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Erin Andrews Case -- The Search for 'Breastboy'

12/3/2009 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Erin AndrewsErin Andrews' alleged stalker may have another creepy Internet alias -- Breastboy -- which he allegedly used to upload Peeping Tom videos on the Web for all to see.

The FBI served search warrants on Yahoo and Google yesterday, asking the Internet giants to turn over every bit of information about a account associated with the perverted username "Breastboy."

The Breastboy account was allegedly accessed by someone with the equally perverted Yahoo username "Handsfouryou" -- which Feds think is suspect Michael David Barrett.

One of the major items the FBI wants Yahoo to turn over: a 42-second video entitled "Hot Blonde Out of Shower" uploaded on June 28, 2009 -- which appeared to be shot through the same type of hotel room peephole Erin fell victim to.

In the docs, it says the video was viewed 2,956 times ... and "49 people called this video a favorite."

The FBI wants the video -- along with "all messages, sent messages, deleted messages and messages maintained in trash and other folders" connected to Barrett's alleged accounts.

Barrett has already pled not guilty to interstate stalking.


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What a Lame Ass Douche Bag!

Besides that he's a sicko taking these vids, to upload them and have it traceable back to you? DUMB Lame Ass Douche Bag!!

1794 days ago


Perverted? That's pretty tame for a porn site screen name.

1794 days ago

low key    

A notice to all hotel/motel managers across the country: Check for peepholes and gloryholes - the reputation you save may be ours!!

1794 days ago


Never trust a man with no lips!

1793 days ago


Erin Andrews is so hot! Whats the big deal she's got no qualms with posing in a bikinni-- Erin is like the 4th pic in. HOTT!!

1793 days ago


what a disgusting perv! those are the kind of people that went somewhere really wrong in their life

1793 days ago


He looks like an older Dean McDermott.

1793 days ago


George, is that you? George!

1793 days ago


I dunno.....this guy seems like one creepy sob. Drilling holes in walls so you can practice voyeurism is taking a big step toward perversion. I'm just glad this guy got caught/stopped sooner than later. Sometimes simple voyeurism leads into more aggressive and violent acts.

1793 days ago


In Response to Sity

Dude ur a jerk posing in a bathing suit in a public area is totally different then being recorded in a hotel room NAKED WITHOUT UR KNOWLEGDE OR PERMISSION, i hope this never happens 2 any female in ur family cause ur a jerk. on second thought u'd probably be the one who recorded it u freak.

1793 days ago


Just to give some reference to the web site involved, Flickr is in reality an extremely pornographic social network for photo and video sharing. Of course, Yahoo gives the outward appearance of a family friendly site for PR and advertising purposes. The truth is though, this kind of thing that happened to Erin is just business as usual in the seedy underbelly of Flickr, an purposefully unlabeled adult content venue, available in most schools and libraries because of the masquerade Yahoo plays with the web site. Most users of Flickr have no idea that countless sexual predators, pedophiles and general perverts share millions of hardcore images and videos with each other (and teens) everyday. Yahoo has pulled off the greatest trick in the world by covertly creating the largest collection of amateur porn known to man without question on Flickr for five years now. The typical "creeps" there run the gambit from naughty flasher types, sexting teens, stalking voyeurs, S&M fetish freaks, penis wielding trannies in fishnets, and every other kind of sex image collector or creator imaginable. Although there are some fairly weak filtering efforts Yahoo implemented two years after purchasing Flickr, a constant, infinite supply of endless porn is always available to anyone seeking it out. Entire legitimate adult sites are based just on skimming the amateur porn off of Yahoo's Flickr daily. There is a definite effort by Yahoo to direct the general user experience away from all this adult content. The same techniques are used by Yahoo to hide info on democracy and freedom in China, while turning their users there into that communist government for such subversion punishable by prison or even death. The thing is, Yahoo makes no efforts to monitor their porn which they actually hold partial copyright to. They leave this policing of the site up to the users of that "online community" who ironically aren't allowed to see it most the time, leaving it pile up. So what we have is a situation where the creeps are essentially protected and cloaked by Yahoo, as they successfully have their cake and eat it to by hosting a "family friendly porn site" they take no responsibility for. Private trading of images such as upskirted women stalked in the supermarket, penis flashing predators, and even child porn, flourishes on Flickr thanks to the very systems set up to try and protect the innocent there. Thing is, most people posting porn on the internet aren't the kind to follow the rules much anyway, really. Then again, neither would Yahoo, if there were actually any laws that apply to them anyway, as their lobbyists already paid off DC well. Meanwhile, Yahoo host Cyber Security Summits for advocates of child protection online and works with the NCMEC. Even our President uses Flickr, and proudly published the recent dinner crashers image of them posing with him there. Yahoo hides behind freedom of speech while collecting personal info to sell to mortgage crooks, homeland security, or the next highest bidder. They lie to the public, to their advertising clients, and most of all to their own users, about all their porn they profit from. That adult content that Yahoo slips into grade schools daily, is corporate sponsored and constitutionally protected. What happened to Erin goes on everyday on Yahoo's Flickr, but nobody seems to really care in the least. That's especially true of the frat-boy mentality crowd here to cheer on this sideshow circus styled exhibition of tasteless sexualized sensationalism and idol worship. They're all just bummed out if they missed the video, and ticked off we dared say anything bad about the greatest thing ever, Time magazine's number one favorite website again for 2009, Yahoo's Flickr.

1792 days ago

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