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Tiger Woods Didn't Pay Rachel a Penny

12/4/2009 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods and Rachel UchitelSources tell TMZ Rachel Uchitel did not make any financial deal with Tiger Woods -- and there are two reasons she torpedoed her scheduled news conference yesterday: fear and secrets.

Sources say in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, after many phone calls back and forth between Rachel, Tiger and their reps, Rachel decided not to come out fighting at a news conference. She walked away without taking a cent from Tiger Woods. One very connected source said, "This was absolutely not about money."

Sources say Rachel became "scared for her safety" because she knows so much about Tiger, his alleged affairs and a variety of other Woods matters. We're told Tiger confided in Rachel ... she knows specifics about "other women," as well as information about Tiger's marriage.

The sources were quick to point out, Rachel does not fear Tiger, as much as she fears all the other people caught in what is becoming a very large net.

Rachel, we're told, just wants to disappear for a while.

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London Girl    

Oh STFU. The girl isn't scared what is she scared of? It's all part of her plan. No matter what she does, she's gonna come out with a chunk of change and she knows this. This whole thing has just upped her profile a notch. She'll have her own reality show or something soon.

Remember Amber Frey?

1730 days ago


Are Any of Tiger's women African American? if not wonder why? does anyone know if he dates or sleeps around with black women?

1730 days ago

Do the right thing!    

Elin, You are a cute lady who seems like a nice person. You need to LEAVE THAT DIRTBAG. Take the kids, take your stuff and bolt--NOW. Tiger is a lowlife liar and cheater and you don't deserve that. If I were you, I wouldn't want a single penny from that worm. There are more important things in life than cash, like your dignity, and the happiness and well-being of your kids. GO. LEAVE and don't look back.

1730 days ago


Can anyone say book deal? How much does Rachel stand to collect if she descloses everything she knows in a book. My understanding is that if she took money from Tiger, she would also be forced to sign a "confidentiality" agreement. Harvey, give us some insight into how you think she would make on a book deal as opposed to taaking a payment from Tiger.

1730 days ago


did Harvey actually approve this idiotic story? Please say he's not as gullible as whoever wrote it.

Fire the staff and hire the commenters, Harvey. They at least don't give credence to anything Alred says.

1730 days ago


I don't believe she didn't make any money off this whole thing. Why else would they be talking to her right down to the wire? I'm sure getting a cash settlement was her whole reason for hiring Gloria Allred, her attorney. More lies from the Tiger Woods camp.

1730 days ago


There was a black woman shown on MTO who was supposedly one of his girlfriends. They showed Twitter messages. He was an Equal Opportunity Adulterer.

1730 days ago


This is just a veiled threat to Tiger. Now he knows she is willing to tell all and he needs to pay big time...or else. Funny thing is that once she gets the money she will leak it all out anyway. Why doesn't Tiger grow up and use hookers lol.

1730 days ago



1730 days ago


This woman was paid off..I knew she was a sleezy when she hired
Gloria...when she said she didn't have a affair with him, then why did you need Gloria.??.
and we are expected to to believe no money was exchanged..
yeah right..
she got her million, Gloria took 1/3 of it..
Tiger picked some real sleezy women, basically hookers he got attached to...keep um moving Tiger..you don't keep going back and texting ho's...You could have set up yourself up with a elite escort service

1730 days ago

Do the right thing!    

I wonder if Tiger were screwing around with gay men how long his NIKE and other endorsements would last....

1730 days ago


First of all, media ho of the century Allred leaked this info to TMZ. Second, either her client found more money with a publisher OR Allred KNOWS that a payoff to a MATERIAL WITNESS who was texting Tiger ONE HOUR before the crash is called AN ILLEGAL BRIBE. So she has to finagle and call whatever payoff is going down something else.

Allred is as bad as any of these ho's.

1730 days ago

The Running Back    

Say nothing but act like you are,take the money and run like hell.

1730 days ago


Tiger must have been thinking he is Don Draper! Tiger, you are no Don Draper!

1730 days ago


Of course there hasn't been a "financial deal", yet!

Rachel has to prove she can keep her mouth shut for a period of time. I bet for a year or so she isn't allowed to talk so, she has no choice but, to disappear. Once she can prove herself to keep quiet, she can cash that check for a million and by that time, this will be long forgotten.

It seems to me, Tiger should have married Rachel, not Elin. If he can tell Rachel anything and EVERYTHING, sounds more like a soulmate. Now, I question if this marriage is a sham. Was there pressure for Tiger to settle down and uphold a certain image? Was he forced into the marriage with Elin, knowing he was wanting other woman?! It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

AND NO, I won't leave Tiger alone! He doesn't deserve it! When you play in public....people get to WATCH! What would he do if we didn't watch him play golf??!?!? To leave Tiger alone would kill his career. Don't you realize, bad press can make ya more than good press?!

1730 days ago
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