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Tyler Perry

Sued Over Praising Jesus

11/26/2009 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyler Perry used too much of the goodness of Jesus in his movie, "Madea Goes to Jail," at least according to a new federal lawsuit obtained by TMZ.


The suit, filed by the personal representative of deceased gospel singer/songwriter Bertha James, claims Perry lifted an entire verse from a song James wrote in 1950 -- "When I Think of the Goodness of Jesus."

The suit claims Perry pilfered the verse and used it in "Madea" -- specifically, "incorporating the entire Chorus in a monologue delivered by the main character in 'Madea" referencing her deliverance from a jail sentence and leniency for repetitive criminal conduct, in a staged court proceeding presided over by 'Judge Mabeline.'"

Bertha's estate, which is also suing Lionsgate Entertainment, wants unspecified damages for copyright infringement.


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In church every Sunday we use that exact phrase to share our testimony for the week. We start off with "When I think of the goodness of Jesus", and then we tell what has blessed us. If we had to pay everytime we used that phrase, our church and many more would be broke. I am sure this is where Tyler got this phrase. Instead of being blessed that their Mother touched this many people, but no they have to shame her memory and try to steal money out of Tyler Perry. I hope these people really think and pray about this, but I fear the Devil has seduced them with gold, and their paths are set.

1756 days ago


Well, the "Goodness of Jesus" ain't what's motivating the person suing Tyler Perry, you can believe that. This kinda stuff just burns my tail. People are always wanting to sue over the stupidest stuff. I hope Tyler Perry not only prevails in this suit, but also gets compensation for "mental anguish" caused by this greedy other party. Geez!

1756 days ago


This is a shame! He is one celebrity that you never hear anything bad about! I think that she is trying to make a quick buck!

1756 days ago


It would be cool if Tyler Perry would just come out as the transvestite he is instead of hiding behind all that right wing religious BS. I think I've had nasal infections that are funnier to watch than this loser is.

1756 days ago

Bill Williams    

Suing him? Is that what JESUS would do?

1756 days ago


it sould be freedom of speach what happen with that this is wrong to sue some one for

1756 days ago



1756 days ago


that"s the problem now, everyone is out for a quick buck. you should be happy someone has faith in something, rather than trying to tear a man down for singing a song that's been sung in church for who knows how many years. your an idiot!

1756 days ago


Don't crucify Jesus like this. It will make Him cross and get a rise out of Him. God is on Tyler Perry's side..and island.

1756 days ago


The Music industry always sue anyone and everyone I guess
this family learned from them.

1756 days ago


Good think he donated money to the NAACP so they can help him now. hehehe

1756 days ago

Aishiori Katamura    

Don't know what all the outrage is about. It's a simple infringement matter. Nothing wrong with someone protecting their copyright. It wasn't just a phrase, it sounds like Mr. Perry lifted the entire chorus from a protected song and put it in his screenplay. He may or may not have known it wasn't in the public domain. But, whatever, that's what E&O insurance is for. The money isn't going to come out of his pocket, other than his legal fees. Lionsgate will likely wind up paying the damages (if there are any), and it certainly isn't going to hurt the credibility of one of the company's most profitable filmmakers. Everybody wins!

1756 days ago


That was awesome, Karin (#23)! I am copying that to my drafts to send to my friends!

1756 days ago


That's dumb too sue him over a song.When everybody use some other Artist song for there plays and movie he is no different and shouldn't be sue.Tyler Perry just don't take people money he donate too the needy.Just because he's a black man with money now they always find some kind of way too bring them down.

1756 days ago

that girl    

everyone wants to make a buck!

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