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Tiger Saga -- Six Degrees of Gloria Allred

11/28/2009 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the world of celebrity, all worlds lead to Kevin Bacon. In the world of celebrity scandal ... it's Gloria Allred.

TMZ has learned Rachel Uchitel -- aka the person the National Enquirer calls the Other Woman in the Tiger Woods saga -- decided at 3:00 AM today she needed to lawyer up. She left a message for Gloria Allred at her office -- and quickly got a return call.

We've learned Rachel has hired Gloria and is considering, among other things, suing the National Enquirer for defamation. As we first told you, Rachel called the National Enquirer's report that she had an affair with Tiger Woods "bulls**t."

Could a news conference with Gloria and Rachel be far behind. We think not?

BTW -- we've also learned Rachel left a message for a second lawyer -- Mark Geragos. We just found out Geragos did indeed call Rachel back, but she didn't pick up the message until a few minutes ago. Who would Rachel have picked!?!

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The hookers lips look like an as shole. Suck on that Tiger.

1791 days ago


Why are some many people who comment on TMZ so filthy thinking and apeaking.?? Clean it up. It's why sensible, well meaning and intelligent people don't bother to share thoughts or comments. Get out of the muck and mire. Why trash this lady?? You don't know what happened..The tabloids and gossip reporting lies. Don't jump to conclusions. TMZ needs to take responsibility for their comments section instead of allowing trash talkers to ruin it for everyone else..

1791 days ago


Like many the "celebrity" fraternity, they all have high paid call girls who are called "hostesses", stashed away who are paid very well for their "services". Then one day, the whore suddenly has demands as she can see the benefits in the story getting out. I wouldn't be surprised if the woman in question leaked it to the press herself. Perhaps she thinks the lust has turned to love and she now wants to be the new mrs woods.

1791 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Uchitel is a 34-year-old New Yorker who has a reputation of dating married celebrities, having previously been at the center of an affair scandal involving actor David Boreanaz.


1791 days ago


If Rachel is telling the truth, that she had nothing to do with Tiger why would she need a lawyer and why would she be calling one at 3:00 AM?

If it was me I would have sued the National Enquirer when their story first came out, especially if I knew I was not in an affair with Tiger and never had been.

I'm starting to think Tiger's marriage has been on shaky ground for a while, he has been involved with Rachel, his wife knew or suspected it and had confronted him before about it and he lied(of course) and the National Enquirer story was the straw that broke the camel's back. That's probably why Elin turned violent.

1791 days ago


WHORES OF A FEATHER STICK TOGETHER! All I can say is, plenty of whores in sports, the entertainment business, lawyers, in general...just all whores and pimps, no matter how you look at it.

1791 days ago


This Rachel girl is the same one that supposedly had an affair with David Boreanez. I'm sure she meets alot of guys working as a host at the nightclub she does....

1791 days ago


Gloria Allred the shark is the best choice, she never loses. Geragos on the other hand never wins, lol... Winona Ryder, Scott Peterson, etc. Geragos didn't "win" for Chris Brown, he lucked out by having Rihanna not want to press charges.

1791 days ago


The Enquirer broke the true story on John Edwards but they also write a bunch of crap; however, women only go ballistic over other women usually so there is likely something to the 'other woman' story. Just sayin'.

1791 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Can someone tell me if Rachel is a man or a woman? I am confused and if she is a man then that means tiger likes men?? She looks like a man in drag. WTF???

1791 days ago


I think she should call Joe Francis and do a video to further her career.

1791 days ago

Sick of Idiots lke Wombat    

The Enquirer isn't the old rag reporting that Tiger has been fooling around. The Star is reporting the same thing, too.

1791 days ago


Whatever! Gloria Allredge is a camel face crone. I'm sick of her and the likes of her spawn mole face daugther Lisa Bloom. That troll and her jackal mother will be circulating all the gossip rag shows giving her sorry 2 cents worth. I say bag all the idiots and blast their asses into space.

1791 days ago


National Equirer is Fox News on paper. Do you know how many times they have been sued and LOST, included Tom Cruise,Carol Burnette, et al.

1791 days ago


OK...now I'm really mad.

I see that all things Tiger are going to polluting my airwaves for a while.

Gloria will drag this out...the tramp will tell her stories...his lawyers and I'm sure soon enough his wife's lawyers.

Just couldn't keep it in your pants could you...now we all have to lie in the bed you made.

1791 days ago
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