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Duggar Baby #19 Born After Emergency C-Section

12/11/2009 11:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle DuggarMichelle Duggar gave birth to baby #19 last night after the reality star was rushed to the operating room for an emergency.

TMZ spoke with a rep from TLC who told us, "Michelle, who has been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone, was taken to the OR for an emergency c-section."

At 6:27 PM, Michelle and Jim Bob welcomed their new daughter, Josie Brooklyn ... who weighed in at 1lb., 6 oz.

We're told Michelle is resting comfortably and the baby is "stable" -- although she's in the neonatal intensive-care unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The rep added, "The most important thing right now is for Mom and baby Josie to get as much rest as possible. The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery."

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Not me    

I'm totally clueless. Who are these people and why are they on TMZ?

1747 days ago


I pray for the family and the new baby but I also pray that jim bob learns to keep it in his pants. This woman's poor body has been through enough already. Seems like they keep trying to have another baby but her body is shutting down. It is unhealthy to have that many pregnancies. I hope they call it quits after this and don't try for #20. One of these days something horrible will happen and that man is going to lose both his wife and baby.

1747 days ago


I agree with #14-they are selfish to the extreme. How much time does each child get with their parents? There can't be much nuturing or guidance-those kids will grow up naive and lost.

1747 days ago


I hope the baby is okay. That said the parents are religious wackos.

1747 days ago


Babies are born premature at 1 lb-2 lbs all the time :-( . havent you guys ever been to the march of dimes site?

1747 days ago


Our family is praying for your little one and the rest of you. May God give you comfort and strength during this time. Fight the good fight! We rejoice with you on this new little life that God so graciously has welcomed into this world. There is a purpose for this little one, no doubt.

1747 days ago


Stop having kids. Seriously, it's disgusting. Selfish...

1747 days ago


I love this couple - the sincerity of their convictions - their love for each other and their children - they are very much what our country was about a long time ago - and I very much appreciate that their female children dress appropriately - they show respect for themselves and their parents. Hope all is well with the new baby!

1747 days ago


Hey haters,

Regardless of your pathetic opinion of this family's reproductive choices, you do know that a 1 lb.6 oz. baby is a micro preemie, right?
This little girl is fighting for her life and you sit here and make fun of her mother and father's choices.
Shame on you! Grow the hell up already.

Just remember, what goes around comes around.
It can be your daughter or daughter in law that delivers a preemie next time due to preeclampsia and I KNOW for a FACT you would not want someone criticizing you in your most vulnerable moments.

These comments just show how far our society has gone as far as manners and compassion... :(

1747 days ago


Some of you people are heartless... the baby did nothing wrong. Yes, I agree they need to stop having children and focus their attention on the ones they have, but this shouldn't be their punishment. That baby is in extremely critical condition and my guess if you live to be 95, you will not have to endure the pain and suffering this child will in it's first few weeks of life.

1747 days ago


Oh hooray! Another Duggar girl born, to be enslaved and treated as a 2nd class citizen just like her sisters, whose almighty purpose is to bow down and make sure the Duggar boys are of course the number one priority, because just like good ole Jim Bob, only the boys matter. These poor girls get to look forward to a life of being a brood mare just like their mother, where they are nothing but a slave to their almighty males.

While you are there sterilizing Michelle, would someone please do the same to Jim Bob and neuter him for good? Oh we can't cut our hair cause Dad likes it long, what a bunch of freakizoids, all to feed the ever growing ego of one Jim Bob Duggar. That man is the biggest piece of sh*t on this earth, but you wait, as soon as he's able too, he'll mount Michelle and number 20 will be on its way probably in the next couple of months.

I'd like to see exactly *who* is going to be picking up the neonatal tab for the one pound preemie....Wait thats right, the Duggar's declare themselves exempt from taxes because they are a church...What a crock!

1747 days ago


regardless of number 19 or number 1...this is still a scary situation.

these people raise their children on their own. they do not ask for government help.

sure they have 19 kids. but who cares? last time i checked my voicemail i didn't have a call from them asking me to help raise them.

1747 days ago


THIS IS JUST MY OWN OPINION!!: I really hope this baby will survive, but at just 1 lb.... This family has been very lucky to have so many healthy children. I hope they take this as a sign that it's time to care for their other children without relying on their older children to do their job for them, and stop contributing to the overpopulation of the world. Unfortunately, they now have a very small, very sick baby to care for, which will require 24/7 care for a long time, if she survives. For those who say this is "God' will"... no being, good as people say their God is, would be willing for innocent children to suffer. I hope the very best for this family, and I hope they make the right decisions regarding having more children in the future. One time with something of this situation should be enough for them to get it.

1747 days ago


Oh wow.. that's tiny.

Sending lots of prayers to the little Duggar and her Mommy.

1747 days ago


1 lb 6 oz is right guys she was not due until middle of March. This baby was way early and she should take it as a sign to stop having children........

1747 days ago
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