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Tiger Woods' Wife

Confronted Alleged Mistress

12/2/2009 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren placed an angry call to Jaimee Grubbs, Tiger's alleged mistress, confronting her about the alleged affair with her husband.

As we first reported, Grubbs bragged to co-workers at the Stone Rose Lounge in West Hollywood, claiming she was having an affair with Tiger and even playing them the voicemail Tiger left for Jaimee on November 24 -- when he asked her to remove her name from the outgoing message on her voicemail because Elin was becoming suspicious.

Co-workers tell TMZ on Friday -- the day of Tiger's crash -- Jaimee went to work, played the voicemail to co-workers and then later in the evening said she had received a call from a blocked number. Jaimee says she answered and asked who was on the line. Jaimee says the caller -- a woman -- did not identify herself but said, "You know who this is because you're f**king my husband."

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She needs to get a lawyer and divorce his sorry butt. She can never trust him again. As far as the bimbo that he was having the torrid affair with, I wouldn't low rate myself by calling the bimbo, but the bimbo would sure hear from my divorce attorney.

1784 days ago


Repeat: Tiger you need to start calling these hos and paying them to STFU. Did you learn nothing from Bill and Monica? Women will always talk... always.

1784 days ago


I bet she said you have to be more specific on whose husband she slept with. lol

1784 days ago

love her!    

Tiger how stupid are you? An affair is a dumb thing to do but choosing to have an affair with a B*TCH from the "Tool Academy" are you serious Tiger...Only God knows if this all can be healed. Way to pick the attention whore...The attention whore with media connections...She didn't pick you because of you Tiger she picked you for her fame! BTW Elin I am sorry for doubting your motives. Hell I'd do it too! Team Elin!~

1784 days ago


Uh, Oh, looks like the jig is up for Tiger.

1784 days ago


Misplaced anger is part of this process....not to worry, he'll get his share and her revenge will happen in divorce court when she walks away with half of everything...if not more. He's lost the most because he will never be viewed the same....even by his own kids as adults. Time may heal wounds, but one never forgets....ever.

1784 days ago


13. Good for them...fighting over a man who isn't going to stay with either one of them. You dumb white broads....Tiger is going to continue doing what he does. The man is a millionaire and superstar athlete. The trick on the side is foolish to even give TMZ or anyone else for that matter the voicemail. She probably got pennies for it. All it does is make her look like a slutty homewrecker with no shame in her game (which she obviously is).

When will you white women learn to leave these black men alone...I'm sorry, these black men with MONEY alone.

Serves them both right.

Posted at 12:01PM on Dec 2nd 2009 by Nunya

Aww Nunya...looks like someone is bothered by white women being with black men. See it's poor attitudes like yours that still has tempers high with race.
White women marry poor black men too. Trust me look in Columbus Ohio. Also i am in a neighborhood with several black women who have married white men. Since you wanna play the race game...wonder why those black women married a white man? Hmm, i leave that up to you to figure out!
Now back on topic...Elin hun you deserve half of tigers bank account! To the whore$ who slept with tiger...You sick bitche$ will always be remembered as homewrecking whore$...CONGRATS!

1784 days ago


Well it is about time for Barack to get caught any day now ! That
will almost trump this one. Will Michelle go ghetto on B.O. in da
White House ? I bet Michelle has been nailing the JFK/Clinton booty call door to the Oval Office permanently shut.

1784 days ago


It's kind of pointless to react to a cheating husband by going after the other women... they are not the problem nor did they make any vows to the wife. Chasing Tiger with a golf club was much better!

Why he'd choose an obvious media whore to have a clandestine affair with is the real puzzle.

1784 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

I'll beat Cheat-a Woods wife is wondering how many "strokes" are on this sex scandal?

1784 days ago


Of course he wouldn't pull this on a black woman, wouldnt put up with that! Meanwhile he can't trust a whore, though obviously hes a whore himself. My heart goes out to his wife (do they have kids?). What lowlifes, him for cheating and some slut for being with a married man.

Read more:

1784 days ago


Cheatah Woods will be hiding in that house till all his wounds heal. No doubt his wife gave him a good whooping. Now he'll play the charade that there was no domestic violence. I guess we are to believe his wife always runs around with a golf iron, stark mad. That audio release this AM sealed Tiger's fate. The lies are up chump. Just another man not satisfied with one hole in one...but now 3...and counting.

1784 days ago


How stupid of Tiger to think some waitress wouldn't sell him off. It just amazes me that he thought he could get away with his cheating forever. A beautiful, loyal wife & he still has to have a ho on the side. I thought Tiger was above that, but he's just like all the rest of the powerful rich athletes. I hope his wife leaves him, but she seems like she will forgive him. But I say once a cheater, always a cheater. Where are all the Hero's?? They aren't any anymore.

1784 days ago

Itz About Time    

Good for Jaimee for having the proof and actually providing it! All these other girls say they have the proof and never show it. Celebrities think they are invicible and everyone will love them forever.... but he got caught. And I hope this is a lesson to others. His poor children will forever be reminded about this incident because of the use of media and internet. Once you are a parent you need to stop being SELFISH!

1784 days ago


Good for you Elin! Make sure you get you own attorney(s). Team Elin!

1784 days ago
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