the rant, Tila said, "People call me an attention whore .. or whatever ... but excuse me I'm a grown ass woman and I'm confident in myself ...I think a woman's body is a beautiful thing ... that's why I'm a lesbian ... I was born naked ... anybody who is against that is gay and in denial."


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I have noticed that TMZ stopped with their cleberity
twitters and I think she is just trying to get on the
site. Regardless of her reasons she needs some help.
The "tequilaarmy" if you guys really cared you would
stop feeding into it. Tila get some help. Life can not
always be about you. Be grateful for what you have and
whatever you are on stop.

1706 days ago


It's not the point just that she is exposing herself publically its also the point that she is a celebrity not only adults are her fans they are also teens and younger who are her fans her wild "not proven" drunken or drugged or both rants and raves are innapropiate and concerning she is in the public eye and her acting like this doesnt seem like a carefree women showing her individuality its more like a scream for help because she is going down hill and doesnt know what to do anymore...I personally saw this video live on USTREAM and it went from her in the bathroom off camera for a long time to in a bathing suit dancing to fully naked humping a pillow and masturabatin and saying publically this will be her last show on ustream and that she is sorry but needs to be free while continually saying she is tired and needs to sleep but like a addiction continued to dance and masturbate then in a more obscene pose was holding on to the bedstand and showing her vagina with a little white string hanging..when her fans started to comment on the string she got angry and started to rant more on how atleast she wears a tampon and isnt ashamed to show it cause she smells good and people like to give her oral..from there she just got worst then when she settled down and covered herself with a blanket started ranting on how Shawne Merriman is a rascist and doesnt care about his people..(like black people are a tribe or some sorta animal) and how he left his people and went to white people and doesnt even date black women and how he had sex with minors(her words exactly see the video.. But to rap it all up the sad thing is her fans continuosly warned her how she is risking her career and should stop before she goes to far and k=just go to bed but tila went on saying that she made myspace what it is today saying that tom begged her to bring people there and how twitter and ustream wouldnt have anything with out her and how she is leaving them both when she publically opens her website where anything goes and she said that this is nothing compared to what she does there....lets pray for that girl her addiction to attention and the internet and media has gone to far far must you go for fans....

1706 days ago



#TilaArmy you go tell @perezhilton to shut his mouth about me! GO MURDER HISS ASS MY POWERFUL SOLDIERS! SHOW HIM WHO'S REALLY BOSS! ME!!!

Do you see what she is syaing on twitter she is crazy not consious of her remarks"GO MURDA HISS ASS MY POWERFUL SOLDIERS!" does she not realize that weirdos and stalkers could hurt perezhilton and it would be totally her fault quote me on that because she is playing with fire remarks like that are retarded and very dumb

1706 days ago

Information Trafficker    

I tuned in from when she first twittered the link.

Regardless of personal opinions that some of you might have about Tila, she does exactly what she should do to get the attention of her fans (and non-fans).

There is a reason why certain names always seem to persist in "celebritydom" while others do last a mere 15 minutes.

She showed off her bod on a network where such things usually wouldn't happen and might be banned in short order, but the fact that she did it deserves a mention.

Ustream has the ability to pull the plug immediately on any live stream, correct? Tell me then, why didn't they?

1706 days ago

Canadian bred    

all I can say, is this girl does'nt get the professional help she needs, the next time we see a live stream it would be of her committing suicide, I've taking a lot of courses relating to behavourial psycholgy and these are classic diagnosis for manic depression aswell as suicide tendencies.

1706 days ago


Whats that?? A tampon stickin out?? BLLEEEEEGHHH
Thats what she wants to do?? masturbate with a tampon hanging out...well all you young female tila fans, i hope one day you can become your idol, and masturbate on a webcam with your tampon hanging not a tila a tila idunwanaknowyou type

1706 days ago

Your Face    

i feel sorry for u Tila. Keep her in your prayers people. no use calling her whores and sluts. that does nothing. i kno, what kind of grown woman with teenage fans does something like this? Tila may consider herself an "angle" but truth is if she doesn't get her self right with God she's doomed to hell.... TIla you're playing with the devil. how could you call your self an angel? from playing with guns, to doing these things infront of a young audience, to being GAY. God doesn't like ugly Tila. It's not to late to repent. some of society may never accept you again but there's only one God and he's a forgiving God. please seek him before its too late.

God bless.

1706 days ago


Ever wake up from with a hangover and slowly remember the night before?

Imagine TT waking up from this one. Oh my.

1706 days ago


Any one have a working link to the vid?

1706 days ago

me so horny    

Nice how she can use the N word, how would she feel if someone called her a dirty little rice farmer.

1706 days ago


UHH Misi are you retarded? This girl you idolize obviously needs serious help. What she did is in no way cool.
I feel sorry for her.

1706 days ago


Please tell me someone recorded this.

1706 days ago


Missi, you are a complete idiot. Just the kind of person that would be a Tila fan. You and Sidney at least. She's doing amazing things?! What, tell me what amazing things she is doing or has ever done? Tila army, are you freaking kidding me? Wake the hell up stupid, you are defending an absolutely, mentally incompetent nobody. You think she gives a damn about you or anyone else? This is a perosn who gained undeserving fame by gaining a lot of hits on her my space page. Well hell, lets get this lady an award! she is a dreg of society and a waste of air. the fact that you would defend her show how truly ignorant you and Sidney are.

1706 days ago


I used to like her when i first saw her on MTV but then the more i know her the more i think that she has absolutely no class and C.R.A.Z.Y too. I feel very sorry for her. I like to have fun too but not necessarily getting naked and saying bitch in every 2 minutes.
Oh and by the way... a real hero is someone who likes to help, not because he/she wants other to know/see what he/she does. She is loosing her fans and her career too.

1706 days ago


I thought JOEY PORTER of the Miami Dolphins had a big mouth...
at least Joey Porter hides his tampon string

1706 days ago
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