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Car Co. to Anka: Your Wife Is a Wreck

12/13/2009 8:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And now the latest installment in the bashing of Paul Anka's soon-to-be ex-wife Anna -- courtesy of the place where Paul buys his cars.

Eric Brooks -- the president of L.A. Car Connection -- sent Paul a letter on Tuesday to comfort him during the big split ... by describing Anna as one of the most foul-mouthed, over-the-top and unreasonable people on the planet.

Brooks even offers a few anecdotes to prove it:

-- "I have never heard so much vulgar words and profanity come out of someone's mouth within a 30 second episode."

--"She left her lights on and her battery was dead and really tried to blame it on the 'piece of **** car' she bought."

--"When I recommended that she [get new tires] because I could see the metal sticking out of the tires ... She blamed it on the piece of **** car ... a Mercedes Benz S63."

Brooks finishes it off by saying, "I can assure you that you deserve much better."

We think the people at Canyon View Training Ranch for Dogs will agree.


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A few things about this. If Paul Anka and his wife reconcile this guy is totally screwed for being such a blatant starfu##er kissass.

It's really quite revolting that someone would be such a kiss-ass that they would write a letter saying there sorry there having marital problems. Just the problem you want to get from your F'ing car dealer. If it was written from friend-to-friend it wouldn't be on a letter-head and signed as "president"

Finally, dude, get someone to write your letters for you.

1775 days ago


As I have stated in the past, I have been in love with Paul Anka forever (okay, since the early 60's). Of course, he doesn't know me, and, being the important celebrity that he is - he couldn't be bothered to know me. So, all I want to say is that I am grateful that he is safe. It was like a early christmas present for me to read that he has filed for a divorce. With GOD's guidance, hopefully both Paul and Anna will find someone better to unconditionally love.

1775 days ago


hmmmmm what can I say.... I do recall a TV show with Pauls wife Anna that was shown in Sweden. Two things realy made me feel unconfortable. One is the way she spoke to her gardener. The other thing was the way she "spoke" to her little girl after she picked her up from her father who she had a conflict with. Both incidentes made it very clear this woman can be very good in degrading people and threatening her kids.

Working for her must be terrible. Having her as a mother can not be easy eather.

I admire Paul for even marrying her in the first place and truly wanting to make her happy. Maybe he belived he could calm her down by giving her a beautyful home and a lot of love.

Well it did not help. She will never find an other husband that will spoil her with so much kindness as Paul Anka did. One day she will morn the loss of her marriage.

1775 days ago


JAMES my fellow writer :-o)

How come you sound just like Anna Anka?

"THIS GUY" will most likely NOT be screwed, on the contrary. Letters like this can be used in court and help Paul to get more control over the uppbringing of his children.

If someone is "screwed" here it is Mrs Anka!

1775 days ago

Fred Farkel    

estrogen, lack of

1775 days ago


So did he send tmz a copy?

Strange people.

1775 days ago


As far as I've heard, neither Paul nor Anna are well-balanced, nice, fun people to be around. I wish the kids good luck and hope there is some warm and happy person around them.

The letter is a nosy disgrace.

Btw, tmz - thanks for not having tmz live on the main page anymore. This way, I can't see or hear you, so I can use that half hour for other stuff!

1775 days ago


I think it was great of Mr.Brooks to send this letter to Paul Anka, putting the light on the person who deservs it!! This will might help Paul in court. This woman is very mentally ill. You should have seen her participation in the reality show "Swedish Hollywood wifes" and you would have been frighten... She is insane & mad, she is screaming all the time to everyone, to the staff at home, the staff at the hotels, exactly in the same manor as she has been yelling to the staff at the car company. She thinks she is the "Queen" above all other human beings. Not even the royal family in Sweden would ever think of behaving like she does. She is a disgrace to the Anka family. I feel sorry for her kids. At one time on this reality soap she is going to pick-up her daughter from her ex.husband. We he, Mr. Yaeger, finds out that he is on camera he drives from the pick-up spot to the nearest police station. Mrs. Anka drives after him screaming and swearing into the camera. When she reaches the police station she runs inside grabs the little girl in her hand and pulls her out, while screaming that her ex.husband is a complete idiot etc, etc and this just infront of the camera and her little beautiful daughter that looks terrified. The social welfare in California should look in to this case.

1774 days ago


Tough. The old fool should have stayed married to his first wife and not chased a gold-digger young enough to be his granddaughter.

1774 days ago


Why didn't the car company president direct his comments directly to Anna instead of Paul? Sounds like he didn't have the nerve.
Paul can do nothing to change her behavior... she's not a child.
Wow. What a mess.

1774 days ago


I agree anna is a big fat liar, she is abusive at her kids"yelling at the baby to eat yogart or he can't leave the table"and just acting like shes queen bee.I have seen her shows on you tube and it's a disgrace,I feel for paul,he is my friend and i have been abused nad can relate all the way around.
when someone like that goes outta her way to bark at people paul knows"dog trainers and car people" let alone workers and firing a maid she had no right to do,tries to come off that shes better looking then most because she has on clothing and jewlery and bragging how much it cost{consided} then she deserves to be shown who she really is,I believe she had ethan as a pawn to grab paul,although ethan is pauls blessing and awfully cute might i add,she used paul,she used him for money, a lavish life style just so she could say"i am mrs. anka" and rub things into peoples faces,which is disgusting.I could care less about pauls money or nice home,he is a human being first,I love him for that, not because he's just an entertainer and i love his music but because he has helped many charities and people alike, you don't honestly think anna anka would part with her spolied time to help her fellow man ,now do you?
on her fb i got called a "B" by one of her friends all because he asked what happened between them and i said"read the news" and made it clear none of pauls friends or fans believe anything she says,paul never, would never hold anything to anyones head,he has done nothing but try and treat her special and he got burned in the end, plus she shoved him, first throwing ice, now shoving, he can get her physical abuse,he can get her on verbal abuse and verbal abuse of minors,pauls seeking custody of both kids thank god,he is not mental folks,he is very stavle and if i had to back him up,I will,he has done so much for so many,that people forget, anna anka is nothing, will always be nothing and i would never pay to see a movie she is in, ick.

1774 days ago


I am sure there is a twenty something hoe in the wings waiting to comfort Paul. Men with money can get all the young stuff that they want.

1774 days ago


Sorry I for one do not feel sorry for Mr AnkaHole, this is what happens when you cheat on your wife with the hired help, don't forget this woman his soon to be ex-wife was hired to be his personal trainer or something to that extent, he then cheated on his then wife with this piece of crap, so he gets all that he deserves.

This is what happens when you cheat and go for the trophy wife who only wants your money and fame to rub off on her, reminds me of Lionel Richie and his other woman/wife who tried to take him to the cleaners...... Anka's wife will more than likely do the same.

1774 days ago

AZ Fan    

Mr. Car Company President...Where did You go to school...And who taught you grammar...or maybe they din't...But I think that they of the people of Hollywood thought of that you may seriously suck at writing letters. God, my eyes hurt.

I agree with one part of James' comment. In the event that these two fame-whores (she may be a bitch, but let's face it - he's putting these letters out there) get back together, Mr. L.A. Car Connection is screwed. He may be screwed anyway; I mean, would I want my husband working with a guy who may publicly throw me under the bus if he hears hubby and I are not getting along sometime in the future?

1774 days ago


Thanks for bursting my balloon that Paul has flaws. So do I. Like the song - my heart has a mind of it's own and it has high tolerance for heart-ache. As for my "teen" idol - after this miserable experience, he will write better music than ever before because life's twists and turns are what mature us for real love and life. Let this be a lesson for elders and youth alike - money can't buy you love. Beauty fades. Love is patient and caring.

1774 days ago
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