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GLAAD to CBS: Treat Us Like Equals!

11/25/2009 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS' explanation for why they blurred Adam Lambert's man-on-man kiss ain't cuttin' it with the folks at GLAAD -- who claim the network is treating openly gay performers as second class citizens.

Adam Lambert

Jarrett Barrios, president of GLAAD -- the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- tells TMZ, "The Early Show's decision this morning to blur Adam Lambert's kiss from the American Music Awards reinforces an unfortunate double standard that is applied to openly gay performers."

Barrios adds, "I would have hoped CBS would provide the same treatment for images of gay and lesbian people and not create an unfair double standard that treats our community differently."


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Only 2%...    

Harvey, love your show (and Max's obvious intelligence), but methinks you're underestimating your audience here....

Self-reported gays are only 2 percent of the population. Sorry if you don't like that fact....

Don't get your panties in a wad, but the "majority" (you're a lawya, you know what that means, right?) don't want to see that stuff on TV, and didn't want to see it with Madonna and Britney either (although that they are not gay probably had something to do with them getting a pass).

Sorta getting tired of this site and the axe-grinding...

1759 days ago


the bottom line this whatever you want to call him, this kind of pervert action makes him a repulsive disgusting piece of excrement,and this as nothing to do because he is gay

1759 days ago


I am soooo sick of all these lame excuses the gays are using. It was not just a kiss, Lambert basically ripped this poor mans' tongue out, and what is worse, he simulated oral sex; violated a woman's vagina; and grabbed his own crotch a few dozen times ... add all this to the vile lyrics and if you are not seriously disgusted then you are probably in the same league as this freak Lambert.

I was a big fan of his during AI, truly admired his vocal skills and voted for him. Now I somehow feel duped and will not buy anything he sells nor will I watch anything he appears in. I hope he vanishes back into the gay clubs he came from.

They say it is none of my business what they do in the bedroom. Fine with me, but then do not display your behavior in all its crudeness on national TV during prime time.

1759 days ago


The performance was vulgar and egotistical, but I think that the idiots at CBS blocked out the wrong stuff. The kiss isn't the issue! It's the vaginal fingering, simulated oral sex and implying violent dominance over another human being. Way to go....adding fuel to the fire. rest assured. Lambert's performance had nothing to do with the fact that he's gay. Surely you all think a little more of yourself than simply what lies between your legs and what you can do with it??? That performance was NOT creative. We all have the ability to have sex. So what? Your whole life has to be about offending others, who don't want to see ANY type of degrading sex acts on stage? Go ahead....kiss away, but let's respect 'joe public's' boundaries and stop lowering yourself and fueling the stereotype that a lot of people feel about gays/bi/lesbians. I don't see Ellen Degeneres out there being all about sex! She's classy, talented and respectful. It's not about who you love....what Adam did was disgusting! There are no 2 ways about it!!!

1759 days ago

Conquering Rebel    

I think CBS knew about the performance and allowed it. How did they know to blurr out the kiss?

What is truly sad and unfair is the fact that people generally do not know what they watch until it is seen. Have people had known he would performance an S&M show I am sure the people complaining would have turned.

American traditions and morals is gone. Sex is everywhere, on commericals, shows, radio, even the news so NO it is not so simple as changing the channel.

For GLAAD to say that it is not fair because of the Britney Madonna kiss, well people did not like that either and was just as offended. At that time GlAAD complained that lesbians should be able to kiss on public television. Now they are pushing for gays.

I have noticed that these special organizations push for women to be able to live a homosexual life then come right behind them with gay men able to do the same. Well, none of it is right in my book.

Is there a website to protest for American Censorship? When I try to find one none comes up. How convient.

1758 days ago


Ok .. sooo if you want to be "just like everyone else" WHY do homosexuals make such a big damn deal about their sexuality? DO straight people walk around demanding that everyone acknowledge their choice in sexual practices? "HEY I NEED A PARADE TO CELEBRATE HOW I HAVE SEX -- Oh and a PRIDE month to honor how I go down on my parter"... I mean give it a rest already. If you truly want to be accepted quite making what you do in the bedroom such a damn big deal. Your not special because you choose to screw people of the same sex. Get over it already I am getting sick of the whining. Do whatever you want.. just shut up about it.

1758 days ago


What GLAAD should be upset about is that the mainstream media did not report that a gay teenager in Puerto Rico was mudered, decapitated, dismembered and burned to death last week,and the police told reporters that the dead man deserved to be killed because he was gay.

1758 days ago


Um, yeah...I really want to see two dudes kissing. How friggin' disgusting. Keep it to yourselves.

1758 days ago
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