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Adam Lambert Keeps His Tongue in His Mouth

11/25/2009 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert and that androgynous dude he made out with on the AMAs were on the "CBS Early Show" this morning -- and if "Good Morning America" was worried they'd go at it again, they were sorely mistaken.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
Not only was there no tongue action, he also didn't perform the sexually charged "For Your Entertainment" -- and left the crotch snorkeling backup dancers at home.


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Adam did a wonderful job on CBS today, and I applaud them for allowing us the choice to watch him. He was very respectful, and doting to his fans. I will boycott ABC from now on, as I am sick to death of their lack of balls, discrimination, and their constant insults to our intelligence. They cram idiocracy down our throats with their shows, and some of their choices of personnel, ie. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and they think we will all just sit back and take it. I hope more people speak up, and let's see them in the bread lines for their stupidity. This is 2009, and we do not have to have a TV monitor to tell us what to watch and what not to. We are adults with brains, and if someone is stupid enough to let their children sit in front of the TV and watch something inappropriate for them, then they don't deserve kids to begin with, but you don't penalize the whole population for their stupidity. Thanks again CBS.

1795 days ago


-1 for adam lambert.. +1 for crotch snorkeling

1795 days ago


I'm sure he thinks he's really "edgy" but this stuff has all been done before and it just solidifies my opinion that the less talent you have the more you need to rely on stunts to get attention. Pathetic.

1795 days ago



1795 days ago


Formerly a fan. NO MORE! If he wants to appeal to those who find his performance on AMA/abc entertaining and artistic, then I suspect he will be appealing to a very small audience. He wants respect for his art? Please.. pulling someone's face to your crotch is NOT art, it's just what someone does when their talent isn't enough to carry them. What a pity!
PS Adam
Respect and tolerance is a two way street.

1795 days ago

doc murry    

please use condoms and post#1 shut the hell up..noone cares what u think

1795 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

My question is why did the segment show Britney and Madonna kiss but blurred out two men kissing, and called the segment "straight talk". Double standard much.....That should be the headline.

Adam was fantastic this morning and he interviews really well. So glad he did not apologize. I purchased his cd and I love it.

1795 days ago


This guy is so gross and has no class. I hope everyone does see how this guy is.

1795 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I totally agree with #1 - MJ...

Of course he toned it down for morning TV. I think the folks at ABC are cowards.

And why did Lady Gaga get away with being half naked and having male dancers fondling her boobies?? Where is the outrage there?

1795 days ago


You're slamming Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Why? Because she's the only conservative ABC allows on? Poster #1 clearly you must be a screamin' liberal gay. Adam is a pig and talentless. I can scream/screech into a mic too. Whoopie.

1795 days ago

Just sayin'    

So..... what are the lyrics in his songs, exactly? I want to put my d*** in your butt? Or, He is so hot I want his c***? I mean, why would anyone want to hear his music unless your gay yourself? He is ugly as hell anyway.

1795 days ago


When I hear this guy sing it's like someone is strangling a cat.

1795 days ago

Just sayin'    

"SO glad he did not applogize?"

Where was that attitude when that Senator called O'Bama a liar? LMAO!!!
This guy is butt ugly! I'm SOOOOO Glad he didn't win American Idol!

1795 days ago

Just sayin'    

Can't wait till his 15 min are up.

1795 days ago

Forever Thieves    

If you want to get an idea of where his career is going, take a look at the handful of people in the audience during his Early Show performance and the THOUSANDS of people in the audience for Bon Jovi, who performed on the Today Show this morning.

Bon Jovi are PROFESSIONALS with a career that has spanned TWO DECADES. They have done so by displaying TALENT rather than displaying their crotches. Lambert is young and being driven by his own hype and by hangers-on who are kissing his ass. He is an upstart, NOT a proven entity. If he wants to be around two decades from now, he might want to listen to the GOD AWFUL vocals he displayed during the AMAs. No one gives two sh!ts if he is gay. But a performer has a duty to respect his AUDIENCE, not merely revel in self-indulgence.

1795 days ago
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