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Cops Pursue Warrant

in Woods Case

11/30/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the Florida Highway Patrol is now focusing on obtaining a search warrant -- allowing them to seize medical records from the hospital that treated Tiger Woods -- in an attempt to determine if the wounds Woods sustained are consistent with a car accident or domestic violence.

Tiger Woods

We're told authorities believe they can show probable cause a crime was committed, a necessary step in obtaining a warrant.

One big piece of evidence showing probable cause ... sources tell us Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren told FHP troopers she went looking for Tiger in a golf cart, came upon the accident and then used a golf club to break the window to gain entry. That's a very different story from what she first told Windemere cops shortly after the accident -- she never mentioned a golf cart. Nordegren told Windemere police she had walked out of her house, saw the crash, went back inside to get a golf club and returned to the vehicle.

TMZ has reviewed 21 photos from the scene -- no sign of any golf cart. But we just found another photo (below) from the scene, where you can see a golf cart in the foreground.

Tiger Woods golf cart

Tiger Woods Car Crash PicsAnd there's more ... although alcohol was not involved, Tiger was in and out of consciousness and TMZ has already reported Tiger told a friend he was taking prescription meds for pain, which could be evidence of DUI. This, too, could constitute probable cause to obtain a warrant.

We're told the FHP is pursuing the search warrant option after getting shut down again Sunday in an attempt to interview Tiger and Elin and eyeball Tiger's wounds.

As we first reported, according to sources, Tiger told a friend Elin had attacked him after she confronted him with reported allegations he had cheated on her. We're told Tiger told the friend Elin then followed him out of the house and struck the moving vehicle with the golf club, causing him to get distracted and hit the hydrant.

If the FHP determines Elin attacked Tiger, we're told she could be arrested for domestic violence.

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I think it's clear he WANTS it to remain a private matter, and the more he insists that it is and tries to stall the police, it's more obviously NOT something innocent.

1734 days ago

Elin N    

ooopsss.. meant # 32lol... great advice making the run off the water!

1734 days ago


I'm confused by some of the commenters - when Chris beat Rhi Rhi everyone wanted him to go to JAIL! They didn't care what she did to him or his reasoning - it was straight to jail for you buddy. OK, now we have Tiger's wife who it is becoming increasing obvious that she struck him and was instrumental in him having an accident and everyone is saying leave them alone. Hell no - she should go to JAIL and she should LEARN that it is NOT OK for a woman to hit a man...ENOUGH!

Domestic violence is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and whether it be a man hitting a woman or vice versa the person should be PUNISHED! Tiger is like many men who are beaten by their wives or significant others - they want to let it slide because what man wants to be known as getting his tail beat by a woman - however, until these women are punished they will NOT QUIT. And like it or not, if the shoe was on the other foot his tail would be six feet under the JAILHOUSE!

Every State has a domestic violence law that dictates that if the police see a wound on a person the person causing that wound must be taken in - it is no longer OK to just say I don't want to file charges - they are BOUND by the Courts to bring in that offender and the State picks up those charges. The purpose: To stop the violence that usually leads to someone being killed. So Elin dear - you are not exempt and whether Tiger tries to protect you, him and the IMAGE - if you hit him you should be charged....PERIOD!

1734 days ago


15. Wow, this bitch is goin' down! lol Another black man ruined by a white trash white woman...shame. He'll never live this down.

Posted at 12:18AM on Nov 30th 2009 by Erica

Give me a break, Erica. Why do some people always have to bring race into everything. I understand that racism exists, but making EVERYTHING about race only exacerbates the problem. If you want to do that you better do some homework concerning Tiger...For one thing, he's only 1/4 African American. What about his Chinese heritage, his Dutch heritage, or his Native American heritage? Better yet, just give the ignorance a rest.

1734 days ago


Shout out two guest at Dealbreaker.com


1734 days ago


Get a Grip #36, maybe YOU need to get your own grip. Domestic violence IS a crime. Operating a motor vehicle under the influence IS a crime.

Last time a celebrity couple went down this road, and were given the kid-glove treatment by the police, it ended with one of them getting decapitated.

1734 days ago

Jim Doing    

Tiger's doing the only thing he can right now to protect the mother of his children. It's super smart for him to stay out of sight until he's healed up. Even if she attacked him how does it help anybody if she goes to trial when he obviously doesn't want to press charges. Give him a ticket for reckless driving and be done with it. Once things settle down we might see a Norman-Evert scenario where the perfect couple splits or they might be able to come back from this. By the way, what kind of friends tell TMZ everything Tiger says to them? That sounds fishy to me. I doubt the Kobe special quote.

1734 days ago


fess up tiger,
if you are to blame and not your wife,
then was it booze or drugs

1734 days ago

victor anaya    

tmz stands for to many zits cuz zit r on ur face tmz is on ur face people hate em but they keep on coming

1734 days ago


To #35. That was eloquent and well thought out. Care to elaborate. Or, as a Kool-Aid drinker, has one of your nerves been touched?

Try to do better next time.

1734 days ago


Just because he is rich DOES NOT mean he is above the law. If he shuts the door on the cops, ARREST THE FOOL! There was an accident, and as always, IT MUST be investigated. He is no exception. GULF SUCKS, by the way. The Colts suck, too.

1734 days ago



I'm sure Elin is an animal in bed. I'd let her beat me like a silly little freak then I'd lick her puckered star fish whole and carve my initials in tomorrow's' turd.

Take my meat losinger


1734 days ago


Go to foxnews.com and look at the pictures they have posted with the story. Clearly a picture of a golf cart.

1734 days ago


That's a real good friend Tiger has that is selling his personal business to TMZ.

1734 days ago


dear tiger,

nobody say No No to the po po.

1734 days ago
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