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Carpenter Sues: I Fell for Barbra Streisand

12/6/2009 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A carpenter claims he fell head over heels for Barbra Streisand -- hard -- and now he's suing her for the injuries he allegedly sustained on the way down.

A guy named Daniel Ortiz claims he was hired as a carpenter to work on Streisand's home in Malibu, CA back in 2007. Ortiz claims he took a nasty spill into a ditch while working and badly injured himself -- and claims "negligence" on behalf of Streisand and the people she hired to handle the construction.

According to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court, Streisand "failed to take steps to either make the dangerous condition safe or warn [Ortiz]" of the ditch -- which he fell into while exiting an on-site trailer.

Ortiz claims the accident caused him "humiliation, fear, discomfort, anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress."

Ortiz wants money for damages -- call it a last ditch effort.


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1753 days ago


Right!! He couldn't see a DITCH?? Nice try but no jury's gonna pay you for being so stupid.Maybe he can sue his LAWYER for not being smart enough to tell him NO!!!

1753 days ago



1753 days ago



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1753 days ago



1753 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

Idiot. He should be sued for the total incompetence.

1753 days ago

pink lady    

wow what people will not say or do to get money from the star's these day's, the whole this is un-real to me and for a court to even consider this law suit is again un-real to me, he is probably a guy that cant find a job in today world, and is looking for an easy way out, doesnt sound like he was Injured to me, sounds like he need to see a shrink, lets get real people how many of us have stepped wrong in a pot hole or a hole in the ground for that matter and we are just fine.............

1753 days ago

Mary Worth    

He reminds me of the cop who arrested George Michael for "lewd conduct"; then after George endured all the resultant humiliation, sued George Michael for his, the cop's "notoriety" in the public eye. He claimed he "suffered" because of George Michael's arrest.

Wondered how much money he managed to "extort". (JMO!)

1753 days ago


That wasn't a ditch, it was the FREAKING PACIFIC OCEAN, so next time you work on a ladder in Malibu, take a look south before you decide to step way back to take a look at your freaking handiwork, MORON! Of course Streisand "failed to take steps" in the manner of Daniel Ortiz, because she watches where she goes. Got to be a new song in there somewhere.
over a cliff,
Daniel falls,
down there,
in the seaweed and seashells,
Daniel sells city slickers
soda by the seashore
'cause he was fired"

(......still needs some work but it's royalty free, ha ha)

1753 days ago

F. Attorneys    

Can we sue to have California pushed out into the ocean?

1753 days ago


You don't have to work 18-hour days for 3 years in your study to find out why the rich seem to be the only ones that are negligent.

1753 days ago


i have done manual labor all my life, you will get hurt it goes with the job, but 99 percent of all injuries mine included was because people where not paying attention we didnt sue hell we where at fault if anything, this idiot is what give people who do manual labor a bad name and rep.

1752 days ago

Just sayin'    


1752 days ago


Leave Babbs alone. She's fantastic and shouldn't have to pay some idiot that doesn't watch where he's walking or stepping. Case dismissed!

1752 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Ortiz -> can u say "blood sucking WIMP" ?

1752 days ago
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