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Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law -- The 911 Call

12/8/2009 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made this morning from Tiger Woods' home, after his mother-in-law Barbro Holmberg complained of stomach pains.

Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law -- The 911 Call

The caller hysterically tells the dispatcher that her mother has "collapsed." At one point, you can hear a kid screaming in the background ... and there's no evidence Tiger is in the house.


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who gives a flying _ _ _ _ about elin or her witch mom????????????? nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiger Rules!!!!

1779 days ago


MelissaB--Your comments were right on the mark, very eloquently said and I definitely agree with you. I was a huge Tiger fan, never missed a tournament and now am sick at what he has done to his beautiful wife and family. Hopefully Elin will not turn out to be one of those "stand by your man" women who appear weak and desperate. A one-way ticket to Stockholm out of this mad house will do her wonders right now.

1779 days ago

Tyger Hart    

Gosh I am so sick of hearing about Tiger Woods and his personal drama! When is the public going to realize that just because someone is a great athlete or celebrity in their chosen field that that doesn't neccessarily make them infallible human beings. Personally, I have never been a fan of Tiger's because I am not a fan of golf. But I think it's kind of messed up that a lot of the people who have supported him throughout his career as a great athlete are now dogging him. Tiger didn't disappoint his fans, I believe his fans have disappointed him by not giving him and his family the respect of allowing them to cope privately with what must be a very difficult situation without being judged. And I bet half of the people that are now calling him such a terrible person have been in similar situations themselves. What a bunch of hippocrites! Get your own lives in order before you go around condemning someone elses!

1779 days ago


Even when Elin moves back to Sweden the fervor is never going to die down until Tiger mans the F up and apologizes. His daddy was special forces didn't he teach tiger anything besides swingin his clubs?

1779 days ago

Dick Jacques    

I just got a call from a friend who flew to Hawaii today and said that Elin Woods was on his flight. Can you confirm?

1779 days ago


It's not official. The beeyatch is obviously a psycho case. A sane person with common sense would not freak out the way she did. Tiger should have dumped her. She is fit for some reality TV on VH1.

1779 days ago


There is no way Elin is flying anywhere on commercial there ???

1779 days ago


Tiger Woods is NOT a man. He is a bed wetting sorry excuse of a human being who has messed around behind his wife´s back. Why doesn´t he behave like a man and come out from under his rock and face the music. Hiding out is he? He doesn´t seem to have been hiding out when he was messing around with his skanks in church parking lots. I am so disgusted by this guy that I want to kick his balls to the roof of his mouth. I hope Elin gets A LOT of money, dumps him and then meets A REAL MAN !!!

1779 days ago


Are they still living in the 60's? Who doesn't have a cordless phone -- as rich as they are? That's one reason we have 2 in the house, just in case we need it for an emergency, and 1 hard line phone in the kitchen. Odd.

1779 days ago


Good God!! Don't they have a damn cordless phone!!???

1779 days ago


Sign the petition

1779 days ago


33. It's not official. The beeyatch is obviously a psycho case. A sane person with common sense would not freak out the way she did. Tiger should have dumped her. She is fit for some reality TV on VH1.
You must be out of your mind!! I challenge you to go through what she has the last couple of weeks and then watch your mother collapse. Hopefully, Elin will do the dumping, take his money and then go back to Sweden and meet A REAL MAN !! Tiger Woods is pathetic. If he had any balls he would come out, face the public and bloody explain his actions. He should face all those young kids who look up to him and the people who buy the products he endorses and explain himself to them. Most importantly... he should seek some help for that messed up head of his. He is hiding because he is scared. Wasn´t scared to whip his d--k out was he?

1779 days ago



You have to be a reverse racist and a psycho yourself to make that comment about a beautiful, educated, and honorable caucasian woman who has two children under the age of two years, i.e. one that is only nine months of age and both completely dependent on their mother for survival. Your contribution on these blogs is incredibly disgusting...believe it or not, a great majority of Americans (outside of Hollywood, Vegas, Florida, and the inner cities) actually live relatively civil lives with marriages of respect and dignity and, particularly, when there are small children dependent upon the love and survival of both parents not one of them out whoring around. Most of us aren't accustomed to living a daiy existence of personal chaos as does a certain segment of the population (all you have to do is listen to the lyrics of a certain genre of music to figure that one out).

Leave Elin Woods and her family alone!

1779 days ago


911 calls should not be public, especially when it's not crime related . it'll get to the point where the caller is so aware of his words becoming public that he won't be as helpful as he could least paparazzis are not allowed to trespass, this to me is worse .

1779 days ago


I don't blame Elin at all for cracking tiger over the head with a golf club in fact the best case scenario for EVERYONE is Tiger committing suicide> Elin will be happy, sponsors, world of golf...........and in a few months after his death when a young boy or girl asks their parents "who was tiger woods" all the have to say in reply is "no one you would ever want to meet"............

c'mon tiger those vicodins you carry 24/7 take them all and wash it down with a six pack!

1779 days ago
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