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Duggar Fam -- Gallstones Didn't Faze Our Baby

12/8/2009 5:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TLC's other famous multi-child family, The Duggars, just issued a "Thank you" video to their fans ... as Michelle continues to recover from a gallstone emergency this weekend.

The Duggars: Click to watch
Michelle -- who's pregnant with the couple's 19th child -- says her gallstones have "calmed down" since being airlifted to the hospital ... and the baby gestatin' inside her "sounds good."

According to Jim Bob, she should be free to leave in a few more days.


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Obama is a Socialist!    

I cant stand these media whores. I wish they would just go away! I cant believe the media covers these people.

1757 days ago


Anyone else completely SICK of these people? Really? Nineteen kids - is that really necessary??!!! Ugggh

1757 days ago


Your "loose lipped" momma!!!!!!!!!

1757 days ago


I don't care if they are able financially to look after all these kids = what about their emotional needs? She can't possibly give each child the kind of attention they deserve growing up. All they care about is their insane need to keep procreating as if they're trying to beat some kind of record. The Dugger parents are extremely selfish and irresponsible.

It is also not fair for these two to use the olders ones as round the clock substitute parents for the younger ones. Did anyone ask them if they minded sacrificing their own childhood to look after all those younger kids? and there seems to be no end in sight to this madness either. I bet they are going to resent their parents big time in the future if they don't already.

1757 days ago


In any big family that natural that the older children help out & there not a thing wrong with that...Michelle & Jim Bob we will keep u in our prayers,and the unborn baby as well.The duggars are not selfish,too, they take care of their children..

1757 days ago


I'm surprised the son's wife isn’t pregnant again already, after all when they were married for three months and they interviewed her she was so upset she wasn't pregnant already..This family is single handedly taking care of overpopulation! I’m sure they can financially support all these children, but emotionally there is no way they can give each child the care they need. And the older children are always saying that they don’t mind watching their siblings, but what are they going to say..They were brainwashed by their parents to thinking that its normal to have 18 kids..None of these kids seem to have childhoods….. They should tie her tubes after the next birth!

1757 days ago


All you evil ass, stinking, jealous ass people, shut the hell up and leave these people alone! Just because no one is interest in any of y'all's boring ass lives, just shut up!

OOOOOOO, y'all are sick! Y'all probably can't have kids of your own, which is a good thing considering the rude ass remarks, and are just jealous!

1757 days ago


I feel bad for the kids. The older one's get stuck being second tier parents and no I'm not talking about a normal large family who's older kids 'help out'. There is no way these parents can give the attention and care to all of these kids equally. It's like running a day care 24/7. It's freaky and cultish, like the Jim Jones or David Karesh groups.. this guy wants his to own his own little community of offspring.

1757 days ago


8. LOL! Jealous of the Duggars! Jealous of what? All that work and expense - no thanks! I have three kids and I gave them all the attention and love they deserved individually while they grew up. When they were kids they were allowed to be kids, not hired help, somthing these parents are NOT doing.

Just because you CAN have all those kids doesn't mean you SHOULD.

1757 days ago


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1757 days ago


Wow, what a bunch of whiny ppl on here. Get over it, and take care of your own little brats.

1757 days ago


I can't believe how rude people are! How do you know if their emotional needs aren't being met? How do you know if they are unhappy? They seem just fine to me. It is not up to all of you to judge them. I know they're on TV, but that doesn't mean they are all secretly unhappy! GEEZ!!! I have a lot of kids and all of them are doing just fine.

1757 days ago


The Duggar husband and wife, obviously, love the attention they receive by having so many children and a show of their own. Their children, if they were not so brainwashed, could sue for neglect, abuse, and being brainwashed. However, they are so brainwashed now (the children), that they may never see how they've been used by their parents for fame and money.

1757 days ago

Bill Sager    

Does TLC pay these people to pop them out...or are they nuts...or just horny? Either way it's really sick.

1757 days ago


1757 days ago
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