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Octomom Shows Off Her Sweater, Puppies

11/20/2009 2:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking to add to her already plentiful brood, Nadya Suleman went pet shopping in La Habra yesterday.


Because what Octomom really needs is a small creature to chase after.


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just another example of how irresponsible she is. anything for a photo op.

1801 days ago


I mean, yeah I used to just be annoyed as hell with her but for the last month or so she's been looking pretty good to me. Keeping the lips a normal size, losing more weight, keeping all those kids out of the shot...'s workin...

1801 days ago


This will not end well. When the kids bite the puppies, the puppies will bite them back. Of course the poor puppies will be put down for this. Cruel.

1801 days ago

doc murry    

forget the dogs looking at her boobs..octo mom is hot and those lips hmmmmmm need i say more har har har

1801 days ago

Tai's Auntie    

If she's really taking those puppies home someone needs to call the Humane Society. She can't control her kids. Those poor dogs won't last a week.

1801 days ago


The child has that puppies hind leg gripped real tight in its grabby little paw. Here is one child already hurting the puppy and Natalie doesn't even react as if she knows whats going on. Can you imagine a whole kennel of kids jumping on the puppies. PETA where are you?

1801 days ago


As me and my children starve. This dumb ass is out buying puppies with our money. I'll say it again. All of OUR money. We are all footing the bill for this damn leech. She sickens me.

1801 days ago

Ticked Off Taxpayer    

Spending money for mutt puppies (sorry people cross breed puppies are MUTTS, not designer dogs)from puppy mills. I'm wondering if she ever paid the state of CA or the hospital back for her own litter?? Bet not! Why doesn't someone make this low life pay back the taxpayers of CA?

Obama's poster child.

1801 days ago



1801 days ago


stay tuned for TMZ to exploit this non story until its thread bare.

Much like it's now showing a live stream of porkrah quitting. What a joke these live streams are!

1801 days ago


Nadya was just complaining that her house was too small...but now there is room for two more? What about the puppy mess and 8 babies getting ready to crawl. Does that sound like a good idea for a mom that is not always supervising? She admits on the Eyeworks British special last week that her oldest kids were on the internet for months and she didn't even know it. The RAGE and ANGER seen from her oldest 6 kids is scary...those puppies will be in danger. On the same show, she son spits at her, hits her repeatedly, and throws a screwdriver at her face (drawing blood). Now I ask the TMZ this a home for loving pets? Of course not!

1801 days ago


That woman is really stupid. She doesn't not need any puppies at this time, but especially a small delicate breed to put in with 14 wild children. Is she going to housebreak them in her spare time ???

This situation won't last, if the dogs are mistreated, they will bite.

1801 days ago



April 20-May 20

Things are undoubtedly confusing, more so than they have to be. What
you need right now -- and it's easy to come by -- is a shift in
perspective. See things as a friend does -- or as an alien might!

1801 days ago

doc murry    

As me and my children starve. This dumb ass is out buying puppies with our money. I'll say it again. All of OUR money. We are all footing the bill for this damn leech. She sickens me.

Posted at 10:47AM on Nov 20th 2009 by billybrown00

go get a job you lazy clown
keep off of welfare and food stamps and work ya bum
just keep practicing .."will that be with extra mustard or pickles" and youll be fine

1801 days ago


I'm actually glad this chick isn't the media whore I originally thought she was. Except for a blog here and there, she's relatively low on the radar even with paps everywhere.

1801 days ago
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