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'Jersey Shore' Cast

Not So Welcome in LA

12/13/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The kids from "Jersey Shore" have been all over Hollywood this weekend, but not everyone is glad to see Snooki & company.

We got her with Mike "The Situation" and Pauly D outside MI6 in West Hollywood where a few clubgoers had some less-than-positive things to say about them ... and the entire state of New Jersey.


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Nooki's hair clip -LMAO!
"The Situation" -LMAO!

1782 days ago


Some of you seem to think all of these people come from Jersey, which is false, don't talk ish about a show you don't even watch.

It's funny how I here people say they are giving Italians a bad name, when we have drunk, angry, bitchy, sex-crazed people of all races on TV. Kinda Hypocritcal.

I don't here white people complaining, when we have drunk irish on the Real World, or black people complaining when we have sassy-attitude black girls on TV.

And I'm 1/2 Black/White btw. Some of you italians, need to get off your high horse, because i know italians who act that way, and I know you guys do too, don't lie.

1782 days ago


hey really now....
watch those slurs. using the word retard demeans and offends people with special needs. you don't want to look like a cast member of a show you hate now, do you?

1782 days ago


I think it is unfortunate that you picked a town like Seaside Heights to air you Jersey Shore show. There are plenty of other towns that have classy individuals, unlike these people. I rented at the shore in Avalon, NJ for years. It is a shame that this show is going to give a negative version of New Jersey yet again by MTV. People need to realize that there is a South Jersey as well, and that they have class.

1782 days ago


37. It's laughable that the idiotic vermin who live in God's little garbage dump (aka Los Angeles) are delusional enough to think they're somehow superior to these Jersey (actually New York) folks! This is further proof that LA is the world's epicenter of mental illness. What do Angelinos contribute to the world, beyond STDs and badly lit amateur sex tapes?

Posted at 2:07PM on Dec 13th 2009 by oh brother

XD fking epic dude

1782 days ago


East Coaster's stand out like SORE THUMBS> GO HOME!

1782 days ago

Frank Ranu of Ranu's Reviews    

Check out an honest and entertaining review of Jersey Shore from an Italian-American that actually lives in NJ!

1782 days ago


Wait a minute here. I am a JERSEY GIRL and always will be no matter where I live.

What is it with all this bitching about this show "Jersey Shore"?

I didn't see anyone bitching when "The Sopranos" was on HBO for 6 years or so.

There are always shows that showcase some ethnic group or the other. If it offends you, don't watch.

I did the bar scene in NJ from up in Wayne, NJ to Asbury Park, Long Branch, Seaside Heights, Belmar, Sea Girt (Jimmy Byrne's Sea Girt Inn--greatest place in the world, isn't there anymore)and so on. You always had your "guidos". You always knew who they were. Now it was your choice as to whether or not you wanted to hang with them. Me, no thanks. Didn't like the 'tudes and didn't like the cheap cologne they seemed to soak themselves with. I do think if you close your eyes and go to any bar you will pretty much find the same thing. Guys looking for one thing and one thing only and some girls looking for it too. Some just go for the music and to hang out with friends.

If you don't like the show don't watch it. I haven't seen it and don't plan to. "The Real (NOT) Housewives of NJ" were enough reality television for me. What a joke!!!!

1782 days ago


Do Jersey girls REALLY find those girly men attractive?!?!! Wow.

1782 days ago


Just for your FYI "pagirl", it is against the law to pump your own gas in NJ. Don't ask me why, it has been that way since forever.

As far as you comment about NJ drivers being the worst, there is this little saying : Don't trust NY drivers in NJ, don't trust NJ drivers in NY and don't trust PA drivers anywhere!!

I have driven the Skuykil, otherwise known as "the sure kill" and I held my breat the entire time. I also used to drive over the Walt Whitman bridge to get the the Eagles games back in the 70's & 80's and it was always an experience. My mom was from PA, and even she said that their driving stunk. So please don't talk to me about crazy drivers. I live out here in CA and I trust CA driver more than I trust PA drivers. In fact if I see a PA driver out here I move to the HOV lane just to get the hell away from them.

So please, don't make disparaging remarks about NJ drivers. Thanks for the other kind comments about Jersey though. However the farm lands and the shore aren't right next to each other. Seaside Heights isn't near Hallocks Farms (near Jackson, NJ-Great Adventure).

1782 days ago


I wonder who's taller " snooki " or Harvey Levin

1782 days ago


The guy in the background with his "educated money" was the biggest douche in this vid. What a little puss...

1782 days ago


STOP CALLING THESE AS*HOLES JERSEY PEOPLE!!! They are all from NEW YORK so make fun of NEW YORK, NOT NEW JERSEY. These morons DO NOT represent ANYTHING that New Jersey really is and its native residents ARE NOTHING LIKE THESE DOUCHE BAGS. And REAL Jerseyans know not to go to "Sleazeside Heights" because it's INFESTED with these greasy BENNIES from NEW YORK. I'm Italian and i am DISGUSTED by these greasy, orange ugly wannabe Italians, they clearly know NOTHING about Italy because Italians DO NOT ACT LIKE THIS. If you were to EVER dress or act like this in a REAL Italian family, not only would you get your ugly ass kicked by your father and grandfather, but they would also disown you. GET OUT OF NEW JERSEY AND GO BACK TO STATEN ISLAND, WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!


1781 days ago

Crazy nipples    

Jersey Shore...Half of these people are Persian...when they were out in Hollywood a week ago for their promo tour, they were speaking Farsi to one of the club doorman. Nothing wrong with the Persians, but not even Italian...what a shame! What a scam of a show. Couldn't MTV have casted some better looking individuals? The women all have five o' clock shadows.

1773 days ago


I think they are great. Terrific television.

1766 days ago
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