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Cops: Bitten 'Twilight' Fan a Bloody Liar

11/25/2009 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops: Bitten 'Twilight' Fan a Bloody LiarCops tell TMZ the 17-year-old girl who claimed a rabid "Twilight" fan bit her on the neck while she was leaving a screening of the movie was lying through her teeth ... and now the false claim could end up biting her in the ass.

Erin Westrate initially told cops a male in his 40s bit her on the neck at a movie theater in Norton Shores, Michigan after she saw "New Moon" on Friday night.

Cops say they grilled Westrate after a witness told cops they watched her leave the theater ... and didn't see any biting. We're told Westrate then came clean -- telling cops the alleged culprit was simply kissing her on the neck at the time and she was a "willing participant."

Detective Lieutenant Timothy LaVigne of the Norton Shores Police Department tells us Westrate could now face criminal charges for filing a false police report over the incident.


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Can TMZ please ban the person who insists on saying the word "balls" in the first post of every story you publish?

1795 days ago


But the police have no issues with a 40 year old man kissing a 17 year old girl on the neck? Is it a false report, or just an exagerated one?

1795 days ago


If the man was 40 and she is 17 are there not laws.. weather it was a kiss or a bite on the neck???

1795 days ago


Guess I should redact the police report I filed about a warewolf having his way with was actually just my husband and I was a willing participant and no he didn't really turn into a hairy beast, he's always looked like that regardless of the moon.


1795 days ago


Age of consent is 16 yrs old in Michigan...educate yourselves ppl.

1795 days ago


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1795 days ago


haha nicole that was great
but really wtf at this story. skanky 17 year old cant get anything better than an old creeper that likes twilight

1795 days ago


The cops should have known it was bogus when she claimed a 40 year old man who was watching Twilight was interested in girls.

1795 days ago


Anyone over the age of 18 who goes to a Twilight movie should be in jail. Whether or not they're sucking on a minor's neck ...

1795 days ago


haha i live 10 min away from this movie theater...great stuff. I knew something was weird about it.

1795 days ago


I can't stand the whole Twilight hype it's a crap film. But it's not as annoying as that queer Justin. That untalented f@g came out of nowhere but i can't wait until his 15 minutes are up.

1795 days ago


These twentysomething fake vampires suck. Put some real creepy-old-guy-in-the-castle vampires back in the movies.

1795 days ago


Might want to read the article . There seems to be some question of the young lady crying "Wolf"..Amazing how this was picked up by TMZ. She got her 15 minutes of fame because of it. Her name has been mentioned every time this has been reported she made sure it was well known.Actually the police did take it seriously until she admitted to an fabricating part of the events. If it had truly been a sexual type assault her name would never have been released.

1795 days ago


Great...everyone's gonna think us Muskegonites are even weirder than they already do.

1794 days ago


Age of consent in Michigan is 16 BUT you are still a minor and unless you were emancipated your parents can still press charges. This is directed to the person who stated the age of consent is 16. jeesh, do YOUR research

1794 days ago
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