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GLAAD to CBS: Treat Us Like Equals!

11/25/2009 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS' explanation for why they blurred Adam Lambert's man-on-man kiss ain't cuttin' it with the folks at GLAAD -- who claim the network is treating openly gay performers as second class citizens.

Adam Lambert

Jarrett Barrios, president of GLAAD -- the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- tells TMZ, "The Early Show's decision this morning to blur Adam Lambert's kiss from the American Music Awards reinforces an unfortunate double standard that is applied to openly gay performers."

Barrios adds, "I would have hoped CBS would provide the same treatment for images of gay and lesbian people and not create an unfair double standard that treats our community differently."


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If any of you Gay people had any type of morals what so ever, you would admit that his performance was ridiculous, rude, wrong and tacky! Families watch awards shows together! Who the hell is he to get on stage doing things that should never be done in public, not to mention at all. He sounded terrible, but no one is complaining about that because his sexual indiscretions were so much worse! He should have been cut off by commercials. I am ready to sue cbs for not cuttin him off that way! He is a nasty freak and should never be allowed on TV ever again!

1739 days ago


IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU SEE ON T.V. THEN CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! If I don't like sports I don't watch, if I don't like reality shows, I don't watch, if I don't want to listen to bias news, I don't listen.
Surely you would know what to expect on an AMA show!

1739 days ago

Enough Already    

First of all there is a huge difference between that kiss and the one between Britney and Madonna. #1- there kiss was on MTV where you expect crap like that to happen, Adam L's kiss as well as his other sexual acts were thrown onto a "family friendly" channel and into ppl's faces. #2- if you really watch the video of the girls they barely kissed (don't know why everyone got so excited about it), he practically swallowed the guy.
We all know he did it to get attention and he got it. Maybe next time he'll come out with good music and make a name for himself that way. Maybe he should do theatre instead.

1739 days ago


If you didn't know already, -we live in this day in age of many hypocrisies... With that said and as to you Mr. Gaybert, leave the publicized gayness to only be Girl on Girl... -that's society bro, -or shall i say bra...

1739 days ago


Oh please. It was disgusting and normal people don't like having your sick preferences shoved in our faces. We think you're disgusting and that won't change so get over it.

1739 days ago


So where do we draw the line now? Once gays are allowed to marry, what is to stop the FLDS from demanding thier right to marry 12 wives? In fact, isn't it thier religious right? What is to stop Billy-Bob from declaring his undying love for his goat, and demanding his right to marry her. After all, it isn't his fault he has this love for goats, he was "born that way." What stops Gary the pedophile from NAMBLA demanding his right to marry his 12 year old boy lover? The 12 year old is all for it, and his parents have agreed to sign the papers, so why not? Once you have blurred the line, it's all over. I know I will get the old "Oh, stupid conservitive, you know this will never happen, whatever..", but I recall 20 years ago when being gay, was just as odd as being in love with your goat.

1739 days ago


Sorry, there's millions of people who think it's gross to imagine two men having sex with each other.

What I don't like about Adam is that he didn't come out of the closet until after Idol. Now he says he can't be the babysitter.

If he wasn't such an amazing singer he'd be yesterdays news.

It's unfair of him to expect everyone to accept his vulgar performance.

Men find two women kissing to be OK.
Women DO NOT find two men kissing to be OK.
That'll never change.

1739 days ago


I don't understand why CBS would blur out the kiss. The soap opera As The World Turns on CBS has two guys playing gay characters kissing on the show all the time.

1739 days ago


So CBS blurred the kiss. BIG DEAL, GLAAD. They didn't do this with Luke and Noah on AS THE WORLD TURNS so lighten up. CBS stepped up to the plate when ABC gave in to homophobia and scrapped him from GOOD MORNING AMERICA. To see him perform again minus the interruptions was nice and the song selections were nice.

And while you're at it, only viewers in the Eastern and Central time zones got to see the full AMAs. Everyone else was censored to the point to where it looked more of a train wreck way before Lambert performed. Plus what kind of parents let their young kids stay up on a school night?

1739 days ago


Used to be 'entertainment' didn't need PDAs and inappropriate off topic BS. TV, like the movies has become the home of no-talent exhibitionists who have to 'do the lewd' in order to secure their 15 minutes of fame.

1739 days ago



1739 days ago


Hi TMZ, is there anyplace to watch Adam's performance it seems everything on youtube is taken off.
Can't make comments on something i missed, but i wanted to hear the song Adam sang, as some people are sayng he screamed the whole thing and I thought he had amzing talent on AI.

1739 days ago


Totally agree with angela....Adam lambert is soooo not that important, publicity is what he's after and i'm sick of hearing about it and seeing his face. NEXT!!!!!!

1739 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

59. Cali MJ Fan,

Honey, the networks are there to make money more than even entertaining people...It is about the sponsors,viewership, which equals money. So there are times set for (what used to be called the family hour (no sex of any sort or adult themes)) 7pm to 10 pm (or around that time) where the Networks are pulling the most audience of the night, as possible for...MONEY!!!!. Its business not personal.

Simulcasting oral sex then being questioned about it or having kisses blurred in the morning hours of tv viewing is not discrimination. Adam Lambert is not being stopped from making money or doing what he wants. Now a days when something happens the first thing everyone yells is discrimination, homophobia, or racism. It is a bit frightening (by the way I am black chick).

and on GLAAD...No Organizations (Gay or otherwise) has the right to tell a company what to do...but in today's world organizations call companies racist or homophobic to force their hand and that scare them into doing what the particular organization wants.

Posted at 6:32PM on Nov 25th 2009 by Jane

First, I'm not a "honey." Your point is well taken about the family hour. If you hold true to that statement, most of what was shown on the AMAs as "family themed" should not have been shown. That includes Lady Gaga, Shakira, Rhianna, and all. The Parental Guidelines had the show listed as a TV-14 L. Adam's performance was in the last 5 minutes of the show.

The point GLAAD and Adam are making is why was it okay for CBS to show Madonna/Britney kissing and yet they blurred Adam-- because he's openly gay. Yes, that is discrimination. I'm not gay but even I see it.

Again, if you hold your statement true that no specific group/organization can tell a company what to do, then why did a small group of 1,500 people complaining tell ABC what to do-- and they did it? So, now people (and GLAAD) are complaining to CBS and to unblur the kiss. That is the same thing.

Your logic is flawed.

1739 days ago


is not becouse is gay/ lesb the dances was vulgee

1739 days ago
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