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GLAAD Backs ABC's Decision to Can Lambert

12/3/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert's sexual orientation had nothing to do with ABC's decision to can him from two upcoming gigs on their network ... it was all because he can't stick to a script -- at least that's what ABC and GLAAD would like you to believe.

Adam Lambert

The nation's most outspoken gay rights group just released a statement in support of ABC's decision to boot Lambert from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and an upcoming New Year's Eve special in the wake of his AMA performance -- the one with the man-on-man kiss.

ABC sent a statement to GLAAD, explaining how Adam's removal was "not a question of Lambert's sexual orientation" but was instead because his live performance at the AMAs differed "greatly" from rehearsals and "caught the network off guard" -- which is justification for dropping him from other live shows.

Today, GLAAD backed ABC's explanation saying, "It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC's decision ... ABC has a history of positive gay and transgender inclusion that includes featuring kisses between gay and lesbian couples on-air."

For the record, neither Adrien Brody nor Halle Berry were banned from appearing on any ABC shows after their "unscripted" make-out session at the 2003 Academy Awards.

UPDATE: GLAAD tells us they have "asked ABC and calls on them for clarification on 'caught off guard' so that the community knows why Lambert is being denied the opportunity to perform on the network."


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Yes, but Brody also didn't gyrate his crotch in Halle's face. That's the problem here...not so much the makeout sesh. So quit making a big deal of it. Lambert was wrong to do what he did, and anyone, be they gay, lesbian, straight, etc etc would be wrong to do that.

1784 days ago


Adam's performance on AMA was terrible. It's one thing to have a kiss, or even a little making's another thing to push people's faces into your genitals...not to mention, the kiss seemed very "forced" and creepy. It was like a sex-plosion on stage. AND he's not sharing details about his performances until after it happens. If I were a tv company, I would demand to know so that no surpises happen (remember Janet Jackson, etc.).

I know other artists have had questionable performances, but most are on MTV,etc. This is AMA. I am in no way saying that gays cannot kiss on television, but his performance was beyond the pale.

1784 days ago


So how long are they going to punish him? F*ck ABC. And ABC is blaming it on the FCC. Bullsh*t. If it was the FCC behind the banning, Adam would be banned from ALL network TV.

Where was the FCC during the 2003 Billboard Music Awards when Pink shoved a dancer's face into her crotch? (during prime-time on Fox)She was censored but there was no backlash like this!

1784 days ago


Simulating oral sex is the issue not a simple "man-on-man kiss."

1784 days ago


Damn, I must've missed the part where Brody shoved Berry's face into his crotch.

1784 days ago


I think we have to put this into perspective. We can not compare a guy that failed at a reality show, to Madona, Britney, and Halle. A more likely comparison, is when Spencer and Heidi got the boot.

1784 days ago


As a homosexual, I am sooo tired of the heteros trying to bust out the gay card in our defense. I'm with GLAAD, this was not about a kiss, this was about simulated softcore pornography. Stop trying to ostracize ABC over this, they're NOT homophobic, they're owned by DISNEY for god's sake.

1784 days ago


I liked him on Idol. Now he acts like a freek. Kids watched him and admired him on Idol and I am sure many were allowed to stay awake to watch him on the show. I know there were many parents that had alot of explaining to do. Did he try to hide his true feelings so long on Idol that he is over compensating? All I know is I have had enough and will newver watch anything he is on as long as I live. He's a nasty freek!!!

1784 days ago


Doesn't anybody get it yet? Its not about the kiss at all, and never has been!!! It was the oral sex innuendo, and the nasty hand up the dancers costume that is not it man, woman, or alien!!!!

1784 days ago



1784 days ago


GLAAD actually believes what ABC is saying? That's not what the homophobic statement from Falwell's group says in its complaint to the FCC which is at the bottom of all this. If this performance had been male/female (such as the notorious P!ink concert a few years ago) this complaint would never have been filed. GLAAD looks like its willing to sacrifice Lambert to stay in ABC's good graces. What a crock. Lambert's the only one with titanium balls here. Good for him.

1784 days ago


Okay...why is the media and the people writing these stupid articles not talking about everything else that Adam did on stage.

This is not a gay or anti-gay issue. Thank you GLAAD for supporting the ban.

His performance was extremely vulgar and I don't care what his orientation is. They are not banning him because of the kiss. The kiss was the least controversial thing he did on the AMAs that night. If that was all he had done, no one would have cared.

Get a clue before you start writing and ASSUMING that is why people were offended.

I am glad he is being banned and hope more shows stand up and say enough is enough and what he did was inappropriate.

He was on late, but that doesn't matter. It wasn't 10 pm at my house yet when his act came on and yes children do stay up until 10 especially during the holiday week. So yes he should have thought of that.

Huge fan of American Idol. David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Kelly, Daughtry, and Jordin are some of my favorite artists and best artists out there, but I am not sure if I can invest the time into American Idol next season.

1784 days ago


he is DISGUSTING!!!!!

have do you have to display your frustrations????

we dont want to see it!!!!

1784 days ago


#1 - He is UGLY!!!!!!!!!

1784 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

how much money or services in kind did this cost?

1784 days ago
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