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GLAAD Backs ABC's Decision to Can Lambert

12/3/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert's sexual orientation had nothing to do with ABC's decision to can him from two upcoming gigs on their network ... it was all because he can't stick to a script -- at least that's what ABC and GLAAD would like you to believe.

Adam Lambert

The nation's most outspoken gay rights group just released a statement in support of ABC's decision to boot Lambert from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and an upcoming New Year's Eve special in the wake of his AMA performance -- the one with the man-on-man kiss.

ABC sent a statement to GLAAD, explaining how Adam's removal was "not a question of Lambert's sexual orientation" but was instead because his live performance at the AMAs differed "greatly" from rehearsals and "caught the network off guard" -- which is justification for dropping him from other live shows.

Today, GLAAD backed ABC's explanation saying, "It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC's decision ... ABC has a history of positive gay and transgender inclusion that includes featuring kisses between gay and lesbian couples on-air."

For the record, neither Adrien Brody nor Halle Berry were banned from appearing on any ABC shows after their "unscripted" make-out session at the 2003 Academy Awards.

UPDATE: GLAAD tells us they have "asked ABC and calls on them for clarification on 'caught off guard' so that the community knows why Lambert is being denied the opportunity to perform on the network."


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I don't think the AMA's were shocking at all.I think ABC should get all the excuses out of their system and let this man get on with his career. I think Mr. Lambert is a nice change and I personally would like to see more of him. Maybe I'll stop watching ABC programming until they get their crap together.

1700 days ago


ABC promoted Adam's appearance as “outrageous” and “something everyone will be talking about tomorrow” throughout the AMA broadcast? Seems to me ABC got exactly what they expected. And after all the other risqué numbers that night, my only surprise is that anyone would have thought Adam's performance would be anything but risqué.

ABC used him for ratings (over 24 million viewers, best since 2002 and ONLY 1500 complaints, what is that less than one percent) as Adam has a large following, and then dumps him like this. Well, hopefully other performers are taking note - because tomorrow it could be them! This is what happens when an 800 pound gorilla is in charge. The little people have to band together for the cause lest we all get squashed.

Adam didn't commit any crime and this is way out of hand. I think ABC is promoting bigotry, prejudice and double standard. They used Adam to get ratings and then dump him like this citing the FCC as a reason. I called the FCC and the person I spoke with said that while they can make sanctions (and I don't even know if in fact there are going to be any) that the FCC does not control or dictate network programming. Therefore, it is not the FCC that is saying Adam cannot be on the network. I have also sent a polite and business like letter to the FCC in support of Mr. Lambert.

In regard to a risqué performance or "kids show" perhaps after the opening act where Janet Jackson grabbed the male dancer's crotch blatantly, to another performer coming on stage with the dance troop and rifles in hand, to another performer and her dancers doing air pelvic trusts, to another performer humping the microphone, to another performer breaking whiskey bottles on a piano, to another performer talking about how there were something like 18 rapes under his belt and murder, to.... a parent or prude might have had a clue that it was full of adult content. And Adam came on last! He was caught up in the moment after seeing his piers and while risqué, was not anything that hasn't been done before. Parents are responsible or their children, not Adam or the AMA's. And if you are a prude, then you should not have been watching that show as the whole thing was risqué and/or filled with violent undertones.

A lot of people don't even watch TV anymore, and especially not network shows. I will not be watching ABC and have let ABC know that their prejudice is outrageous. I am the mother of a son Adam's age and would not want this hate targeted to anyone. All this is doing is proving ABC is a bigot and illustrating vividly their double standard. Adam will be around because he has a huge fan base and mega talent that will prevail. I will be supporting Adam with my pocket book and NOT supporting ABC or its sponsors.

1700 days ago


It wasn't the kiss that was offensive, I wish people would get over it! The humping of another guy's face and the numerous genital grabbing done by Adam and his backup dancers was offensive for the time and place.

1700 days ago


What did he expect? He was an employee who went rogue, so he got cut. Clearly, whatever they think he's worth apparently isn't worth more than they'd lose on lawsuits. He had his big chance, and he let his wanna-be diva ego wreck it by making a spectacle of himself. It's garbage like that which lends ammo to the Prop-8 argument.

1700 days ago


I'm no homophobe but, personally, I am tired of seeing the new trend on tv where guys are making out with guys and girls are making out with girls. I think that there is too much soft heterosexual porn going on tv as well.
Network TV needs to tone down the sex, period!
I guess it is one thing to air it after 9pm when kids and pre-teens are supposed to be in bed. But unfortunately this kind of stuff is airing earlier and earlier.
As far as Lambert is concerned, I wonder how his perverted performance is going to affect public opinion about gays.
I've been wondering if part of the gay community cringed at his performance.
Ads from the gay community in California are airing that are asking Californians to "Get To Know Us".
Lambert's performance won't help the community's efforts to alter its public image.

1700 days ago


Ugly, and disgusting. Not hot buddy!!!

1700 days ago


The performances on the New Year's Eve shows are taped. There is no reason to get rid of him but punishment. That's ridiculous that GLAAD supports them.

1700 days ago


XYZ -- go do your homework now,,you must be what 8 years old...
I think everyone needs to take a look at 2004 Pink, The Madonna kiss, the list goes on and on..
LET IT GO...This is over kill and ridiculous...
Adam is a great Talent with a Great CD out...the haters are obnoxious and I am wondering why they even post comments..go find someone you like and use your energy posting about them...GET a Life was one performance, and a good one at that...

1700 days ago


ABC is banned from my house. I back up Lambert. Next thing censored will be future artist creativity.

1700 days ago


Oh okay, so after Halle Berry made out with Brody, did he rub her face in his crotch? Did they start randomly dry humping each other or imitate sex in any other way? Because if so, believe me the same hoopla would have gone on. The bottom line is this- when you're on a stage with a microphone in your hand you're a singer. Not a homor or hetero, just a person who supposedly has a vocal talent people admire. So sing, maybe dance. If I want to see sex I watch a porno. IT seems like these days those so-called artists have so little to offer they have to shock in order to stay relevant. I'm glad ABC is taking a stand. I'm really glad GLAAD is also. Finally something that makes sense in the news.

1700 days ago


I believe them. One life to live has a Gay love story going right now and All My Children's Erica Kane's Daughter a Lesbian. Bianca has had many g/fs and kissing scenes with the ladies. There was even a wedding between Bianca and her lady friend.

1700 days ago


#51 Judith - totally agree.

Adam who?

1700 days ago


Let's not forget people that even though children should not be awake at 11pm, there is Youtube and technology one click away. Adam got fame on a show that tweens and teens vote him in the finals and then when he records his album he tells us not to listen if we do not like it. If he would have had that attitude on Idol from the start he would not have made if far. Adam easy come easy go!

1700 days ago


I believe them. Two ABC soaps Feature gay couples. I don't watch anymore but All My Children Erica Kane's Daughter is a Lesbian. There has even been a wedding between Bianca and her lady friend. There is also a Gay Story line on One Life to Live right now.

1700 days ago


As an elderly gay man, I was offended not by the kiss, but by the overall sleaziness and horrible quality of his act. His singing was terrible. It was like everything in his act was meant to shock and offend everyone, even gays. Like to hell with delivering good music. And what is with all that stupid women's eye makeup that he wears 3 inches thick? He's an embarrassment to the gay community, at least to mine.....

1700 days ago
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