Arnold's Wife Terrible in the Red Zone

10/26/2009 11:05 AM PDT

Arnold's Wife -- Terrible in the Red Zone

Arnold's really gonna be seeing red after this because his scofflaw wife once again blatantly disobeyed the rules of the road ... and parked her non-emergency vehicle in a red zone!!!!

We're told Maria Shriver left her Escalade in the verboten spot for almost an hour while visiting the doctor's office in Santa Monica.

Maria should have known better -- her husband wrote the intro to the DMV's 2009 "California Driver Handbook," which includes the passage, "As Governor, I urge you to study this handbook and apply what you learn to help keep you and your loved ones safe."

Page 51 clearly states the rules of the red zone, "Red: No stopping, standing, or parking."

On the plus side -- at least the First Lady of California got off the phone before driving away this time.