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'Jon & Kate' Seal Their Fate

11/24/2009 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been a long ride, but the derailed train known as "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is finally over.

Jon & Kate: Click to watch
Last night, TLC aired the final episode of the show ... and while it doesn't mean they'll be going into obscurity anytime soon, at least there's one less place to run into that possum haired mom and her d-bag ex.

Watch their goodbyes and let us know ...


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STFU Kate. I don't ever want to see your face again.

1759 days ago


The end of the show was pretty sad. In their final interviews, Kate spoke of how her priorities were always with the kids first and how important it was for her to be the best mom and provider she could be. Jon's comments were the exact opposite. Pretty much everything he said started with "I" or "me" and how great it was to be able to live in New York City to get way from the "work" of having to raise a family. And poor me, I didn't get to live out my twenties because I had to grow up and be a parent.

No matter what your thoughts are on the entire Jon and Kate situation and who's side your on, their final comments pretty much summed up the entire situation. And despite everything that's happened, those kids seem to be pretty happy and have had lots of great opportunities that many other families will never have. I hope Jon can s*ck it up and be a grown-up again for his kids sake and I hope Kate gets the strong, brilliant partner she deserves.

1759 days ago


Did you mean "opossum" in reference to her hair?

1759 days ago


plz TMZ. enough is enough. so boring to read about this stupid JON and Kate. find some other story pleaseeeeeee

1759 days ago


I watched the last episode last night and as unbelievable as it may seem, Jon made Kate look like a saint. The idiot seems to think he's some kind of trashy inner-city youth.

1759 days ago


Kate Gosselin only says what she thinks the fans want to hear, just to make herself look likt the better parent. She lies all the time, at least Jon is honest enough to tell the truth. He did get married too young, and she controlled him right from the beginning, so he never had a say in what was happening. Having that many children so young can be very overwhelming for anyone. That is not the reason he left He left because of control freak Kate. He is just realizing , now that he is gone, that he did get married too young and had too many children. Anyone (not only Jon) would enjoy their new found freedom, only he will admit it. So why not chastize him for it, and put the tigress on a pedastal. They both were in the wrong for putting thier kids on a reality show in the first place. So all you Kate lover can have her, it will be up to you to help support her kids by watching whatever it is that she is doing. A movies star she is not. A freeloader she is. They both are.

1759 days ago


That D-bag really showed what kind of a dil-do he really is.

1759 days ago


I hope this is the last we see of Kate the mullet-haired-idiot !!
She is such a phoney b*tch!!!
Stay Away Gosselins, get real jobs & never exploit your children again.
Just stay away !!!

1759 days ago


"2. She thinks it ended too soon?
She's grateful?
It's been a great run?
It ended too soon?

WTH? Money hungry freak, this great run destroyed her marriage, her family.

This woman needs to be committed."

I could not have said it better!!! Thank God this trainwreck show is over with. Kate makes me sick to my stomach!!!

1759 days ago


Thanks goodness this show is over and done with. Kate needs some serious mental help. What a fake b*&^h!!!

1759 days ago


Why is everyone so down on this show? I really don't get it. They have done nothing wrong, as far as I can see.
What about 18 Kids and counting, or I think it is called Table for 12? No one seems to see anything wrong w/these shows. Why? At least Kate isn't spitting out kid after kid, andthis woman will probably have more. These people were also on another TLC show Say Yes To The Dress, and took all the kids, and their grandchild. So who is exploiting theirs kids. Two different shows. Also Kate haven't got 12 kids.
I think Kate has done a wonderful job w/all 8 kids. With no help from the slug. These children are better behaved than most children I see. I've raised 2 children, who thank goodness turned out great. I had my hands full taking care of them. Kate has done all this w/8. So all you haters get off Kate. It's like this they weren't bothered until Jon started acting like a big baby.

1759 days ago


I don't get it, but I guess some people do. This couple is not newsworthy or famous. Nothing about them makes them special, even 8 kids. I must have missed the 'reality TV' boat, because I couldn't care less about the Kadashian's, the Hogan's, the Simmons or the John and Kates. They are only 'famous' because of instead of hiring writers to entertain us, the networks just have to stick a camera in someone's house and follow them around. Maybe it's time to trade my TV in on something more entertaining.

1759 days ago


Gosselins, Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

1759 days ago


They are both D-bags!! Poor kids...I would hate to grow up with parents like them

1759 days ago


Did you ever notice that the kids ALWAYS KISS JON but, you never see them kiss their mother???????

1758 days ago
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