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'Early Show' Censors Gay Kiss ... When It's Men

11/25/2009 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As far as "The Early Show" goes, a kiss is just a kiss ... except when it's a male-on-male kiss.

Adam Lambert

During an interview on "The Early Show" this morning, Adam Lambert's AMAs same-sex face suck was blurred out -- but moments later they ran a completely uncensored version of Madonna and Britney's infamous 'lesbian' lip-lock at the MTV VMAs.

All along Adam has said, "...if it had been a female pop performer doing the moves that were on the stage, I don't think there would be nearly as much of an outrage." Dude may have a point.

TMZ called CBS for comment -- so far, their lips are sealed.


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syrman8: OK, you're openly gay, but how old are you? 60? 80? You must be if you think Adam should stifle his true personality just in order to be a classy "gent" like Elton (tongue in cheek reference totally!). And who died and made you the arbiter of good taste for the entire GLBT community? I like Adam's voice and his style. You obviously do not. Well, shut yourself in a room with old Elton LPs then but don't tell us that Adam's not worthy of being a role model for LGBT. He's at least pushing for a change in the way that others haven't. If you don't like it that's a statement about you...

1793 days ago


I think this is total bs. I agree with adam it is his life and if ppl dont want to see it don't watch period. It no diff than a girl and man kiss. So for all u haters out there just stfu and u have the power in your hand to turn it off

1793 days ago


CBS should have just followed ABC and not had him on. You cant win with this guy. The difference isnt between gay womam or gay men kissing its the difference between cable tv and network tv. Theres a big difference in the shows you expect to see on each. Madonna was on a cable show. Im sick of the gays aways complaining about rights. What about our right to watch tv and get what we pay for. If I want to watch a gay man do what adam did on stage I would not expect to see it on ABC.

1793 days ago

Only 2%...    

Harvey, love your show (and Max's obvious intelligence), but methinks
you're underestimating your audience here....

Self-reported gays are only 2 percent of the population. Sorry if you
don't like that fact....

Don't get your panties in a wad, but the "majority" (you're a lawya,
you know what that means, right?) don't want to see that stuff on TV,
and didn't want to see it with Madonna and Britney either (although
that they are not gay probably had something to do with them getting
a pass).

Sorta getting tired of this site and the axe-grinding...

1792 days ago

Only 2%...    

Oh, and it sounds like someone above needs some enlightenment:

A difference of opinion does NOT make one a bigot...You might want to try to be more open-minded...

Just remember: People are not "afraid"; the majority don't agree with your conclusions...

Try to wrap your head around that fact, and you'll have much lower blood pressure and get on better in your life, trust me...

1792 days ago


I am soooo sick of all these lame excuses of these gays. It was not just a kiss, Lambert basically ripped this poor mans' tongue out, and what is worse, he simulated oral sex; violated a woman's vagina; and grabbed his own crotch a few dozen times ... add all this to the vile lyrics and if you are not seriously disgusted then you are probably in the same league as this freak Lambert.

I was a big fan of his during AI, truly admired his vocal skills and voted for him. Now I somehow feel duped and will not buy anything he sells nor will I watch anything he appears in. I hope he vanishes back into the gay clubs he came from.

They say it is none of my business what they do in the bedroom. Fine with me, but then do not display your behavior in all its crudeness on national TV during prime time.

1792 days ago
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