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Tiger Woods -- Not the Best Man

12/8/2009 2:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods will not be showing up for his best friend's wedding this weekend, where he was scheduled to serve as best man.

Woods' childhood friend, Bryon Bell, is getting hitched in South Carolina on Saturday. Bryon got caught up in the whole mess with Rachel Uchitel. As we first reported, Bryon is the one who secretly booked and paid for Rachel to rendezvous with Tiger Woods in Australia last month.

Even though Tiger will be a no-show, people involved with the wedding tell us the wedding party has laid down the law -- no cell phones or cameras.

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Allen Ridak    

I'm tipping that Elin has barred Tiger from seeing Bryon. I can't think of any other reason.
What a terrible thing to do to your best friend!

1779 days ago



Do you mean to tell me that Bell's fiance hasn't figured this one out yet and she's still going to show up? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

1779 days ago


He's definitely not a best man. That bride might want to reconsider marrying Tiger's best friend. He might have parttaked in the ho ho hos and some of the drugs.

1779 days ago


Bro's before Ho's

1779 days ago


Bryon's intended should seriously look at him for being an enabler to Tiger's infidelity. He may just do the same thing as his boss, cheat on her days following the marriage. And Tiger woods is not a sex addict. He is worst than that. He is a sexual predator who preys on women whose economic status in life is way beneath his level; these women he can manipulate, control and treat them like he had bought them. Psychologically, he is one sick puppy. Probably hates women or has no respect for women (what did his mother or father do to his psyche as a child??) I do not think he will change unless he sees a psychiatrist who will not handle him wigh kids gloves and do an extensive psychoanalysis on this guy. And while he goes through this, Tiger should bring his childhood friend Bryon (guy needs help too).

1779 days ago


Well.........I know this is gonna come as a shock to a lot of you, but I too have been fooling around with Tiger. Couldn't help myself. I want to apologize to my wife and the whole country for this horrible lapse of good sense and discretion. What the heck was I thinking. Okay. Gotta go.
George W.

1779 days ago

jean wall    

this whole thing has got out of hand...i dont understand the women coming forth saying they was with him...is so they can have there name and pic on internet news.?.there was a time when you kept this to your self...these women arent ladys thats for sure...leave mr woods alone...

1779 days ago

who dat    

This woman must be delusional marrying this clown. Any guy who will assist his friend with two young babies to cheat cannot be trusted.

1779 days ago


White women are the nastiest in bed, everyone knows that.

1779 days ago


Byron's fiance must be so happy that the man she's about to marry has absolutely no problem helping his best friend cheat on his wife. Since when was the mark of a good friend the role of "yes man" and not a moral compass?

1779 days ago


How could anyone expect a Billionaire Athlete to be faithful to his wife! With all the women out there looking for rich athletes, he couldn't possibly be faithful! I am a woman and I say that marriage and sex with the same ol boring person gets OLD! I don't blame him for cheating...hell, he deserves it! I'm sure when he first got married, he was so in love with his wife that no other woman mattered, but after so many years of sex with the same person, you just got to get your hands on new stuff! It's what keep a man alive! If I was a wealthy athlete, I wouldn't get married, I would just play the field! Hey Tiger, get a divorce so that way you won't have to answer to anyone about your personal life and who you choose to hook up with. Nowadays, a broke and ugly man will cheat, so what do you expect for a good looking Billionaire to do... I would NEVER marry any kind of Sports Athlete expecting him to be faithful. It's like trying to pull a Lion's tooth out of his mouth, knowing that he's going to bite your head off when you attempt to remove it.

1779 days ago


Tiger isn't going to let anyone see him until his first golf tourney, it'll be a looooooong time before anyone gets a glimpse of him. He may even hide out for a year.

1779 days ago

Madam Obvious    

This woman is still going to go through with it and marry this amoral pimp/enabler? She has got to be freakin' kidding herself. Wake up and smell the coffee, Judy-Lynn and run, run like the wind to get away from Bryon Bell.

As for the Cheetah, I predict he will take indefinite leave from playing golf tournaments. He would be completely freaked out and traumatised by the events of the last fortnight and I think he is going to want to stay real low profile for a real long time.

1779 days ago


Being Bryon's best friend, Tiger, of course, has chosen not to be best man. This celebration is supposed to be one of the great days of a couple's lives; having Tiger there would guarantee it to be one of the worst. What a zoo of papparazzi, etc.!!!

But on another note: is Harvey Levin cute with a capital C!?! You betcha!

1779 days ago



1779 days ago
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