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Johnson & Johnson Heiress Charged

12/11/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Casey Johnson -- heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune -- has been charged with two felonies for allegedly stealing a bunch of stuff from her former girlfriend.

Johnson has been charged with first degree residential burglary and receiving stolen property.

The felony complaint alleges the burglary of Jasmine Lennard's home occurred between October 15 and November 17 of this year -- and Casey allegedly received stolen goods "on or about November 30."

The missing items include lingerie, personal mail, clothing, jewelry, a camera and handbags -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ it was all worth around $22,000.

Casey is due back in court later this month.


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The fact that she's "engaged" to Tila Tequila says a lot!........GET OFF THE DRUGS AND BE A PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN BIOTCH!

1746 days ago


I Don't this broad will be stealing from her new GF Tila, seeing as Tila ain't got $hit!
.Except for some serious mental problems

1746 days ago


Hey at least this is better then the other Johnson & Johnson Heir. That wacko killed his gay lover!

1746 days ago


Maybe that cheap costume jewelry Tila is showing off is one of the pieces that Casey stole.

Nothing about Casey's kid that she adopted, then got bored with, and her mother has to take care of now?

This goes to show that no matter how much money a person has, trash will always be trash.

Casey has lost all her money though and Tila is about to go bankrupt from losing money she doesn't even have to Shawne Merriman. Good to see Tila finally admitted to lying about the whole incident with Shawne too.

1746 days ago



1746 days ago


PPL if u hate Tila and you have a twitter, twitter bash Tila at (@officialTila) Its a sloww work day gotta pass the time some way!

1746 days ago

Cool Canuck    

A typical everyday spat between a rich prima donna and her BFF-of-the-week. Does'nt usually spill into the courts, though. I'm sure the Johnson family is not impressed. They have worked hard for over a century to protect and enhance the family image of their company. Someone should just pay the girlfriend for her property, and to shut up in the future regarding this unfortunate incident.

1746 days ago

J C    

Obsessive compulsive codependent .
Widespread acceptance J & J heiress's lifestyle conspires to keep her in denial.
Homosexuality is addiction.

1746 days ago

alainea bobbit    

This is what one of her model friends had to say about Casey on some website:

"I tried to get her off drugs and alcohol. I tried to get her into a 12-step program. I tried to help take care of her daughter. I've given her money," she said.

"I am the only person who helped this girl, and I believe she was obsessed with me, and thinks in her mind we had some kind of affair. That is not the case."

She said she was outraged: "She breaks into my Hollywood apartment, masturbates in my bed, has a shower in my bathroom, takes every thing in my apartment."

"This time she really messed with the wrong lady. I am going to teach her a lesson," Lennard vowed.

Not exactly the image I want in my mind if Im buying baby oil. I was scarred by their large size band-aids a year or so ago from the glue. It took a whole year to make the red band-aid outline leave my skin!I called their 1800 number to report it and they acted as if its never happened before and offered me a refund.

1746 days ago


She is just as crazy as her fiance Tila Tequlia. And I heard they are having to have a child?! OH SWEET JESUS HELP THESE CRAZY WOMEN!!!!

1746 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Funkin' carpet munchers.
Quit living off your family name and stand on your own two feet for once, beeyotch.
Reminds me of Paris Hilton and all those other losers that don't contribute to society.

1746 days ago


Isn't it a little ironic that J&J is always bragging about how it's a wholesome "family company", and yet the Johnsons themselves behave like this? I actually thought J&J was, like, an offshoot of the religious right. And half their kids are gay? wtf?! Hypocrites, all of them!

1746 days ago


And I'm working f*cking hard everyday for JNJ and this bitch steals. JNJ could have saved job instead of laying off 8,000 people this past thanksgiving, and the 5,000 people last year. She doesn't need the royalties, let her keep stealing so maybe someone can keep a job.

1746 days ago


What? Sales on floor wax and Windex down THAT drastically? Now she has to creep into other folks places to snatch pocket change? Goes to show ya, the alternate lifestyle is so shaky that even wealthy folks go nuts! By the way, the fake ring she gave to Tila is still too pricey for that skank

1745 days ago


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