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Tiger Saga -- Six Degrees of Gloria Allred

11/28/2009 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the world of celebrity, all worlds lead to Kevin Bacon. In the world of celebrity scandal ... it's Gloria Allred.

TMZ has learned Rachel Uchitel -- aka the person the National Enquirer calls the Other Woman in the Tiger Woods saga -- decided at 3:00 AM today she needed to lawyer up. She left a message for Gloria Allred at her office -- and quickly got a return call.

We've learned Rachel has hired Gloria and is considering, among other things, suing the National Enquirer for defamation. As we first told you, Rachel called the National Enquirer's report that she had an affair with Tiger Woods "bulls**t."

Could a news conference with Gloria and Rachel be far behind. We think not?

BTW -- we've also learned Rachel left a message for a second lawyer -- Mark Geragos. We just found out Geragos did indeed call Rachel back, but she didn't pick up the message until a few minutes ago. Who would Rachel have picked!?!

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Uchitel dating married men. Usually the kind that do this are not capable of having a long term relationship because they are more interested in receiving resources for their short term interests. Too bad sewing a red letter "A" to her clothing is out of vogue better yet put a tattoo on her forehead with the local public health department phone number for treatment.

1758 days ago


why would u need a club 2 get sum 1 out of a car 4 a small accident like that

1758 days ago

Dick Sicario    

LOL guess Tiger is human after all.

This is going to cost him some cash.

" The other woman " sounds like a real winner LOL

The lawyers are again the only winners !

Can you imagin Obama playing hide the weenie and getting caught, one of michelle's ham hock arms would wack him all the way back to Kenya.

1758 days ago

Fred Farkel    

About 20 years ago, I had a particular disdain for a particular high profile married male in the sports bidness.

Everyone on the planet knew he had 1,000 affairs with random white women.

At that time, GLOBE offered $500 for HOT TIPS. I needed the $500, so I phoned in with the HOT TIP.

My point??


I was too embarrassed to ask anyone to back me up... so I didn't get the cash... and the story never ran.


I just snickered as I read the front page story on the GLOBE.

But I never did get that lousy $500.


1758 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

First thing yesterday, I saw a picture of her wearing a baseball cap, leaning over her luggage while she was standing in line to check into the same hotel Tiger was staying at in Australia. Nothing should surprise us any more. And then now a friend he spoke with yesterday says he talked about 'getting a Kobe special!!??' Please....

1758 days ago


Rich and famous men usually have extra marital sex with prostitutes because they do not talk. That really is the safest way to cheat.

There is no proof that Tiger had an affair although I highly doubt that his wife would have gone over the edge if he had not done something to her or admitted to something that hurt her deeply.

Jackie Kennedy knew her husband was a womanizer and cheated. It was reported that when Edward Kennedy got married that one of his brothers said to him at the wedding that getting married did not mean the end to getting some tail now and then.

1758 days ago


If Tiger wants to stop the tails coming out. Go public and tell the truth. Why is Tiger hiding?


1758 days ago

Dawn Whitlock    

Gloria Allred is a joke! Her ads should say specializing in "WHORE'S who screw Married Men".

1758 days ago


What makes Tiger not man enough to cheat? Another Governor Sanford unleashed. Do we need him to turn into John Edwards to believe it? Too much money... If Elin is stuck at home with two babies, someone is ready to snatch it...

It takes two to tango... Why beat up the mistress and forget the tingling penis of Tiger?

1758 days ago


I hate whores that mess around with married men.She looks like a straight up stripper hoe!!I used to dance like 6 years ago...And all i can say is NEVER,NEVER,NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!Most of them hookers working that job are sluty as hell.I repeat,MOST!!AND NOT ALL OF THEM..But a good part of these women are.One night i worked at a club ,and that night there was hardly any money to be made in there.I was in the dressing room reapplying lip-liner and made a comment to a couple of girls saying:Man,there is like no money out there unless you F... guys.And i also said :well damn i don't f... customers.And they replied,what?you don't f...?Then I said well yeah i will f... when i get home to my hubby.But otherwise hell to the no.All iam trying to say is,that that girl he supposed to have had an affair with reminds me of those kind of girls,totally.A 100%

1757 days ago


Who calls their lawyer at 3:00AM? The timing seems very suspicious and unusual to me.

1757 days ago


Most noticeably, Tiger himself had not decided to sue over these "false" claims....that's like admitting it's true.

1757 days ago

Mornin Joe    

Shame on you Tiger. Your parents, wife, children and the MILLIONS of KIDS that you deliver the gift of your time and fortune to are all embarrassed for you. Make up with your wife, apologize to the people who helped fund your pot of gold and be a man ... and a dad.

Tiger is human and we all are worth forgiveness. God bless him and his family - and LEAVE THEM ALONE

1756 days ago


Where there's smoke there's usually fire. While the National Enquirer is a sleazy rag, they are incredibly accurate with these type of stories! Remember Gary Hart? What about a certain presidential candidate from North Carolina? When these people are on the scent of a story this juicy they won't give up till they get the whole story. I guarantee this story has some validity to it. The Enquirer simply would not risk looking bad if it didn't. When they put their bloodhounds on something like this,then go ahead and break the story,you just know something is up. Next to come is Tiger's remorseful press conference along the lines of Kobe Bryant. We'll hear how he bought his wife an expensive gift to apologize for his infidelities. How sorry he is to have let down all his fans, yadda,yadda,yadda. Then of course comes the media hound Gloria Alred announcing the new book that the alleged mistress has come out with. Then comes the reality show. You have to remember we're living in a world where those trash mouthed no talent sluts, the Kardashian sisters, are actually considered celebrities in our culture. Amazing! The stream of events to come next is so predictable it's almost comical. The saddest thing of all is that this so called "party Girl" is going to become rich and famous for this behavior. It's sad we've come to this, sad indeed!

1755 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

TMZ when you see a story full of crap you just will not allow it to die will you? I am so disgusted with the way the police have handled this, and to top it off the more I think about this I am more mad at how you TMZ just keep finding ways to show your hypocrisy and total lack of respect for Tiger Woods and his privacy. Why not just leave him alone.

Larry D. Crumbley

1755 days ago
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