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Tiger Woods

Admitted to Hospital as OD

12/8/2009 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

HospitalTiger Woods was admitted to Health Central Hospital the day after Thanksgiving as an overdose.

Sources connected with the hospital tell TMZ the admissions chart lists "OD" and that he was having trouble breathing.

We're told the fifth floor of the hospital was put on lockdown when Tiger arrived. Tiger was admitted under an alias -- William Smith. His wife, Elin Nordegren was by his side.

As we first reported, Elin gave paramedics two pill bottles at the accident scene -- we now know the prescriptions were for Ambien and Vicodin. Tiger was in and out of consciousness, snoring at the scene, and our sources say he clearly appeared to be under the influence of something -- not alcohol.

We're also told doctors used a breathing tube to assist his respiration.

We're also told hospital officials changed Tiger's alias after a few hours to another alias because they feared people would find out he was there.

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Mrs. Butters...Don't you think what he did was disgusting? The man obviously has a problem with sexual addiction...and boinking is the appropriate term. What he is doing with 10 different women and most likely more than that is not called making love.

1779 days ago


The overdose sounds likely. I don't believe the tracheal damage since he was released from hospital not long after being admitted. Tracheal damage would require a prolonged intubation, but with an overdose, the tube used would be pulled as soon as the patient woke up and was appropriate. The snoring was an indicator that he was obstructing his own airway. If he had no gag (people lose their reflexes if they're too sedated) then that would have been an indication to intubate.

1779 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Colorado Debbie,You wondered if he was thinking about his kids when he was boinking, that's what is a disgusting thought.

1779 days ago

Vanessa Kaye    

So yeah no one has the right to judge Tiger some people were never meant to be married and I truely believe he is one of them. I kinda wish they would divorce like now although it wouldnt be Kosher for his image or whatever but This is real life, he hurt the mother of his two kids deeply and I don't feel like its fair for her to go through this. If he loved her he never would have done this to her and i mean REALLY LOVE, although he does obviously have a level of love for her.

So sad this whole thing especially when hes a high public hero type of figure who's like hella amazing. One thing is though, he is human.

My heart truely goes out to Elin and those two babies they have together.

1779 days ago

Mrs Butters    

anybody horny tonite?

1779 days ago


ummm william smith is a famous person too..what idiot picked the alias?

1779 days ago

What i think    

"OD" OVER DRIVEN. Yes, I can see why he would be admitted for "OD". He's gone thru how many women ? No telling......LOL !!! CHEATAHHH

1779 days ago


TMZ says that all the women he cheated with may come together at one time for a meeting. You could call it "The council of the Mistri" 'Mistresses' can be a clumsey word.

1779 days ago


His blood would have been taken which it never was. This story is BS

1779 days ago


It's so obvious he was beaten up by his wife. The poor guy. This is a serious issue.

I hope she gets found out for what she is.

1779 days ago


Wow...this just keeping getting more weird as each day passes. Now Tiger OD. What next?

1779 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

Sexual Addiction? He's a 33 year old man! I'll say this one more DAMN Time! If your perfect little hubby at home could get a different hot young girl every day he would. He doesn't do it because he isn't rich and famous so he's stuck with YOU! Look at Hugh Hefner, over 80 and still bangin 18 year olds!!!!!!! and still married! Married men still want a wife at home and other girls to play with. This has been going on forever. The men commenting on this site must all be gay. Straight men aren't offended by this!

1779 days ago


Enough already, first the press and public put Tiger on a pedestal, then we do everything and say anything to tear him down. Leave the man and his family alone and let them work out their issues in private!! I have to wonder how many of these so called reporters that are keeping this unfortunate story going are pure and innocent, what garbage is in their closets, why don't we go after them. As for all these women that are suddenly coming out, shame on you, funny how people will do and say anything for money. Elin and Tiger my thoughts and prayers are with you, keep your heads held high and I hope you can weather this storm and in the end make your relationship stronger. To these so called women and the press go slither back under your rocks and leave Mr. and Mrs. Woods alone.

1779 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

This was reported yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles on KABC Talk Radio.

If I recall correctly, they added that he was in ICU, that patients brought in in this condition are typically not released that quickly to go home, and that it likely was not snoring but obstructed airway.

1779 days ago


I don't know what it is about him that elicits sympathy, I don't like what he did to his wife and kids at all but somehow I'm compelled to just want him to get it together and make his way back...like a brother gone astray. You just don't get the same pleasure judging Tiger Woods...as you do those random celebutards that won't go away.

1779 days ago
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