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Concrete Proof of Tiger's Secret Rendezvous

12/4/2009 2:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We told you the story -- now we have the black and white proof that Tiger Woods' childhood friend and employee secretly flew Tiger's alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel to Australia to be with him.

Tiger's Woods Secret Rendezvous

TMZ has obtained the flight itinerary along with emails between Rachel and Bryon Bell -- detailing how Bryon organized a trip for Rachel to fly last month from New York to L.A. to Australia to Dubai and back to L.A.

In the emails, Bryon wrote, "Here are the details for all the flights. Sorry for all the changes. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Bryon." Rachel sent an email to someone afterward, forwarding the itinerary and saying, "My schedule so u have it in case the plane goes down."

As we first reported, Bryon Bell, President of Tiger Woods Design, purchased the plane ticket for Rachel and flew with her to Australia, where Tiger was playing the Australian Masters. He also paid for Rachel's room at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne -- the same place Tiger was staying.

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hellloo ??
it's pretty clear what's happening here.
TMZ has a deal with rachel's attorney.

tmz obligation: to spread the news that rachel did not get anything.
attorney's obligation: give the email exclusively to tmz.
i hope nobody in this forum is so stupid to believe, that rachel's friends sent this to tmz!
if she wanted to send the itinerary to her friend just in case the plane came down,there would be no need to attach byron's email, his address etc . now don't tell me she just forwarded it to her friend, that's complete bull. not when you know you're dealing with tiger woods, a secret trip and on top of that a married man.

read through guys, come on !

1783 days ago


Never in a million years would I think that the life of Tiger Woods, probably the most famous, admired and wealthiest athlete in the world would become a theater of the absurd.

1782 days ago


Long flight just to be laid...

1782 days ago

Madam Obvious    

It's just getting worse and worse for him, isn't it? I get a VIP call girl vibe from Ms Uchitel, there's just something about her that screams high class whore.

1781 days ago


Rachel looks like someone who has crawled out from under a rock...........

Please tell me where that rock is located......Please Please....!!!

Why I haven't seen where anyone says Tiger has really good taste.

1780 days ago


check out www.tigerwoodsisaliar.com

1779 days ago


I want everyone to be the first to know that i too have been having an affair with more then ten women all over the globe.

Why isn't anyone perched outside my home waiting to expose me?
Tiger made his mistakes and he will learn from them them just as we all do.

He knows in his own heart what he has done and understands fully that if his father were alive he would have pulled the belt out on his ASS! He let his Father down and the rest of his family.

Does anyone remember the Kobe scandal? After that he came out wiser and a better player. I look for tiger to do the same.

1778 days ago


What this is really proving is what a fake Tiger has been all along. Whether his dad did it to him or he is just that way...Tiger has no class...never has. He swears on the course even though he knows kids are around and he is repeatedly fined by the PGA...he won't talk to the press after a bad round but is all smiles after a good one...ever hear him congratulate the winner of an event he is in? never...Tiger is a jerk..now the world knows just how much he is..sorry he had to drag the game of golf into his sewer...but the game will recover and we will put Tiger into the rear view mirror...

1778 days ago

Pat G    

World's largest loser...lost his wife's love, the worlds respect and
a whole lot of $$$$.

1778 days ago


Uchi-tell is just another lying manipulative home-wrecking hooker. She whores herself to married men AND she pimps other girls as a "party planner" madam. THIS BITCH NEEDS TO NOT LIVE TO REGRET HER DESPICABLE DEEDS.

1778 days ago


Dear Tiger

You are a pathalogical liar, arrogant, shelfish and just palin dumb....Nike has a new ad campaign for you....JUST SCREW IT....

1777 days ago


Tiger will rebound and so will Elin - I do not feel sorry for either. Tiger did what he wanted and Elin had to know BEFORE they got married that pooday was in his face 24/7 and that he was NOT immune to it. It is comical at best the whole ordeal. She should continue to play wife because at the end of the day it pays to be Mrs Tiger Woods. Stay, raise your kids, spend his money, save and invest yours - keep Tiger making the money by looking wholesome - when he gets paid Elin gets paid. These women are just the tip of the iceberg - the ones that wanted to come out and talk. I am sure there are others that know if they do not blab, they stand to continue to have Tiger. Tiger can have ANY woman in the world ANY way he wants- Elins tantrum is nothing but a thing. Yes they should have privacy, however that privacy does not mean we cannot write articles and take pictures. When you live a puble life all public activity is open for scrutiny. Such is the case. Tiger and family need to go to some island and hire security to patrol the skies and water if they want privacy. Otherwise TMZ and the other tabloids continue doing what you do to provide us normal people with comic relief every now and again.

1774 days ago

Mike Licht    

1773 days ago

Mike Licht    

1773 days ago
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