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Judge: Miley Cyrus Isn't So Hanoi'ing After All

11/20/2009 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus won't have to find $4 billion to pay off all the Asians in Los Angeles -- a judge officially let the singer off the hook in a lawsuit over that offensive "Hanoi Montana" photo she took earlier this year.

Miley Cyrus

This morning, a judge threw out the case filed by an Asian woman named Lucie Kim -- on behalf of all the Asians in L.A. -- who claimed the photo was offensive and Miley should have known the media would get its collective hands on it.

After the photo went public, Miley apologized a bunch of times and then went on a campaign of sushi dinners.

Kim claims she's considering filing an appeal to the judge's ruling.


No Avatar


Whatever ASIAN especially KOREANS are the most racist poeple on the planet. So there take what you deserve. Most of you asians envy us whites anyways. We dont need to apologize for anything.

1800 days ago


What do you expect from a hillbilly redneck?

1801 days ago


Boring. Sue the dad for his creation.

1801 days ago


That chick is stupider than a box of rocks. Ever hear her talk? I don't think she's gone past the 6th grade.

1801 days ago

slim pickin    

It was a joke. people need to relax. blacks make fun of whites, whites make fun of blacks and everybody makes fun of asians. its all in the name of comedy.

1801 days ago


these frivolous lawsuits shave to stop...

1801 days ago


#3 - I think you're the stupid one! The word, "stupider" does not exist.

1801 days ago


Really you can sue for anything can't u..It's a stupid picture who cares...she's a kid and they do dumb stuff..don't care if she's a celeb she 16.. we did dumb stuff like this too.. unless this photo is for the woman sue she should have been laughed right out of court..4 billion really...Dam..If people sued people for things that were offinsive we would all be standing a line to see the judge 24/7 ..She wasted time that will never be gotten back...should have done something constructive.. beside try and Milk hanna Montanna..OMg what is The world coming too..Althought this dose give me a good Ideal..How much could I get form Mj's Estate cuz he's no longer here to grace us with those GP's of his..!!!lol

1801 days ago


Miley Cyrus is an uneducated homely 16 yr old that needs to go away

1801 days ago


I like how the Asian dude is the only one with his eyes open!!!

1801 days ago


Is this what our country has come to? Suing people for insulting behavior? It's a free country people... if you don't like the photo DON'T LOOK AT IT!!!!!!! Or there's always the more appealing option for people like me........ you can leave & go live somewhere else. Is there a country out there who doesn't mind tying up tax payer dollars with frivolous lawsuits over hurt feelings & scabbed boo boo's?

1801 days ago


Geez Kim. Get a fu*king life! Everybody is just so frigging sensitive in these days. Whatever happened to being men and women and letting this type of crap roll off our shoulders? I'm so sick and tired of all the crying out there. MAN UP!!! WOMAN UP!!!

1801 days ago


Miley loosing it to Taylor Swift. How the pendulum swings.

1801 days ago


Which one is Miley? They all look the same to me.

1801 days ago

Harry Kunt    

What kind of bees produce milk?


1801 days ago
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