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Duggar Baby #19 Born After Emergency C-Section

12/11/2009 11:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle DuggarMichelle Duggar gave birth to baby #19 last night after the reality star was rushed to the operating room for an emergency.

TMZ spoke with a rep from TLC who told us, "Michelle, who has been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone, was taken to the OR for an emergency c-section."

At 6:27 PM, Michelle and Jim Bob welcomed their new daughter, Josie Brooklyn ... who weighed in at 1lb., 6 oz.

We're told Michelle is resting comfortably and the baby is "stable" -- although she's in the neonatal intensive-care unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The rep added, "The most important thing right now is for Mom and baby Josie to get as much rest as possible. The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery."

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Paulie Wants a Cracker    

It's not our call to say if it's right or wrong for a woman to have that many children but good grief that to me is too many children. How in the world can you give that many children enough attention to matter. We all know why we watch, we watch because it's like a circus and we are waiting for the first kid to really mess up. You can't have that many children and not think a few will become really screwed up adults. I'm sorry but I find this family odd and I truly believe in years we will hear a story on them that will shock all of us. I find the dad kooky and I think his wife is just a submissive and insecure woman. The father demands that his daughters all have long hair, doesn't anyone find that odd that a daddy would want his daughters to look a certain way. Creepy.

1675 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

So if it's God's way then why don't all the people at my church and millions of other churche's have parents with that many kids? So they are christians and the rest that say they are with only 2 or 3 kids are not? I am confused because we have very few "So Called Christians" with that many kids. Are we having christians be selective on how they follow the word? It looks like it to me, I have a cousin who is like this bible belt christian and she stopped having kids after 3, so who is right here. I just think the duggars are freaks, Jim Bob is a freak and I find him to be suspect of not being this so called nice man he portrays on tv. I think Michelle is controlled by Jim Bob and doesn't know any better. What woman would want to do nothing with her life but clean, cook and raise 19 children. I love my kids but I am smart enough to of stopped when I felt i reached my limit not just for myself but for time I spend with my kids. I can't imagine having so many kids that I couldn't spend quality time with them each and know them personally. Those kids are like robots, I doubt that they know any of there kids personally.

1675 days ago


I think it is SICK that there are people here downing this family at a time like this. You do not know them, and you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. They are a wonderful family, with very happy, well-behaved children. They are completely debt-free, use as little resources as possible (reusing, recycling and living smartly!) and LOVE GOD. What is wrong with that?!

For those of you who deem yourselves worthy to pass judgment on their reproductive choices, I am GLAD that your opinions have no say on their rights. These 19 children are well taken care of by two parents that love them. They pay their OWN way in this world, and make smart choices, which allow them the ability to have and care for this many children.

I hope and pray that this little girl gets through this happy and healthy,.

1673 days ago


I don't care if they have kids, at least they can take care of them. Versus Kate and Octomom who would be incompetent without the help of TV shows.

1672 days ago


I'm seriously appalled.

My sympathies to that poor baby and my prayers go to her...NOT her irresponsible parents.

19 children in todays society is WAY WAY too much! Adopt for God's sakes! Imagine how many children you could have that way by giving them a caring home!...oh adoption agency in their right state of mind would EVER approve an adoption to tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum here because they already have 19 kids. Common sense dictates that there's no possble way to give each one of those children proper attention. NOT saying they don't get attention, I'm sure they're all loved, but I mean the kind of attention that children need...nay...DEMAND of their parents everyday.

Please stop Michelle and Jim.

1672 days ago


Okay, I'm sure that this has already been said, but maybe, just maybe this will the the sign from God that they need to stop having children. Michelle is getting too old to have babies, her body has got to be completely worn out, they run more and more risk every time she gets pregnant.

1626 days ago


ok serisoly guys DONT dog the Duggers!!!it is THEIR religion to not use protection!!!KNOCK IT OFF!!they leave it in gods hands to grant them a baby or not and he has a good reason why he made this baby come guys wouldnt disrespect the jewish faith or the catholic faith!!!now LEAVE this family alone and let them be with their family the way THEY want...ITS THEIR CHOICE....they DONT live to please ANYONE but GOD!!!

1669 days ago
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