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Duggar Baby #19 Born After Emergency C-Section

12/11/2009 11:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle DuggarMichelle Duggar gave birth to baby #19 last night after the reality star was rushed to the operating room for an emergency.

TMZ spoke with a rep from TLC who told us, "Michelle, who has been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone, was taken to the OR for an emergency c-section."

At 6:27 PM, Michelle and Jim Bob welcomed their new daughter, Josie Brooklyn ... who weighed in at 1lb., 6 oz.

We're told Michelle is resting comfortably and the baby is "stable" -- although she's in the neonatal intensive-care unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The rep added, "The most important thing right now is for Mom and baby Josie to get as much rest as possible. The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery."

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so wrong    

Give this family a break! They take care of their kids with no assistance, which is more than can be said for many families with WAY less children. If you don't like them, don't let them into your living rooms on TV. But don't bash them for doing what they feel convicted to do.

Posted at 4:22PM on Dec 11th 2009 by Amber

Oh please, a bunch of BS, they're havng these kids for the show, paycheck increase each time Jim Bob shots a load. These parents don't take care of these children, the older kids do, they do everything. And, yeah...who's gonna take care of this premature baby, the older daughters. Disgusting.

No finacial assistance, hello paycheck via TLC.

If this is their 'gift from god' god's way, then god and Michelle can deliver all these kids right out of their home and not use intervention from the natural course of god by way of technology and medical staff to pop out their clan. God also made those talented and smart enough to discover and invent BIRTH CONTROL!

1775 days ago


Gee they just could not wait to announce it could they?? These people are just the next Jon and Kate, they will be good for a few years and then everything will take a turn and they will end up in the same boat as Jon and Kate are in now...All reality show couples have ended in disaster.

With that said these two are in there 40's , it is time to start having kids because once you get into your 50's that is when things can start to go wrong and they really do not need to be leaving young children behind. It is time to stop having kids and start thinking about grandkids, they already have one which again they could not wait to get that one announced either.

You can already tell they are changing, look at Michelle you can tell she has had her hair treated and she tans.

1775 days ago

a fan of the show    

All of you with your negative comments, have you ever seen their show. They are a very loving family and every one of their children is loved and treated probably better than children in families that have less children. It doesn't matter if its her first or 19th child, the child needs prayers and and family needs good wishes and support, not the garbage you are writing. This is a faith filled family so even without your prayers they will get through this.

1775 days ago


It is very obvious which commentors watch the show and which do not. If you watched the show you wouldn't make such comments as 'they don't even know their kids' or 'the kids do all the work while michelle sits around pregnant.' They have a lot of kids. They are well adjusted good children and adults. Their parents have instilled great values and intergrity in their children. We should be so lucky to all have children and siblings and parents who are so respectful, loving and understanding. You can't tell me that you would refuse money if TLC came knocking on your doors. You can't tell me that all of you are careful of your carbon footprints or have children who are making a positive difference in the world.

And to those of you who write comments like "the baby should die soon .or it will have nothing but suffering" are definitely ignorant. Go educate yourself before you make such comments. Your embarassing yourself!

1775 days ago


It is definitely time for them to stop having children. This baby may have multiple health problems being such a low birth rate. But who knows - they might just keep on pumping them out even if they come out dead. It really is sad that they are using such bad judgment. They can enjoy their grand-children surely if they need a baby in their lives at all times.

1775 days ago

Was actually there!    

Wow, what if the complications had led to her death. 19 kids without a Mom! Time to stop and appreciate what you have.

1775 days ago

so wrong    

by judy

Ah yeah, I've watched the show and tuned out, i thought it was disgusting the way the older girls take care of everything, cook, clean, diaper, raise the younger kids. Michelle is always pregnant and does nothing but delegate and assign choirs to her kids.


And, hello, you also have no idea what goes on behind the camera, it's a show, exactly that. These dumb nuts are having kids for money. Open your eyes. These parents don't know the first thing about any single one of these kids; their aspirations, dreams, fears, individual characteristics, what their favorite story is,etc..

1775 days ago

so wrong    

Yeah, that Jim Bob blow your load character spends more time on his hair and hairspray then he does every reading or doing anything real with those kids.

I'm sure once the cameras are off, the kids go back to their daily routinue of laundry, diapers, cleaning, cooking, and slaving to their parents.

1775 days ago

so wrong    

Jim Bob - Michelle, clip it and snip it.

Enough already, you're a disgrace! Let your kids have a damn life rather than using them as your personal slaves and a ploy and plot for your TV show (in the name of God, give me a break!) Older girls are now going to have to take care of mom and premature baby because she'll have to be on bed rest, etc...same old thing after every birth, until she's preggers again!

Free the Duggar Children!

1775 days ago

dr fred    

sorry JUDY but this Baby will most likely not live...or at best live in exist 100% suffering.
sad indeed, but true..

The Duggars need to learn about BC ..The poor baby is only alive due to severe medical care.

Yes, all children are lovely..but this is irresponsible along with the other 17 too many children they have spawned.
every new person create a strain on our world BTW from GOD).

every problem our world faces is a result of "over popopulation"

the Duggars contribute

1775 days ago


I pray for the Duggars. Get well soon!

1775 days ago

just asking    

If someone had 19 different sex partners, no one cares and no is supposed to judge them. You never hear people say things like "oh my you should stop having sex with so many different people or your insides will fall out"

Yet, these people who are married, supporting their own children with no government assistance are always getting vulgar things said about them.

People say that they should adopt but why should they or anyone else adopt children that some skank made with some strange sex partner that they probably never saw again and probably can't even remember their name.

From my friends experiences with adoption they lied to them (both family, years apart) and actually hid important health information about their sons to make them "more adoptable" Both of these boys were born to drug addicted moms (crack in one case and heroin in the other) It took the families year upon years and thousands of dollars to finally get the information that they needed to help their sons.

I say sterilize all of the drug addicts first. Then if people stopped sleeping around there would be millions fewer unwanted babies in the world which would greatly reduce the overpopulation in the world!!!

Let the people that WANT children HAVE children.

Best of luck to them and their family.

1775 days ago

Your name:    

The vagina... Not a clown car.

1775 days ago


Mormons are sex crazed addicts. This is disgusting! I hope people stop watching their show so they get kicked off the network... I'm tired of hearing about her getting knocked up yet again. Please God let this old hags well dry up soon!!!

1775 days ago

Just sayin'    

Free The Duggar Girls!!!

Maybe the girls will be able to run away while their parents are at the hospital!

The boys, I'm not so worried about. They have it pretty good there, but hey, If they want to run while the girls are, you can't blmae them :)

1775 days ago
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