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'Early Show' Censors Gay Kiss ... When It's Men

11/25/2009 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As far as "The Early Show" goes, a kiss is just a kiss ... except when it's a male-on-male kiss.

Adam Lambert

During an interview on "The Early Show" this morning, Adam Lambert's AMAs same-sex face suck was blurred out -- but moments later they ran a completely uncensored version of Madonna and Britney's infamous 'lesbian' lip-lock at the MTV VMAs.

All along Adam has said, "...if it had been a female pop performer doing the moves that were on the stage, I don't think there would be nearly as much of an outrage." Dude may have a point.

TMZ called CBS for comment -- so far, their lips are sealed.


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Damn, the proof is right there. Looks like he did have a point.

1794 days ago


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1794 days ago


Unfortunately, CBS is only supporting Adam's argument of discrimination--INSTEAD of focusing on the obvious...he screwed up! Janet Jackson received the wrath of GOD rained down on her after her Superbowl nipplegate. Remember that? Madonna and Britney's kiss was at the MTV awards (Cable TV). Adam made the mistake of thinking he could go for that SHOCK value and neglected to remember who feeds him. He got his start on American Idol, a very kid friendly show. Did he really think they wouldn't be watching him perform last Sunday?? Would he like to sit down with my 10 yr old and explain what he was doing with that man's head? Bottomline--save that explicit stuff for Cable. As parents, we're better prepared to see it there...not on a Sunday night network show.

1794 days ago


Good greif! Are we back to this as a society? A kiss??? Isn't there a war going on? The good news - on your remote, there's this little button labled "on" and another one labled "off." You have the power! Yippee!

1794 days ago


Airing either of the clips was in poor taste whether it's two men or two women whether it's on a cable or mainstream network.

1794 days ago


I have to agree...I didn't like it when Britney and Madonna did it either and it eerks me when these entertainers come out saying stuff like "artistic integrity" blah blah...really? How is that art? Why not try to make it in the music business on the merit of your TALENT. Wow, there's a novel thought!! Anyone with me??

1794 days ago


Shame...shame...shame....Why is ok to show a woman on woman kiss and not a man on man? It's just like its ok to see a woman fully naked but not a man. Total double standard. So what if he kissed a man...he is GAY for Godsakes! It's all about homophobia. Do what you gotta do Adam.

1794 days ago


None of it is acceptable for viewing first thing in the morning.
BTW Adam just comes across as dirty and creepy, Britney not so much.

1794 days ago


I didn't have any problem with the kiss, men rockers or female for that matter, what was gross to me was his simulated sex moves with one of the performers, looked like this was an oral sex simulation to me, and that I don't want to see on an awards show. You can rent porn videos if you want but don't shove it down our throats, so to speak. Families and young people were watching the music awards, nice example. I'm no prud but there is a line. I don't want to see Madonna doing the same thing either. They are making this into a male vs female issue but I don't think it was the kiss at all that most were offended by, it was the sex simulation. Gross.

1794 days ago


Ok so people keep comparing this to Madonna/Britney... but if you watch the full performances for both, Adams was 10x more vile. I have no problem w/ the kiss, but Britney/Madonna was a pop fest aside from the kiss. Secondly, Brit/Madonna performed on MTV at the VMA!! Parents know what kind of stuff to expect, it's geared for that type of audience. This was the AMA's on network tv! I don't see why parents wouldn't let their kids watch it w/o hesitation? Even if it was late, i'm sure many recorded it!

And secondly, his management is stupid, Britney and Madonna were multi-platinum artists by this time, it wouldn't have effected their careers either way. This guy is just starting out... he should've established himself first!

I do agree that there is a double standard to an extent.

1794 days ago


he's a homo. They are not lezbos there is a difference

1794 days ago


It's not about the kiss. It's about the simulated oral sex. Can't we just object to the bad taste regardless of gender or sexuality. It's like saying it's a black thing. I'm so tired of the excuses!

1794 days ago


Britney looked like she was kissing her Great Aunt Madge on Thanksgiving. Adam planted his tongue down that guy's throat. It's not the act of kissing itself, it's the.... depth of the act.

1794 days ago


Miss Audi it wasn't about the kiss! It was the simulation of oral s.e.x that got people up in arms! CBS didn't need to blur out the kiss, but I'm glad they blurred out the other 2 parts. Yikes, people we are degrading our standards--- OVERT sexual content of ANY kind on network TV is inappropriate. Safe that stuff for Cable.

1794 days ago


I don't understand the Adam Lambert fuss because right now on "One Life To Live" two male characters often kiss on the lips.

1794 days ago
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