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Med Board Wants Anna Nicole Drs Suspended

12/7/2009 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's doctors -- Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich -- will have their licenses temporarily yanked as a condition to bail, if the Medical Board of California has its way.

Med Board Wants Anna Nicole Drs Suspended

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the Medical Board wants the court in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial to prohibit Doctors Kapoor and Eroshevich from practicing medicine, as a new condition to their bail. If the Medical Board gets its way, the doctors' licenses will be suspended while the trial proceeds.

The Medical Board states, "waiting for a possible conviction to take action puts the public at risk." But in her opposition papers, Kapoor's lawyer, Ellyn Garofalo, says, "Surely the Medical Board would have been reckless or grossly incompetent if it had any evidence that Dr. Kapoor posed a serious threat and it waited over 2 1/2 years to protect the public."

The Medical Board also wants the court to force Doctors Kapoor and Eroshevich to surrender their controlled substance prescription forms.

In her documents, Garofalo notes Dr. Kapoor treats geriatric patients -- some of whom are in hospice and riddled with cancer -- and she says they are the real losers if he can't prescribe meds. Garofalo says there is no legal basis for the Board's request.

The court hasn't ruled on the Med Board's motion.


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Ya think!!! Hey, aren't they all (including Howard) in jail yet???

1781 days ago

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1781 days ago


About time..They should of had there medical lisences suspended when this first happened until the outcome of the trial.

I am not sure why they waited so long to do this.

1781 days ago


Don't be so quick to judge doctors. In some cases yes, but coming from wealth I can tell you what and what it is that if you want drugs you can get them. So maybe the doc prescribed her a few and she went out and picked up more on the black market. Ask any rock star. They BRING YOU ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING... WHAT i REALLY WANT TO KNOW IS:

1781 days ago


and dr murray is still practicing because??????????????? oh that's right.. michael jackson IS NOT deceased.

1781 days ago


so sad..i use to always watch her show! i think she was like one the first reality shows!! thirsty chrome soda is calling my name!

1781 days ago


great so now when will Murray and Klein be suspended and arrested??

1781 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

Anna Nicole Smith was a dirty, worthless hooker who exploited people to get money, fame or whatever she wanted. She married a man aged 90 for his money, she wasn't naive, innocent woman.

Let's not forget she was an adult, middle aged woman who could have been a grandmother. According to Larry Birkhead's testimony at the Bahamian Inquest, Anna Nicole GAVE Ecsatsy and methadone to her son Daniel who ovedosed and died. Anna Nicole was not "AMERICAN ROSE." PEOPLE SHOULDN'T GLORIFY NOR SANCTIFY woman who gave drugs to her son. She wanted money and fame without work, talent, education. Anna's death was a result of her reckless lifestyle.

1781 days ago


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1781 days ago


What's taken them so long? Both those doctors should lose their licenses and HKS should be kicked out of the bar. I'm reading "A Question of Murder" about Anna's death and it's astonishing what they put her through. Sickening, really.

1781 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

Anna Nicole had many choices, nobody told her what to do. She wanted huge breast implants though she had bad infection and back pain. She wanted a child, "blond, blue eyed, Anglo-Saxon" so she chose Larry Birkhead, homosexual sperm donor with contract. She knew she was addicted to painkillers, but wanted to get pregnant anyway. She used doctors and friends to get painkillers. She could have obtained drugs in the street or anywhere. Drug addicts always find the way.

The choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. Eleonor Roosevelt.

1781 days ago


Suspended?????? They and Howard $tern should be in jail. Its murder.

1781 days ago


If only the Med Board took proper action against their own when it's not a big media story.

1781 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Garofalo is correct. The Medical Board was the lead investigator for years before JB tried to make a good name for himself with these baseless charges against HKS/K/E. The prosecution brought a treating Psychiatrist into Court (Dr. Maullin, then at Cedars-Sinai) who testified that she treated ANS in Hospital the same way Dr. K did out of Hospital and she never discussed ‘addiction’ or being a ‘known addict’ to ANS, HKS or her private Doctors.

Besides the prosecution witnesses who mouth-breathed over PDR entries and Pharmacists who ‘recalled’ alarm from back in the day, no elements of any crime or ‘dangerousness’ was presented during the prelim.

Prosecutors remain desperate and are now having the Medical Board look as foolish as their former assistant DA who threatened LB to ‘ramp up’ his testimony and Dr. Maullin who was prepared to let stand the prosecution fairy-story until the Judge questioned her about her specific actions and words that in reality contradicted the prosecutor’s claims.

1780 days ago

steve hayes    

At Novus Detox we find instances daily where our patients received drugs from too compliant doctors. They all tell us stories of friend who died from drugs prescribed.

This is an epidemic and the only way to stop the vast spread of OxyContin--legal heroin, and the like. These drugs are killing and addicting vast numbers.


1780 days ago
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