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Cops Mum on Maria Shriver Muffingate 2009

11/25/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver crossed the line yesterday when she went shoe and muffin shopping in Santa Monica yesterday without feeding her meter ... but several law enforcement sources say they also have problems with the way the situation was handled.

One law enforcement source says he would have handled it this way: "Maria, put a quarter in the meter!" He had no good answer why Maria didn't get ticketed and why a CHP deputy in the Dignitary Protection Unit stepped in to convince the parking cop to back off on writing a citation.

Initially, a rep from the Santa Monica PD told TMZ if Maria had a placard on her dash showing she was on official business the cop wouldn't write the ticket. But there was no placard in the window and last we checked eating a muffin and shopping for shoes has nothing to do with the business of California.

The rep also said the cop had "discretion" in writing a ticket. But another law enforcement source said Maria should have to pay the piper, one way or the other.

As for driving off without a seat belt, the Santa Monica official told us no one saw it.

As for official comment from law enforcement -- everyone seems scared to cross Guv Arnold Schwarzenegger, so mum's the word.

So far, no comment from the Governor's office either. Ditto Maria's.


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You all really need to stop stalking Maria Shriver. You caught her already. She breaks the law and gets away with it so do a whole lot of other douchebags. Her damn husband's the governor. Get over it!

1791 days ago


I have a feeling that they gave her what old people might call "nerve pills" after her uncle and mom died about a week apart. And I'm further speculating that that's affecting her judgment. So when her husband got her a car after the phone business I thought that was the best course of action. Why she insists on driving when she can afford to hire people to carry her car everywhere is beyond me. She needs to have a permanent driver. Then all this controversy will be over. It's that simple.

1791 days ago


SHE's a douche bag who seems to think she is above the law. Keep on her!

1791 days ago



1791 days ago


All broads in Ca are muffin divers,
she happens to like the illegal alien taco stinkers brand

1791 days ago


Okay, so if my husband is the Governor then I can break the law as many times as I want to and not be punished. This is a great lesson to teach your kids Maria. I can't believe someone as smart as she must be is still breaking the law over and over again. What is wrong with you. Wake up.

1791 days ago


I don't drink or smoke ain't into dope
Won't try no coke, ask me how I do it, I cope
My only addiction has to do with the female species
I eat 'em raw like sushi

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// T O O T !!! /////////////////////////////////////////////////// T O O T !!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////

T O O T !!! T O O T !!!

1791 days ago

Cest Moi    

Good on you, TMZ, for continuing to show the 1st lady of California abusing the laws of the state.
Let us not forget this woman's political ties. A Kennedy, after all, should know a thing or two about conducting oneself in public!

That aside, what about LEADING BY EXAMPLE? Why these people feel that they are above the law, when they should be UPHOLDING it, is beyond me.

You'd think she would have figured out by now that she will be called on her abuse of her husband's power!

KEEP IT UP TMZ! Good on ya!

1791 days ago


This is exactly what is wrong in this country.

Time and time yet again, the powerful get off. The treatment of certain persons as special because of WHO they are in politics. The rules simply do not apply to them.

But us? Oh we would get the ticket EVERYTIME. I guess she is a princess.

1791 days ago

Lost Lass    

Who says crime doesn't pay? Because it sure isn't affecting Maria's pockets negatively!

How many times has this supposed "celebrity" gotten away with crap? Cell phones while driving, illegal parking, not paying the meter, etc.... You'd think that odds are she would get "caught" at least once out of the numerous times she does this stuff.

As for the "nerve pills", she shouldn't be driving...period. That would be a DUI. Oh, wait....that would get swept under the rug too....even if she causes a serious accident.

1791 days ago


That picture of her is absolutely awful! I think having that picture up on TMZ is punishment enough... Seriously, what did Arnold do to Harvey that these stories run every freaking day! Arnie and Maria must really be on his you-know-what list. I'd just like to know why.

1791 days ago


Let's keep falling her around until we catch her picking her nose. Good lord, move on already. Cover something interesting for a change

1791 days ago


tmz oh no u didnt ... lol @ muffingate

1791 days ago

Democrats are evil    

I say stalk her like an escaped criminal. Let California citizens know the real personal behavior of her and the Gorernator. This holier than thou attitude stinks and the more film on it, the better. I just can't stand people that feel that because of a Job or family name, they are exempt from obeying the law.

1791 days ago

interested canadian    

this is just getting ridiculous.........their disrespect for the law just makes people lose respect for them

1791 days ago
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