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Nas DUI Arrest -- The Woozy Dashcam Footage

12/4/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained police dash cam footage showing rapper Nas failing several DUI field sobriety tests back in September. He was cleared of the charges -- but does he look sober to you?

Nas DUI Arrest -- The Woozy Dashcam Footage

As we first reported, Nas -- aka Nasir Jones -- was pulled over in Georgia back in September after driving erratically. Cops say he was carrying a sack of weed and sporting a green tongue ... unfortunately, you can't see that part in the video.

But you can see Nas wobble during a balance test and take the wrong number of steps during the "walk the line" test -- yet still, authorities decided it wasn't enough evidence to convict.

What do you think?


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1750 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Take three steps!

1750 days ago


mrez, are you a boy or a girl?????

1750 days ago


Interesting story...

1750 days ago

tom baker    

I am a person who thinks the entire driving while black thing is a joke in most cases.

But I have to say, this cop was definitely f***ing with this guy. Look how long he makes the guy follow his finger. I have never seen anything like that, its totally not part of what needs to be done. You follow the finger to see if the eye flutters as its trying to track. This cop keeps on going and going and going.

Then he makes him stand on a leg for 24 seconds. I can not do that even when sober. The cop was definitely screwing with the guy to provoke a reaction, which he did not get.

The cop was not doing his job right, he was doing a job on the driver.

1750 days ago

richard g    

he sure didnt act by any means under the influence of anything i dont even think i would have passed that test looked like he passed with flying colors...bad cop no donut for u....dont these law enforcements have better things to do like hiding behind tree with a lazer gun catching speeders...or being a ticketero weak law enforcement

1750 days ago


Seemed like he passed to me!!!! The cops are just mad the charges were dropped !!!!

1750 days ago


This is such BS, what do they mean by "he had a green tongue"? Last time i checked my tongue doesn't turn green when i smoke weed. I agree with #5, there's so many rapists and murderers running around yet the cops always find time to hide behind some tree to catch you speeding in an area where it's instinctive to speed (merging). It's easy money for them and alot of them have monthly speeding quotas that they have to reach. It's a money grab and it's pathetic. Nowadays the police are literally good for nothing, they're basically one big gang hiding behind government rule. F$$K THE POLICE, the only bacon i wanna be seeing is on my burger, approach me and be ready to fry pig.

1749 days ago


The charges were what is your point TMZ!!!!

1749 days ago


The cop said take 3 steps then another 3 steps then another 3 steps upto 9 steps.

I noticed about 5 violations by that police officer; no wonder Nas wasn't convicted.

1749 days ago


Woozy Dashcam, now that actress is sexy!
I love Woozy.

1749 days ago


Driving While Black (DWB). What the F*ck, it's apparent that this cops intent was to cause NAS to become unruly by having him do an almost 7 minute sobriety check. I was angered just by watching this sh*t. It goes to show these cops do this type of sh*t everyday. I don't know if they like reliving their college prank days where they think idiotic games like this of making a fool out of someone to be funny or what. But I've also seen Karma in it's worse state come back around on these same cops that pull this type of behavior because they think they are above the law. Lastly, you would think that they would be engulfed with something more important like finding the murderers of victims who have noone else to turn to for answers than doing a 6:45 minute sobriety check on a man who apparently had a drink but was not totally intoxiceated to the point of impairment. This cop would be one of those idiots on the news who finds himself with a bullet in his head from some young unsuspecting, and unruly gang-banger with a point to prove. What an idiot.

1749 days ago

doc murry    

your tounge gets green by eating the pot you dumbass,,geeez people are stupid on here..and if he was found with weed why isnt he cleaning toilets in the state pen where he belongs with all the other animals..if cheeta broke the law it dont matter if your black or white..har har har

1749 days ago


Why is there 3 police cars in this video! Nas passed that test!!!

1749 days ago


Guy looks stoned, but not out of his mind (i.e., unsafe to drive). Like a lot of people said already, I don't think I could pass those tests sober...I'm glad they didn't charge him; he obviously was sober enough to drive.

1749 days ago
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