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Hi, I'm Jon Gosselin

11/21/2009 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin awoke from a day in the tanning bed to sign an autograph for a little kid outside LAX yesterday.


Stay classy, d-bag.


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Good fat is he going to get ?

1708 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

I can't believe Johnny Depp beat him out of sexiest man alive.

1708 days ago


Hwy Chris
don't get jealous just 'cause you wish that ciggie was your peen.

1708 days ago


smoking in front of a child. how classy.
he looks like he fried in the tanning bed too.
this loser needs to fade into obscurity and get a REAL job.
i think were on minute 14 of his 15 minutes.

1708 days ago


He is as appealing as a used condom that was used for anal sex.

1708 days ago


so did the shadow get "phtoshopped" into the pic?

1708 days ago


These parents should be tried for child abuse. They made their kid get an autograph from some pathetic low life. Wish these people would quit making him and his family into STARS. Why does paparazzi continue to glorify him-- I think they like to torment people. I feel like tossing my cookies just looking at em.....YUCK

1708 days ago


Obviously he was trying to have a smoke outside LAX, so what? It's not his fault some brat comes up to him for a autograph. Jeez you people suck, his wife is just as much an idiot as he is. Some people smoke it's none of your business.

1708 days ago


LOL...stop it TMZ...everybody in that picture looks like they woke up from a day in the tanning salon, not just Jon.

1708 days ago

who dat    

This dilbert with have to gross 2M, just to pay the child support. The last appearance fee he demanded was 25K, the radio station laughed. Then they (jonny boy) lowered it to 2,500, they (the radio station) still balked. Then he agreed to appear for free, and they said no thanks. Just how is this no talent going to earn that kind of money (2 Million).

1708 days ago


Why is he famous...the POS!!!

1708 days ago


why is that jerk smoking in front of his kids. Is he trying to kill them. SECOND HAND SMOKE KILLS.

CHILD ABUSE..........

1708 days ago

love her!    

He looks like Stewie when he gets caught in the tanning bed. He acts like a D-bag but he's so convincing he must really be a D-bag. As for his shirt he wasn't using it as a greeting he was using it as his current drug induced state. As for the smoke well, I'm impressed he is smart enough to figure out how to smoke the right end.

1708 days ago

A Person    

29. so did the shadow get "phtoshopped" into the pic?

Posted at 7:34PM on Nov 21st 2009 by sally

Yes little naive Sally, yes it did.

1708 days ago

Sherron Teal    

Jon should stay out of the tanning beds he looks like he has been fried! The mother of this kid must be an idiot, does she think Jon is someone to look up to?? Someone your child should emulate?

1708 days ago
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