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'Jersey Shore' Cast

Not So Welcome in LA

12/13/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The kids from "Jersey Shore" have been all over Hollywood this weekend, but not everyone is glad to see Snooki & company.

We got her with Mike "The Situation" and Pauly D outside MI6 in West Hollywood where a few clubgoers had some less-than-positive things to say about them ... and the entire state of New Jersey.


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Fred Farkel    

As far as I am concerned... the boys are acting pretty damn respectful considering all the taunting that's being thrown around.

As for the Jersey females??

Oh Lord.


1754 days ago


It's laughable that the idiotic vermin who live in God's little garbage dump (aka Los Angeles) are delusional enough to think they're somehow superior to these Jersey (actually New York) folks! This is further proof that LA is the world's epicenter of mental illness. What do Angelinos contribute to the world, beyond STDs and badly lit amateur sex tapes?

Posted at 2:07PM on Dec 13th 2009 by oh brother
Well said.

1754 days ago


The girls all appear to be dumpy. Get rid of the girls. Show some guy on guy sex and you might be able to save the show.

1754 days ago


People are clearly hating on these kids! I mean look at them, they are just glowing.

1753 days ago


come on please.... everything on reality tv is like this... know one says anything about the real world with all diffrent races acting a fool or flavor of love having the majority of blacks looking like gold diggers... its just tv get over it...Its just making the italians taking s**t look like they are better than everyone!!!!!!!

1753 days ago


What the hell? I'm from the Jersey Shore and you can't trash talk the entire state. Only one of the cast members (Angelina) was actually from NJ and she left after episode 2. All of these disgusting guidos are from NEW YORK. Every year they come down to my home, and ruin it for everyone.

1753 days ago


Just an observation . . . You can tell that the loud, short chick is going to be a fat Italian mess in about 10 years. Women with her body type don't hold up well over time. On another note . . . Isn't that comedian Paul Rodriguez in the background?? (lol!)

1753 days ago


I thought Beavis and Butthead were off the air

1753 days ago


hahaha these kids are morons. i love the short chick's 90's style white hair clip tho, hahahaha talk about classy! how sad. i feel sorry for their future offspring.

1753 days ago

TV Guy    

god get the F out of Hollywood they are going to all my clubs. You can tell the economy is crap now, these Hollywood clubs would not let garbage like them in 6 months ago. Whats the dumb chic got in her hair a comb or something. Last night it was freezing and raining in town, everyone had jacket on except those two dumb ass dudes. At least the bimbos on the Hills are hot, and know how to dress. I feel sorry for Italians and people from New Jersey having this crap out representing them. MTV u have really stepped to a new all time low. The video here does not do them justice, they are so worse

1753 days ago

um, no thanks    

Some of those people seem obnoxious and clueless and that's why they were cast but having class and being friendly to people different from yourself is part of what makes this a great country.

1753 days ago


Snookie looks like a Umpa Lumpa.

1753 days ago


man these whoops cant hang on the west coast thats why all Italians keep their greasy hair asses on the east coast.

1753 days ago


47. Snookie looks like a Umpa Lumpa.

haha, i think if she losses like 30 pounds she would be hot

1753 days ago


These people are not even from NJ. What is there like one person from the whole cast from NJ? People should really stop bashing NJ because of them. They're New Yorkers. I'm from NJ and I don't go to bars, I go to school and I can also attest to the fact that not all young italians act like them in NJ. I think the whole guido thing they are promoting sounds really dumb and I feel kind of embarrassed for them. It's a shame how trashy people from other states can act but yet it won't cause a back lash. People from California are obviously stuck up ignoramuses. I've also met a lot of people here in NJ who have black cards, Bentleys, and mansions. California is full of superficiality. While you'll find that everywhere, California is full of it. Isn't LA one of the worst cities to live in crime wise? Isn't there a lot of poverty there? Isn't California broke? WTF? How can they talk about another state? Beause they have celebrities who are the worst of the worst? Over paid people who think they are beyond the rest of society.

1753 days ago
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