Car Co. to Anka: Your Wife Is a Wreck

12/13/2009 8:02 AM PST

Car Co. to Anka: Your Wife Is a Wreck

And now the latest installment in the bashing of Paul Anka's soon-to-be ex-wife Anna -- courtesy of the place where Paul buys his cars.

Eric Brooks -- the president of L.A. Car Connection -- sent Paul a letter on Tuesday to comfort him during the big split ... by describing Anna as one of the most foul-mouthed, over-the-top and unreasonable people on the planet.

Brooks even offers a few anecdotes to prove it:

-- "I have never heard so much vulgar words and profanity come out of someone's mouth within a 30 second episode."

--"She left her lights on and her battery was dead and really tried to blame it on the 'piece of **** car' she bought."

--"When I recommended that she [get new tires] because I could see the metal sticking out of the tires ... She blamed it on the piece of **** car ... a Mercedes Benz S63."

Brooks finishes it off by saying, "I can assure you that you deserve much better."

We think the people at Canyon View Training Ranch for Dogs will agree.